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54 Great Ideas to Write About in Your Journal

Ideas to Write About— Sometimes, writing is something that people write off. They are quick to say, “I’m not a writer.” They may have found writing to be a struggle during their formative years, or they may have never really understood how to improve their writing skills.

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But the fact of the matter is, anyone can be a writer — sometimes they just need ideas to write about.

You see…

Writing is a powerful practice that can be beneficial in many ways. Not only will strong writing skills help you become an effective communicator, but these skills also can help improve your social and emotional well-being.

Below are just a few of the benefits that you may enjoy if you decide to take up writing as a hobby or as a practice.

Writing Skill Benefits

  • Writing on a daily basis can help you improve your grammar and punctuation, which can have a profound impact on your professional reputation. Clear, concise, and effective communication is required in any field.
  • Writing regularly can allow you to minimize the stress that you feel. Writing for pleasure allows you to clear your brain, bring your ideas to life, and take a brief respite from your regular roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing a writing routine will allow you to continue to improve and develop your writing skills. You never know, you could take your writing hobby and transform it into a lucrative new career path.

Yes, We Have Writing Inspiration for You!

Now that you realize just how powerful writing can be, it is time to start getting some of those ideas down on paper. This is often where people get stuck.

You see, it’s easy to say that you want to write and to set a goal to write for a bit of time each day, but it is a lot more difficult to actually come up with an idea for your next piece. Fortunately, our list of ideas to write about can help you overcome writer’s block and begin your next masterpiece in no time.

Take a look at our list of ideas to write about and enjoy!

54 Ideas to Write About

Enjoy these creative writing prompts and topics to jump start your daily journaling.

  1. Tell about a time you had an extrasensory or otherwise unexplainable experience.
  2. What is the one thing you feel people misunderstand about you most often? How could you change that perception?
  3. When you look at the world, what do you notice first? Plants? People? Buildings? Why do you think that is?
  4. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: I was surprised to see him standing there when I hadn’t expected him till the fall.
  5. Describe your perfect vacation…on Mars.
  6. You’re given a billion dollars to start a charity. What do you do?
  7. Discuss the concept of fate.
  8. What is one thing you’d like to try but are afraid to?
  9. Your grandmother reveals she’s been reincarnated and she has proof. How do you proceed?
  10. Describe the smell of sidewalks after rain.
  11. Explore your deepest fear. What does it feel like? Do you think it will actually come to pass? How could you let it go, if only a little bit?
  12. You suddenly find yourself as a stranger in a strange land. Where are you? How did you get there? How do you feel?
  13. Write about a moment you experienced strong grief.
  14. Who was the last person you talked to? What did you say to one another?
  15. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: The road hadn’t looked this dark when I first set out upon it.
  16. Do you feel manipulated by music in movies?
  17. Your house is burning down. What is the one object you save?
  18. Use the word “anguilliform” in a short story.
  19. Choose three words to describe your mother and explain why you chose those words.
  20. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Describe it.
  21. What do you miss most right now? It can be anything.
  22. What causes racism?
  23. What is the most beautiful landscape in your opinion?
  24. It’s ten years in the future and you have your perfect life. What does it look like?
  25. Describe the appearance of a hummingbird in flight.
    Writing Prompt Ideas
  26. If your wildest dream came true, what would your biggest regret be?
  27. Describe the taste of a favorite food.
  28. Share a hateful experience and why you can’t stand it.
  29. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: She was my child, so I had to say yes.
  30. Can you think of a moment you felt strong shame? What did you do to incur it, and how can you let it go?
  31. Write about the feeling of happiness. What physical symptoms does it create? What other feelings accompany it?
  32. What is your strongest emotion at this moment? Write about it.
  33. In your opinion, what is the smartest animal? Why do you think this?
  34. What is your favorite place in the world, and why?
  35. Use the word “inimitable” in a short story.
  36. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: If ever I had spent time imagining what it would be like when aliens first landed on Earth, this is not what I would have imagined.
  37. Write about a time you were betrayed, either by another or by you yourself. Explore how you might forgive that person … even if that person is you.
  38. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: It was too cold.
  39. Use the word “eldritch” in a sentence.
  40. Who scares you?
  41. What is the biggest fight you’ve had recently? Who was it with and what was it about?
  42. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: Here’s the thing most people don’t know about peanut butter.
  43. Do you believe social media is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
  44. Is violence an ineradicable part of the human condition, or do you believe we will overcome it one day? Why or why not?
  45. What does Utopia mean to you? What would it look like?
  46. You get one wish (not three!) from a genie. What do you do with it?
  47. Write 250 words beginning with this phrase: I hadn’t expected the end to come so soon, yet here it was.
  48. If the zombie apocalypse occurred … would you make it? Why or why not?
  49. Who is your favorite author and why?
  50. You’re the star of a television show. What is called and what is it about?
  51. Complete this sentence: Even if I die trying, I will _______.
  52. If you could take on the life of any famous person, who would it be?
  53. Write a short story about morning routine of the barista at your local coffee shop.
  54. You won a contest in which you will receive a year’s supply of any item of your choice – what do you chose?

I hope you enjoyed the prompts in this blog post and use them personally, in your classroom, or just for the fun of it.


Whether you are searching for ideas to write about for your next novel, a new book, or you simply want a fresh prompt (or some story ideas) to use to write for fun, I hope…

You will find that these ideas to write about are unique and inspire loads of creativity in you or your writers. Our list of prompt ideas should give you the subtle push that you need to get started without directing every turn you take throughout the story.

Schedule some writing time today and create the wonderful habit of a regular writing practice.

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Until next time, keep on writing!

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