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30 Fun 3rd Grade Writing Prompts

3rd Grade Writing Prompts on Compassion and Charity—  Third grade is a big year for many students—they’re finally older than the “little kids,” but they’re still not quite old enough to be considered “tweens” or the “middle school kids.”  As a result, the third grade can be an important year of reflection, self-awareness, and personal growth for young students.

Writing Ideas for Grade 3

For that reason, journal prompts for third graders often take a slightly more reflective approach than the writing prompts they may have used in their younger years.  There is still (and should be!) plenty of opportunities for 3rd graders to pen silly answers to fun writing prompts, but it’s also a good time for students to begin reflecting further on the world around them—and most importantly, on their place in it.

With that in mind, we’ve developed these new 3rd-grade writing prompts on compassion and charity to spark deeper discussions amongst your students and to get your kids thinking about how they can be more productive and thoughtful members of their community. 

Use these brand new writing prompts to encourage your students to give more often and to think of others besides themselves!

Ok, without further ado, here are those third-grade writing prompts!

30 New Third Grade Writing Prompts

  1. Write about what you would do if you saw a classmate calling another classmate a bad name.
  2. You are in a running race with several other competitors.  You’re close to the finish line with another runner (your best friend), but he or she trips, falls, and gets hurt.  What do you do next?
  3. If you could make three wishes for anything, as long as it was not for something that directly benefited you, what would you wish for?
  4. If someone gave you one thousand dollars to spend on a charitable cause, what would you do with the money?
  5. What are the two places that you would like to volunteer your services?  Why would you like to volunteer there?
  6. Write about someone in your life who you would like to help out.  What would you do for him or her?
  7. Think about what life might be like for a person who must use a wheelchair.  What are some of the challenges that person must deal with?
  8. What are some ways that you could be of more help around your own household?
  9. Write about a neighbor whom you might be able to help and tell about how you would offer your assistance. 
  10. Of the five senses, which of them would be the most difficult to live without?  Why?
  11. Write about some ways that you could help someone that you know is sad.
  12. Why do you think that volunteers are so important to charities?  What would charities do if they didn’t have people volunteering to help out?
  13. Think about a friend or sibling who was once angry with you.  If it had a positive ending, write about what happened.  If the ending was not positive, write about steps you both could have taken to change things for the better.
  14. What does the word “compassion” mean to you?
    Grade 3 Writing Prompts
  15. Think of a time when someone helped you.  Describe what they did to help you and how it made you feel.
  16. Think of a project that your class could do in order to help a person or a group in need.  Whom would you want to help? What would the project entail?
  17. What are some steps you could take to be more forgiving?
  18. If a parent told you to donate one of your favorite things to a child in need, what would it be?  Why?
  19. Imagine that you have a fight with a friend and later realize that you are wrong.  How would you apologize?
  20. Imagine that you have a fight with a friend and that he or she says some really mean things to you while you’re arguing.  What would you do if your friend came and apologized later?  What would you say to him or her?
  21. What does the saying “a shoulder to cry on” mean?  When could you offer this to a friend?
  22. What does the saying “lend a hand” mean?  When could you offer this to a friend?
  23. How does it make you feel when you are helpful to someone who really needs your help?
  24. What are some ways that you and your classmates could be more helpful to each other and to your teacher?
  25. What does it mean to be “charitable”?  Why should people give to others?
  26. Is it more important to give people in need your time or your money?  Why?
  27. Write about a time when someone gave you a present that wasn’t for your birthday or a special holiday.  How did you feel?  How did you thank the person who gave you the gift?
  28. Imagine a child your age that lives in a country where it’s hard to find things like clean water and shelter.  What do you think his or her life is like?  What aspects of your own life do you feel grateful for when you think of the other child?
  29. Think of something you could do to make a person who seems lonely feel better.  How do you think this person would respond to your act of kindness?
  30. What would you do if you found out that one of your classmates was getting in trouble at home a lot?  How could you help him or her out?

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