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53 Fun Easter Writing Prompts

Oh yeah! 53 Fun & Exciting Easter Writing Prompts and Journaling Ideas— Easter isn’t just a time for chocolate bunnies and candy-coated eggs. It’s also a time for students to explore and understand the meaning of this spring holiday.

Easter Themed Writing Topics

With these new Easter-themed journal prompts, students can reflect on the lessons they learned during Lent and the different events within the Easter season.

Of course, they’ll also get the chance to think about their favorite places to hide Easter eggs and the best kinds of Easter candy.


As students journal, they learn to express their thoughts more clearly and greatly develop their writing skills. Journal prompts encourage students to develop a thought process where they consider an initial question and then think about where their opinions come from. This type of self-analysis can serve students throughout their lives, especially as they move on to tougher topics.

Encourage your students to think about the significance and traditions of the Easter holiday with these eggs-cellent journal prompts!

53 Easter Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas for Kids

  1. Why do we celebrate Easter?
  2. What is the meaning of the cross?
  3. Resurrection gives us the chance to…
  4. How do you think the people lived during Jesus’s time?
  5. I appreciate Jesus because…
  6. How can we celebrate new life on Easter?
  7. What are you giving up for Lent?
  8. Why did Jesus have to die for people’s sins?
  9. How old were you when you first understood the meaning of Easter?
  10. What can different jelly bean colors signify?
  11. Have you ever participated in Easter services?
  12. What are your family’s Easter traditions?
  13. Why do we have eggs at Easter?
  14. What do you get in your Easter basket?
  15. It is important that we have Easter during the spring because…
  16. How do you feel when you sing “Hallelujah” on Easter?
  17. Write a story about witnessing the Stations of the Cross.
  18. What is your favorite Easter church service?
  19. Easter teaches us about…
  20. Why is Palm Sunday important?
  21. Where is the best place to hide Easter eggs?
  22. What are your favorite Easter church songs?
  23. What do you think life as a disciple would have been like?
    Easter Themed Writing Topics
  24. Why do we have Lent before Easter?
  25. What is the Easter Bunny symbolic of?
  26. Where does your family keep the palms from Palm Sunday all year?
  27. Where did the Easter Bunny come from?
  28. How could you incorporate the principles of Lent into your daily life?
  29. What is your favorite kind of Easter candy?
  30. What does your family do with Easter eggs after they’re colored? Hide them? Eat them? Decorate with them?
  31. When does your family go to Mass for Easter?
  32. Which holiday is most important to you – Easter or Christmas?
  33. How can I thank Jesus on Easter?
  34. My favorite Easter memory…
  35. What do we celebrate on Holy Thursday?
  36. What is the meaning of resurrection?
  37. What is the Easter Bunny’s job?
  38. Who hides the eggs in your family?
  39. Where do Easter traditions come from?
  40. When I was younger, I thought the Easter Bunny…
  41. I’m happy to celebrate Easter because…
  42. Easter is an important holiday because…
  43. What would it have been like to be at the Last Supper?
  44. Why is it symbolic to search for Easter eggs?
  45. What is the best way to color Easter eggs?
  46. Good Friday is a time for…
  47. What would it have been like as a follower of Jesus, waiting for Him to rise?
  48. During Lent, I learn about…
  49. Is it hard to fast during Lent? Why is it important to fast?
  50. What do you think happened after Judas turned in Jesus?
  51. What is your favorite part about Easter?
  52. Why do you think so many people were afraid of Jesus?
  53. What can I teach others about Easter?

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Easter Writing Prompts for Kids

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  1. #28: Incorporating the principles of Lent into daily life, year-round, is something we would all do well to meditate upon.

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