Summer Writing for First Grade

Summer Writing Prompts for First Graders

Writing is a key skill for first graders to develop in school. They have just learned a complete mastery of their alphabet and how to write many new words, so it is time for them to refine the skills of forming sentences and short paragraphs. A fun and engaging way for them to do this is through writing which encourages them to express themselves about topics they enjoy. Below are some good summer writing ideas for first grade kids to help prompt their writing and engage their imaginations.Summer Writing for First Grade

Summer Writing for First Grade Kids

Things to Do During Summer

“My favorite thing to do in summer is….”

“What did you do for fun last summer?”

“What is your favorite game to play during the summer, and how do you play it?”

“What do you like to do inside your house during summer, and what do you like to do outside?”

“How do you stay cool during the summer? What kind of clothes do you wear?”

“What are some things you have learned how to do for the first time during summer? What do you want to learn how to do this summer?”

Summer Foods

“If I got invited to a summer picnic, I would bring….”

“What is your favorite thing to eat during the summer?”

“Describe your favorite summer meal.”

“What are some good snacks for the summer?”

“What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert on a summer day?”

Summer and Feelings

“Summer weather makes me feel…”

“What do you do to relax during the summer?”

“What makes you happy during summer?”

“What is the funniest thing you have ever seen or done during the summer?”

“Name five things you like about summer.”

“What are you looking forward to most this summer?”

Summer and The Imagination

“If you could go anywhere in the world this summer, where would you go, who would go with you, and what would you do there?”

“If you could be any animal during the summer, which animal would you be and what would you do to enjoy the summer as that animal?”

“Describe the most fun summer party you could ever have. Where would it be? What games would you play? Who would you invite?”

“How would you describe summer to an alien from outer space who has never had a summer on their planet?”

“If a genie agreed to grant you three wishes during the summer, what would you wish for?”

Until next time, write on…