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50 Funny Debate Topics for Students

Let’s face it. Most teenagers think they’re good debaters, but do you have what it takes to dispute these funny and fun debate topics? Let’s put your argumentative skills to the test.

Funny Debate Topics

Middle and high school students, brace yourselves for a whirlwind of laughter as we delve into an extensive collection of 50 funny debate topics. These prompts are tailored to tickle your funny bone, inspire creativity, and lead to hilarious arguments to shake things up in class.

So, buckle up, prepare for wit-filled banter, and let the comedic debates commence!

Without further ado, we bring to you fifty funny debate topics. Here are some controversial topics that’ll test your critical thinking skills. Let the bickering begin!

50 Funny Debate Topics For Students

The Great Soda Showdown

  1. Coke is better than Pepsi – The Fizz Wars
  2. Root Beer vs. Cream Soda – Bubbling Controversy in a Glass
  3. Dr. Pepper – The Mysterious Elixir or Just a Bunch of Flavors Confused?
  4. Orange Soda vs. Grape Soda – Citrusy Zing or Grape Goodness?
  5. Flat Soda vs. Extra Fizzy – The Carbonation Conundrum

Pizza Toppings Extravaganza

  1. Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza – A Tropical Twist Or Culinary Crime?
  2. Anchovies vs. Olives – Underwater Delight or Mediterranean Mystery?
  3. Chocolate Pizza vs. Savory Pizza – Sweet or Savory Satisfaction?
  4. Candy On Pizza – A Sweet Surprise or a Sticky Situation?
  5. Pickles on Pizza – A Pickle Peril or Dill Delight?

Existential Culinary Queries

  1. What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg – The Ultimate Egg-Sistential Debate
  2. Hotdog: Sandwich or Not? – The Bread Conundrum Unveiled
  3. Ketchup on Tacos – A Bold Move or Culinary Crime?
  4. Pickles on Ice Cream – A Pickle Twist or Sweet Sourness?
  5. Broccoli Flavored Cereal – A Hidden Treat or Veggie Vengeance?

Fashion Follies

  1. Socks with Sandals – Stylish Combo or Fashion Catastrophe?
  2. Pajamas vs. Jeans – The Battle of Comfort over Style
  3. Inside-out vs. Right-side-out – The Great Laundry Mystery
  4. Wearing Sunglasses Indoors – Fashionable or Folly?
  5. Wearing a Hat Indoors – Style Statement or Social Faux Pas?

School Dilemmas

  1. School Uniforms – Fashion Statement or Conformity Chaos?
  2. Taco vs. Sandwich – The Portable Food Predicament
  3. Backpack vs. Messenger Bag – The Weighty Decision
  4. Using Comic Sans in Essays – Stylish or Scholarly Suicide?
  5. Using Emojis in Formal Emails – Modern Expression or Unprofessional?
Funny Debate Ideas for Students

Sweet Tooth Showdown

  1. Chocolate vs. Vanilla – The Flavorful Face-Off
  2. The Cookie Conundrum – Crunchy vs. Chewy Cookies
  3. Ice Cream Cone vs. Cup – The Ultimate Frozen Dilemma
  4. S’mores: Campfire Classic or Sticky Situation?
  5. Mint Chocolate Chip – Refreshing or Toothpaste Imposter?

Cosmic Conundrums

  1. Pluto: Planet or Dwarf Star – The Celestial Showdown
  2. Aliens vs. Robots – Extraterrestrial Entertainment or Mechanical Mayhem
  3. Unicorns vs. Ninjas – The Battle of Mythical Forces
  4. Bigfoot: Myth or Misunderstood Mammal?
  5. Talking to Trees – Eco-friendly Connection or Arborist Aspirations?

Fast-Food Feuds

  1. McDonald’s vs. Taco Bell – The Fast-Food Faceoff
  2. Burger King vs. Wendy’s – The Royal Rumble
  3. Best Fast-Food Restaurant – The Greasy Gauntlet
  4. French Fries: Ketchup vs. Mayo – The Dip Dilemma
  5. Fast Food for Breakfast – Acceptable or Morning Mistake?

Everyday Enigmas

  1. Soup vs. Salad – The Liquid Lunch vs. Leafy Luncheon
  2. Stairs vs. Elevators – The Vertical Conundrum
  3. Rewards vs. Punishments – Motivation Meltdown
  4. Left Sock vs. Right Sock – The Sock Saga
  5. Putting Shoes on Before Pants – Logical or Wardrobe Whimsy?

Animal Antics

  1. Cats vs. Dogs – The Fur-ocious Faceoff
  2. What Makes Better Pets: Goldfish Or Hamsters? – The Underwater Odyssey
  3. Pirates vs. Ninjas – High Seas Showdown
  4. Talking to Plants – Green Thumb Glory or Leafy Lunacy?
  5. Dressing Up Pets – Adorable or Animal Antics?

Students and teachers, let’s set the stage for an uproarious debate! Choose a funny debate topic from the best pizza to which ice cream flavors reign supreme, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the hilarity of these light-hearted discussions.

May the laughter be contagious, the participants enthusiastic, and the arguments side-splitting!

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