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43 Terrific Time Travel Prompts

Oh yeah…. you have just discovered some terrific time travel writing prompts for you and your writers (of all ages). This brand new list of prompts will help writers spin tales about traveling through time in their fiction stories — or journal writing — just for fun. There are time travel prompts here for everyone, from young writers to seasoned ones. Hooray! Take a look now and, above all, enjoy.

Terrific Time Travel Prompts


A writer’s inspiration can often come from unexpected places. This is especially true when they are trying to think outside of the box. That is precisely why I have created these fantastic lists of time travel writing prompts for you.

Truly, I hope my ideas inspire your writing. You see…

If you’ve ever wondered, “What should I write about time travel and/or what are good prompt ideas?” then you are in luck. I answer these questions and more below.


You’ll see a wonderful selection of time travel prompts, too. So, get inspired today.

Writing About Time Travel with our Time Travel Prompts

With time travel, the possibilities for plot twists are endless. Different genres can also be explored, from mystery to science fiction.

Once you have decided on the genre, it will be easier for you to select a specific type of prompt for your story. From there, you’ll be able to come up with a plot twist. 

Then you can have much fun crafting the rest of your time-travel adventures that your reader will enjoy reading about.


When it comes to writing, there are no bounds to the possibilities of what you can create. And when it comes to time travel, the sky’s the limit!

10 Non-Fiction Time Travel Prompts

If you’re looking for some non-fiction or journaling time travel prompts to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few excellent ideas to get you started writing now. 

  1. Would you like to time travel? Why or why not? 
  2. Where would go in your time travels?
  3. Would you travel to the past? The future? 
  4. Where would you most to go and what would you want to see? 
  5. Is there a place you would like to go to learn something about the past? Where and why would you choose to go there/ 
  6. How do you return from your travels and how do you explain your absence to the people in your life? 
  7. Would you bring anything back with you?
  8. Do you think time travel would change current events? 
  9. Should anyone be able to travel through time if/when it becomes possible?
  10. Write a handwritten note to yourself about the time-travel adventures you hope to have one day.

Ok, let’s explore some fiction time travel ideas…

15 Fiction Time Travel Prompts

  1. Write about a time travel device and describe it in detail including what it looks like and how it works.
  2. You can change just one thing the future with time travel. What is it and why?
  3. The time police have decided that time travelers should…
  4. A team of scientists has discovered that traveling through time causes…
  5. You are the only person in the world who know about a teleportation time machine. What do you do?
  6. My time machine takes me to beautiful places, such as (The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ancient Greece, the North Pole 1 million years ago..)
  7. I traveled through time to see the heroes of ___________ because…
  8. I met my future wife/husband and…
  9. I met myself when I was a little boy/girl and to my astonishment, I learned…
  10. I traveled all the way back to just before the big bang and…
  11. I decided to visit my distant future and…
  12. Nobody could believe it when I told them about traveling to meet… 
  13. It defies logic, but I assure you that I traveled back in time. Here’s how I can convince you it’s true.
  14. I decided to travel through time to meet a sultan.
  15. I met a magician, a witch, and a knight when I time traveled from the present day to…

Next, check out our time travel story starter ideas to write about.

Time Travel Themed Writing Topics

18 Story Starter/Plot Twist Time Travel Prompts

  1. Imagine a world where historians are appalled to learn that history has been changed, and you’re one of the only people who knows how things used to be. Write about trying to navigate this new world and keep your knowledge hidden. 
  2. Write about a character who travels back in time and prevents a disaster from happening. How do they deal with the consequences of their actions? 
  3. A character travels back in time but ends up stranded in a different era than they intended.
  4. What if you traveled back in time and met yourself? What would you do? 
  5. What if your actions in the past caused a chain reaction that changed the future? 
  6. What if you could travel to any point in history? 
  7. What if someone else had control of your time travels? 
  8. What if time travel was possible, but came with a serious price tag?
  9. A scientist invents a time machine
  10. Your scientist’s kid accidentally travels to the future
  11. Your main character becomes a copy of a famous historian
  12. Your main character falls in love with a famous historical figure
  13. Your main character is attacked by a famous historical figure
  14. Your scientist creates an invention that creates portals to the past
  15. Your main character travels to a random time period
  16. Your main character’s pet (or relative) travels to the past
  17. Write about a woman who travels back in time to meet her past self.
  18. A young man is the only one to know about the newest time travel technology and what he does will be written about in history books for generations. Here’s what happened…

Now, perhaps you won’t write a novel from these ideas or become a published author. Still, you can have loads of fun writing a story, or a few short stories about these creative time travel prompts. Play with the timeline and the tone of the story and you are sure to have a blast with the time travel prompts and ideas.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed my three lists of time travel prompts. 

More Writing Prompts and Resources

How to Know Which Time Travel Prompts to Use

In order to write a great story, you need to start with a great prompt. But how do you know which time travel prompts are right for you? Let’s explore a little about time travel writing. 

It all depends on the genre you want to write in. If you’re interested in writing a mystery, for example, then a prompt that asks you to find a missing person would be perfect. 

If you’re more interested in writing science fiction, then prompts that ask you to explore new worlds or solve futuristic problems might be more up your alley. 

If romantic comedy is your thing, then your protagonist should be someone who goes back in order to find their lost love. But… If you want an adventure story, then the protagonist should go back in order to save someone or something important from being destroyed by an enemy. 

Once you have decided on the genre, it will be easier for you to select a specific type of prompt for your story.  Here’s an example:

One summer evening, I was sitting on the porch with my grandfather. We were talking about time travel and all of the paradoxes that came with it. He told me a story about a man who went back in time to meet his younger self. His younger self didn’t believe that he was actually him, so the older version of himself had to prove it to him. 

There is no doubt that the topic of time travel — with the help of time travel prompts — can make for a fascinating story or plot twist. Oh and here is an excellent resource on 9 rules for writing time travel.

Use the time travel prompts listed above to help you get writing today.

Until next time, write on…

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