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Idea Writing: 30 Fun & Whimsical Prompts

Journaling is a fun and fruitful way for people of all ages to improve their writing skills and to practice a healthy, creative form of self-expression.  And while there are plenty of serious topics to reflect on through writing, we also believe that journaling should be light-hearted and silly sometimes, too!

Fun Writing Ideas for All Ages

No matter how old you get, everyone deserves to have a little fun and whimsy in their lives—and journaling is an easy way to inject a little simple joy into your day.

In these 30 new idea writing prompts, suitable for ages 12 to adult, you’ll ponder crazy “what if” situations, explore fantastical conundrums, and daydream about unbelievable predicaments.  Each writing prompt is intended to stir your imagination and prime your creative muscles so that you easily experience the depths of joy that journaling has to offer.

Use these all-new idea writing prompts whenever your creativity needs a little kick or when you simply feel like writing something fun.

Idea Writing Prompts for Journal Writers that are Fabulous, Fun, & Whimsical

  1. What would you do if you could go anywhere in the world at any point in time—but you could only stay there for five minutes?
  2. What would you do if you could go anywhere in the world at any point in time—but you had to stay there forever?
  3. If you were gifted your own private island, what would you use it for? What would it be filled with?
  4. If you could start a rumor about yourself, what would it be? Why?  Do you think people would believe it?
  5. If you found out you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?
  6. If you could be the creator of any one existing book, movie, song, or TV show, which would you most like to have created? Why?
  7. Imagine you are an expert skier, zipping down a mountain. What do you think about and what do you see as you head downward?
  8. Think about your favorite personal belonging—and now imagine you have 100 of them. What would you do with the extras?  How many of them would you keep?
  9. Who do you think the most interesting person in the world is—and what makes him or her so interesting?
  10. What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered you could speak any language in the world?
  11. What would you do if your favorite celebrity or athlete knocked on your door and invited you to dinner? Write about the hijinks that would ensue next.
  12. Imagine you are in a scenario where you get to use that perfect line you’ve always wanted to say. Who are you talking to, what do you say, and how does it go?
  13. What new technological advance would make you say, “Wow, we really are living in the future!”?
  14. Do you think your odds of survival would be better in a zombie apocalypse or in a world taken over by AI robots? Why?
  15. If you had the power to completely outlaw one thing that you dislike, what would it be? Why?  How would the world change as a result?
  16. Would you rather be a pirate, a Viking, or a caveperson? Which would you most excel at?  Why?
  17. If you could live in a house made of one non-traditional material, what would it be? Why?
  18. Imagine that you are granted an extra 12 hours each week. How would you use them?  Would you spread them out or use them all at once?  Why?
    Fun & Whimsical Idea Writing Starters
  19. If you received 10 million dollars but had to give it all away to charity, how would you divide the money?
  20. If you had to fight the main character of the last TV show you watched, who would win? What could make it a fair fight?
  21. Imagine you just discovered that someone in your life has a secret past as a talented spy. Who would you guess it was and why?
  22. Imagine that you are trapped in a theme park overnight with three of your friends. Who would you choose and how would you all spend the time?
  23. What is the most creative loophole you can think of to get out of a common situation or problem?
  24. What is one question that you could ask anyone to immediately get a deep insight into who they are? How would you answer the question?
  25. What is one aspect of your life that always makes you smile? Brainstorm a way to share it with others.
  26. Would you rather have 100 million dollars at age 40 or have an extra 10 years added to your life? Why?
  27. If you could become an expert in anything with just one week of intense training, what would you choose? Why?
  28. Would you rather be guaranteed a life of travel and great adventure or a life with security and a stable job? Why?
  29. Do you believe in things you cannot see? Why or why not?
  30. If someone followed you around for a day, what strange behaviors or things about you might they witness that other people don’t know?

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