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107 Captivating Debate Topics For Middle School Students

107 Captivating Debate Topics For Middle School Students — Debating can be an excellent way for middle school students to learn how to think critically and express their ideas. Plus, students learn how to listen to the perspectives of others, which is a great thing indeed. You see…

Debate Topics for Middle School Students

Our debate topics for middle school students are an engaging way to spark critical thinking, foster respectful dialogue, and nurture a passion for learning.


Wonderfully, debating can help your middle schoolers develop research and communication skills – and it can help them practice their writing skill development as they prep for the debate!


As you well know, students have a wide range of ideas, opinions, and beliefs, and it’s vital to have a forum where they can express themselves and challenge others.

And that’s why…

We have some highly captivating debate topics for middle school students for you to use in your classroom. 

Take a look now and enjoy!

107 Captivating Debate Topics for Middle School Students by Topic

Fun and Engaging

  • Should pineapple be on pizza?
  • Is chocolate better than vanilla?
  • Is it better to be rich and famous or happy and healthy?
  • Should we have a four-day workweek?
  • Should pets be allowed in schools?
  • Birthdays should/should not celebrated in school? 
  • Debate the age-old which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Is it better to read books or watch movies?

Funny Debate Topics

  • Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  • Is cereal soup?
  • Is it better to be a superhero or a sidekick?
  • Should clowns be banned from kids’ parties?
  • Is it better to have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon?

Science and Technology

  • Should schools allow the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools so students can have longer breaks and spend more time outdoors?
  • Should all students be required to learn to code?
  • Should AI robots be allowed to compete in sports?
  • Should we colonize Mars, the moon, and/or other planets?
  • Debate banning social media use for kids under 13.


  • Should students be allowed to bring their phones to school?
  • Is homework beneficial or should it be abolished?
  • Should there be a greater focus on vocational education in schools?
  • Should students be able to choose their own classes?
  • Should schools have longer days and shorter weeks?
  • Is it important to learn a foreign language in middle school?
  • How can schools teach students critical thinking skills?
  • What are the 3 top benefits of critical thinking?

Lesson Plans

  • Who should create lesson plans: teachers or administrators?
  • How can teachers create lesson plans that are engaging and effective?
  • How can lesson plans be adapted to meet the needs of all students?


  • Should classrooms be equipped with more technology?
  • What tech should be used in schools: Mac, PC, Chromebooks, or…?
  • Should classrooms have fewer students?
  • Should classrooms be more hands-on or more lecture-based?


  • Should smartphones be allowed in schools?
  • Is it ethical for companies to collect and use personal data from smartphone users?
  • Should schools teach students how to use smartphones safely and responsibly?
  • What age should kids be allowed to have and use their smartphones?
  • Does smartphone usage contribute to mental health issues among adolescents?

Peers and Peer Pressure

  • What are the different types of peer pressure?
  • What role does social media play in peer pressure?
  • How can schools help students deal with peer pressure?
  • Is peer pressure always negative, or can it also have positive effects?
  • How can schools promote positive peer relationships?
  • Who are some famous examples of people who have stood up to peer pressure and what makes it important to remember what they did?

    Middle School Debate Ideas

School Uniforms

  • Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  • What are the pros and cons of school uniforms?
  • Should students have a say in how their school uniforms look?


  • Should children be required to do chores?
  • What are the benefits of children doing chores?
  • How can parents teach their children how to do chores?

High School Students

  • Should high school students be required to take more STEM classes?
  • Should high school students have more opportunities to take college-level courses?
  • What can high school students do to mentor middle school students?

Public Speaking

  • Should public speaking be a required class for all students?
  • How can schools help students improve their public speaking skills?
  • What are the benefits of public speaking?

Year-Round School

  • Should schools be open year-round?
  • What are the pros and cons of year-round school?
  • How does or how would year-round school affect students, teachers, and families?


  • Should student athletes be paid?
  • Should student athletes be held to higher academic standards?
  • Should student athletes be required to take certain classes?

Sports Teams

  • Should schools cut sports teams to save money?
  • Should schools require students to try out for sports teams?
  • Should schools have more girls’ sports teams?


  • How can schools protect students’ privacy?
  • What are the ethical concerns surrounding the use of surveillance cameras in schools?
  • Should students be able to choose whether or not to have their information shared with third parties?

College Education

  • Should college be more affordable?
  • Should college be required for all students?
  • Should students be able to choose their own college major?

iPhone or Android

  • Which is better: iPhone or Android?
  • What are the pros and cons of iPhones and Androids?
  • Which phone is better for students?

Ethics and Philosophy

  • Is it ever right to lie?
  • Should we be allowed to eat meat?
  • Is animal testing justified?
  • Should we clone humans?
  • Should we allow euthanasia?

Society and Culture

  • Should everyone be required to recycle?
  • Should schools have fewer kids per school or classroom?
  • Should there be a ban on fast food?
  • Should we have a universal basic income?
  • Should we lower the voting age to 16?

Artificial Intelligence

  • How can artificial intelligence be used to improve education?
  • What are the ethical concerns surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in education?
  • Should students be taught how to use artificial intelligence responsibly?

Ok. I hope you enjoyed this list of middle school debate topics. 

A Few Words on Using Our List of Debate Topics for Middle School Students with Your Kids

Engaging middle school students in debate is a fantastic way to develop their critical thinking, communication, and research skills. 

You see…

By presenting them with thought-provoking debate topics, you can encourage them to express their opinions and engage in constructive discussions.

Of course…

When choosing a topic, it is important to consider your students’ interests and maturity level. 

Further, you will want to ensure that the topic is age-appropriate and that there are enough resources available for students to research it.

Alrighty. These topics are designed to spark interesting and engaging debates among middle school students while encouraging them to think critically about various issues affecting their lives and the world around them. Without any more fanfare, here is a list of debate topics for middle school students.

Now, check out this bonus list of…

Debate Topics for Middle School Students (Best for Mature Thinkers)

Here are a few debate topics for middle school students that are appropriate for those more mature thinkers.

  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Should gun control be stricter?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is animal testing necessary for scientific advancements?
  • Should violent video games be restricted to minors?
  • How is critical thinking vital to hot-button topics such as climate change, vaping, or corporal punishment?

Surveillance Cameras

  • Should schools have surveillance cameras in classrooms?
  • Should surveillance cameras be used to monitor student behavior?
  • What are the pros and cons of using surveillance cameras in schools?

Body Cameras

  • Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?
  • Should schools require teachers to wear body cameras?
  • What are the pros and cons of using body cameras?

Alternative Medicine and Healthcare

  • Should schools teach students about alternative medicine and healthcare?
  • What are the pros and cons of alternative medicine and healthcare?
  • Should schools provide students with access to alternative medicine and healthcare?
  • Should junk food be banned from school cafeterias?

Healthcare and Personal Wellness

  • Should the government provide healthcare to all citizens?
  • Should healthcare be a right or a privilege?
  • How should healthcare be funded?
  • What responsibilities support personal wellness?

These are just some of the many great ideas for debate topics for Middle School Students. 

To ensure your student’s active participation in the debate process, have them explore subjects that resonate with their interests, age, and maturity. By doing so, you can create a stimulating environment where students can engage in meaningful discussions all while broadening their perspectives.

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Middle School Debate Topics

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