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27 If I Were the Easter Bunny Writing Ideas

Are you looking for some awesome If I Were the Easter Bunny Writing ideas? Well, you are in luck. Below we share with you fun prompts and ideas that encourage students to experiment with various types of writing, some writing crafts, and ideas that boost kids’ creativity. Oh yeah!

If I Were the Easter Bunny Writing

You see…

These ideas will inspire young minds to embark on imaginative bunny-tastic adventures. Plus these fun writing activities and ideas will make this Easter more interesting for kids. 

Yeppers. Easter is the perfect time to dive into creative writing magic.


As spring colors come alive, writers and learners get a chance to tell tales filled with Easter Bunny adventures, interesting egg hunts, and joyful celebrations. So hop to it and get to writing now. I know you’ll be glad you did.

27 If I Were the Easter Bunny Writing Ideas

You’ve just found a wonderful list of If I Were the Easter Bunny writing prompts and we hope you have a spectacular time writing about these creative bunny-themed ideas.

  1. Imagine you wake up and find out that you’ve transformed into the Easter Bunny. Write a detailed journal entry explaining what your day will look like.
  2. The Easter Bunny decides to take a break and go on a vacation to Germany and interesting adventures unfold during the trip. Write a story from his perspective.
  3. Suppose that you are in a fictional world where you work as a stylist for the Easter Bunny. How will you dress him/her? What different hairstyles would you try?
  4. Design an Easter-themed memory capsule that captures your favorite moments for an interesting keepsake. What items would you include and why?
  5. Write a heartfelt letter or speech from the Easter Bunny to children around the world. How does the Easter Bunny encourage people to come together during the Easter season?
  6. If you had the chance, what powers would you give to the Easter Bunny to make Easter extra special?
  7. “The day Easter Bunny went to deliver chocolate eggs” – use this theme to create a short story about the Easter Bunny’s journey.
  8. Craft an interesting story on “A Day in the Life of the Easter Bunny” where you show the Easter Bunny’s activities through various drawings. Include text boxes for descriptions.
  9. Imagine the Easter Bunny hops into your home and instead of traditional gifts, grants you the ability to make three future purchases of your choice. What items or experiences do you wish for, and how will they bring joy to your life?
  10. Write a short and interesting story about an event where the Easter Bunny invites kindergarten students to his magical garden. Include funny student engagement activities.
  11. Plan a hilarious “Easter Silliness Show” with your classmates. Write a script to introduce each act, and all characters will be Easter bunnies. What silly and entertaining performances do you showcase?
  12. Imagine if you were an Easter Bunny who has magical powers; how would you help learners and students? How will you offer easy accessibility to education around the world?
  13. Invent a list of fun activities that the Easter Bunny and his friends can enjoy.
  14. Plan the perfect activity for Easter, like a scavenger hunt, and write about it.
    Kids Writing Prompts about the Easter Bunny
  15. “Once upon a time, there was a small town where an old Easter Bunny lived. Her name was Louise Gardener, and she had an enchanting garden in her backyard. One day, she woke up and…” Complete this story and make it interesting.
  16. Write a short entertaining story about a mischievous hopping egg on a quest to find its perfect hiding spot. What obstacles does it encounter, and how does the story unfold?
  17. You are in charge of creating a weekly newsletter documenting the Easter adventures of a whimsical character or community. What stories, tips, and highlights would be featured in each edition?
  18. Imagine you have a secret power to create magical nests for birds and bunnies. Write a short story about this.
  19. Draft a fictional piece on different ways people use Easter eggs. Use your creativity to define each usage.
  20. Research and write about different Easter traditions in America. How do you celebrate this event?
  21. List five ideas for a fun easter bunny craft.
  22. Do you remember how you celebrated Easter in first grade? If you had a chance to go back, what would you change about it?
  23. Suppose a community of educators has organized a collaborative Easter event. How can they celebrate Easter in an educational context?
  24. Write about the ultimate egg hunt experience. Where does it take place, what types of eggs are hidden, and how do participants find them?
  25. Design your dream Easter cookie and write a step-by-step recipe for others to follow. What shapes, colors, and flavors make your Easter cookies stand out?
  26. Easter Writing Activity: Pair up with a friend or classmate and write each other Easter letters.
  27. Create a template that has prompts like “If I Were the Easter Bunny”. Share it with your friends to see what they write.

I hope you enjoyed this list of If I Were the Easter Bunny writing prompts.

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