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35 Interesting Things to Write When Bored

Are you looking for some things to write when bored? If you’re looking for ideas to break through and chase the boredom away, you’re at the right place. Read on to see this inspiring list of ideas to write about.

Boredeom Busting Writing Prompts

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We Have Journal Topics to Kickstart Your Writing Inspiration

Whether you’re feeling bored in general or you’re bored with your recent writing, boredom can leave you feeling frustrated. Combine boredom and writer’s block and it’s really tough to overcome.

When you’re bored out of your mind and struggling to find something to write about, all you may need is a little prompting to help you out.

Good news!

You can use the following “things to write when bored” writing prompts next time you’re feeling bored. This list of journal prompts is filled with interesting things to write about and will get your creative juices flowing. An added bonus is that you’ll improve your writing while busting boredom at the same time.

So grab your notebook, pen or pencil, or your computer and use these new writing ideas today for motivation.

35 Things to Write When Bored Writing Prompts

There’s no need to brainstorm ideas or write an outline. Just pick a topic and write about it from your unique perspective. Above all, have fun!

  1. Write about a movie you just saw. What did you like about it and how could it have been improved upon?
  2. Think about somewhere you’d like to travel to and write a story about it.
  3. Write about the first thing you see when you look out your window.
  4. Try to remember your earliest childhood memory. Write about who was there and what was going on.
  5. Remember a time you felt really embarrassed. Write about what happened and how it made you feel.
  6. Write about your favorite comfort food and why you love it so much.
  7. Do you remember a recent dream you had? What was it and what do you think the dream meant?
  8. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? What was it? Why is it your favorite? Who gave it to you?
  9. If you knew the world would end in five days, what would you do with those five days?
  10. Do you think that dogs make humans better? Why or why not?
  11. If you could be any animal, what animal would you want to be?
  12. Write a new song to the tune of your favorite song.
  13. Create a story about someone you see each day but don’t know very well.
  14. Write about a day in the life of your pet.
  15. What’s the best and worst book you’ve ever read? Why?
  16. Have you recently heard something talking about something? Take what you heard and write a story about it.
    Ideas to Write About When Bored
  17. Grab a dictionary or use an online one. Pick a random word. Write about what that word really means to you or create a story using the word.
  18. Describe your dream vacation, where you’d go, what you’d do, and who you’d take along with you.
  19. Write about your best friend and what makes them special to you.
  20. If you had a lazy day, what would you do?
  21. What’s your opinion on having smartphones in the classroom?
  22. Write about what you think is your very best quality.
  23. Is there a chore that you dread doing? Write about it and what you could do to make it easier to handle.
  24. What things scare you? Can you overcome this fear?
  25. You stumble across a closed door. Create a story about what’s behind that door.
  26. Write about all the things that make you smile the most.
  27. Think about your favorite story. Then, rewrite that story in your own words from your point of view.
  28. Go outside. Listen. Write about everything you hear.
  29. Have you ever gone on a road trip? Did you like it? Where did you go? Where’s the next place you want to go?
  30. Write about how you think other people view you.
  31. If you created a favorite music playlist, what genres would it include? Why?
  32. If you could go back in your past and change one thing, what would it be? Why?
  33. Have you ever lost someone you care about? How have you coped with that?
  34. Do you think having a lot of money is really a good thing? Why or why not?
  35. Pick up a magazine. Find a random page, look at the picture, and write a story about it.

I hope these ideas inspired loads of creativity in you and/or your kid’s writing adventures.  Perhaps you’ll even use them in some of your writing lessons.

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