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38 Creative Rainy Day Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Rainy Day Writing Prompts to Inspire You — Oh yes, there is something very special about a rainy day and it makes a wonderful writing topic for writers of all ages. Now, if you’re looking for rainy day writing inspiration for your kids — or for yourself — you’re in luck.

Rainy Day Writing Prompts

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You’ve discovered a wonderful blog post of creative rainy day writing prompts. Actually, we have two lists of writing ideas below for you. One is for young writers and the other is for writers of all ages.

So, if you’re looking to get your students writing about rain or, to improve your or your student’s writing skills about the (rainy) weather, our lists of new rainy day writing prompts can help. Now get to it and use the weather creatively in your classroom and curriculum or in your stories, musings, poems, and more. Take a look and enjoy! I think you’ll be glad you did.

17 Rainy Day Writing Prompts for Young Writers

Here is a list of rainy day writing prompts for younger writers in first grade on up. Use these rainy-day writing prompts to pass the time on a rainy day, teach kids about rain, or improve their writing skills.

1. What does it feel like to be outside in the rain?

2. What do animals do when it rains? What does your pet do when it rains?

3. How do your friends react when it rains?

4. The rain collected in the bucket and…

5. What does rain sound like? Describe it in vivid detail.

6. What is the best thing about rainy days?

7. How does your family react when it rains (e.g., what games would they play if they had to be home)?
Rainy Day Writing Prompts

8. What kinds of things happen when it rains?

9. What would happen if you tried to wake someone up during a rainstorm?

10. You and your best friend were headed to the beach when suddenly a rain storm rolled in…

11. What did you do on your first rainy day when you were younger?

12. What is the worst thing about rain?

13. How does it feel or look when it doesn’t rain in your area for a while?

14. How does it feel or look when it rains too much?

15. What would happen if you left something outside to dry during a rainstorm?

16. What is the worst thing about rainy days?

17. How does it feel to step out into a downpour of rain compared to a drizzle?

I hope you enjoyed and use these rainy day writing prompts with your younger writers today.

Now, check out this list of even more rain day writing prompt ideas…

21 Creative Writing Rainy Day Writing Prompts

Yes, here is a wonderful list of creative writing prompts for describing rainy days.

  1. Write a funny story about losing your umbrella on a rainy day.
  2. Center a story outdoors on a rainy day.
  3. Begin a story with the following sentence: raindrops splattered on the windowsill like teardrops from a princess.
  4. Base a story around a group of people doing a rain dance.
  5. Write about incessant rain ruining a beautiful moment.
  6. Write a story about getting stuck in an uncomfortable place due to torrential rain.
  7. Write a fictional story about a rainy day quickly ruining a field trip for elementary school students.
  8. Write a story about having a meal during the rain; whether it’s a cup of tea or a salad, emphasizing how the accent of the rain falls on the taste.
  9. Write a story about heavy rain during a beach trip, emphasizing the crusted sand and the cathartic seashore.
  10. Pen a short story about kindergarten students playing in the rain.
  11. Write a story about a rainstorm causing a power outage.
  12. Write a poem about a person’s nostalgia for their youth during stormy weather.
  13. Write a story about kids being afraid of thunderstorms.
  14. Center a story around the premise that raindrops falling from the sky affect your emotional state.
  15. Base a story around a poet walking home from work on a rainy day. Incorporate elements of symbolism through placements of an empty snail shell representing the emptiness the narrator feels.
  16. Write a story starting with the following sentence: The past week was full of sunny days, but today was the opposite.
  17. Write a story about a writer being stuck inside during the rain and using writing as their creative outlet to overcome writer’s block.
  18. Write a story about a child finding a strange creature on a rainy day.
  19. Base a story around a character’s mood altered by the rainy weather.
  20. Write a story about the last time you enjoyed soaking in the rain.
  21. Craft a story about a first-grade student observing thunder and lightning for the first time.

Writing about the weather can help you improve your writing and make it more interesting. I hope you enjoyed these creative rainy days writing prompts.

Now, let’s explore more about…

Writing about Rain with Rainy Day Writing Prompts

Writing about the weather, and in the case of rainy days, is a great way to make your writing more interesting. Weather provides us with a powerful force that can inspire a creative story. It can help us think about how our environment affects us in different ways.

Weather also plays an important part in our lives. It affects people’s moods and emotions. Describing weather, such as a rainy day, also sets the scenery, perpetuating this innate response humans have felt for thousands of years.

For example, people love to sunbathe on a beautiful beach or in their backyards on a sunny day. Likewise, they want to cuddle up in bed with their loved ones during heavy downpours.

Pro tip: couple your rainy day writing prompt with beach writing prompts for an even more immersive experience for your readers. Use motifs of seaweed, hermit crab, salt water, and items from a beach-themed summer menu to add a layer of enthrallment and nostalgia to your writing that will truly make it a page-turner!

Writing about the weather can help you paint a vivid picture in your reader’s minds. More importantly, it allows you to set the perfect scenery in your creative writing endeavors.

Ok, that’s all for today.

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PS – check out this cool free printable rainy day worksheet for kids!

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