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35 Sizzling Romance Story Ideas

Writing Romance Story Ideas— Yes! Our list of romance story prompts for all ages will help you create larger-than-life characters and exciting plots that aren’t just your average love story.

Sizzling Romance Story Ideas

I hope you find some great inspiration from this list of 35 sizzling romance story ideas. Now, scroll and read on to discover more!

Romance Writing Can Be for Everyone

Romance stories have a bit of a stereotype, don’t they? They’re usually assumed to be for teenage girls, and they have similar plots — boy meets girl, they need to overcome challenges of different sorts together, and they end up together in the end.

But take heart! (Yep… pun intended.)


You’ve discovered a fabulous list of romance prompts that can and will help you defy stereotypes and create something brand-new.

Getting Inspiration for the Romance Genre

If you’re looking to explore your emotions through writing, you’re in the right place! You see…

While writing romance may sound easy, creating a good romance story takes work and practice.

It’s challenging to write engaging romance stories that have two characters whose chemistry and personalities will keep the readers hooked.

This is why you might need a bit of help coming up with good ideas to get your romance stories going.

The good news is…

Now, you can use our list of helpful romance writing prompts and story ideas to help yourself, your students, or any group of writers improve their skills at writing deep, emotional romance stories that grab the reader’s attention.

Take a look now at our list of romance story ideas and enjoy!

35 Sizzling Romance Story Ideas

  1. You’ve had a crush on your high school friend for two years, but that feeling was never reciprocated – until you ran into each other at a local movie theater one weekend. Create a story about the chemistry developing between the two of you.
  2. Write a story about two best friends who get tired of trying to find love, so they try to start a relationship with each other, even though they don’t really have any chemistry.
  3. It all started when her sporty red car hit me while I was crossing the street with my bicycle…
  4. Create a story about a human character that falls in love with a magical creature that isn’t human.
  5. What happens when two characters who are initially mortal enemies actually fall in love?
  6. A tour guide who organizes special tours for singles falls in love with one of the travelers he or she meets. Write their love story.
  7. Write a romance story about a pop star who falls in love with a fan and they run away together to get away from a demanding record label.
  8. As a bridesmaid, you meet the best man at your sister’s rehearsal dinner and hit it off immediately. He asks you out, but your sister warns you about him. Write a romance story in which you try to follow her advice, but you find it challenging to keep him at arm’s length.
  9. You purchase a raffle ticket at the town carnival and it ends up being for a date with the mayor’s son, someone you’ve known all your life. How does the date go?
  10. Two teenagers from different social circles end up traveling to Europe on the senior trip. Although they have vastly different backgrounds, they begin to fall in love on the trip.
  11. The homecoming king has had feelings for a long-time friend who’s considered more of an academic type. He has to overlook all the social pressures at school and fight to win the girl he truly loves.
  12. A gawky freshman falls in love with a stunning senior who’s way out of her league. She’s determined to win him over, despite the long odds of actually getting his attention.
  13. The captain of the cheerleading team has been in and out of all kinds of relationships and none of the guys have treated her right. Her best guy friend has been there every time to help her pick up the pieces. Can he finally get out of the friend zone and get her to see him as more than just a friend?
    Romance Story Writing Ideas
  14. A Spanish exchange student has a tough time getting used to the new high school, but one girl befriends him. Over time, their friendship begins turning into something more. There’s one problem – her father doesn’t want them to be together.
  15. Two friends get stuck in an airport overnight in the middle of a snowstorm. Can he finally get a Christmas miracle and convince her to give him a chance?
  16. Two high school students being treated for cancer meet in the oncology ward. They become friends and work on encouraging each other during their difficult treatment. Their connection grows, but what happens when one of them gets discharged first?
  17. While it’s rare to find true love when you’re a child, your main character actually did. But then the pressures of high school come along and threaten to tear their love apart.
  18. You thought your crush was just one-sided until this happened…
  19. Write a story about going on a road trip with a friend, and on that trip, the friendship turns into something more.
  20. You’re at a party when you suddenly see your ex. You grab the nearest person and pretend to be dating him/her and they just happen to be very attractive.
  21. A friend convinces you to go on a blind date and you think it’s going well, but then suddenly it goes horribly wrong.
  22. You’ve had a crush on a fellow student for months and somehow that crush ends up being revealed at a class meeting. Yet it turns out okay and you find out they have a crush on you, too.
  23. You continually bump into the same stranger around town. Finally, you decide it’s time to say hello and see what fate has planned for the two of you.
  24. A couple breaks up, but they suddenly realize they’ve made a big mistake. Is it too late for them to get back together?
  25. Two people fall in love and they just know that they’re perfect for each other, but the time never seems to be right.
  26. Two students are fighting for the same spot in the class election. Somehow as they’re campaigning, they start to fall in love.
  27. Your parents force you to go to a camp where you don’t know anyone for 6 weeks. You start to have a bit of a rivalry with one of the other campers, but then his response to a big camp event surprises you…
  28. Your protagonist grew up in a very religious family culture, but they meet someone outside of it, and start to question everything.
  29. A young adult woman is in the hospital, and her grandma tries to hook her up with a nurse by asking if they have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Hilarity ensues when it seems to be working a little more than expected.
  30. Two heroines with different powers meet heroes who have similar powers. Then, things start to get complicated.
  31. A librarian loves reading tragedies, but as she’s telling a familiar tale to kids at the library, she realizes one is hitting a bit too close to home. Then, a hunky mysterious stranger saves the day. Will her real-life end up being a tragedy or a romance?
  32. Two vampires make a pact to try speed dating with humans without telling anyone they’re vampires. But when they accidentally ruin the secret, they’re surprised by their romantic interests’ reactions.
  33. Joining the royal family isn’t easy, but our protagonist gets forced into it when her sister marries a prince. She meets someone at her “manners and behavior” lessons that piques her interest…
  34. A woman makes amazing sculptures and portraits every day and thinks she’s making up the subject. However, she meets a man who looks pretty familiar, and to her amazement, it’s him!
  35. Create your very own romance story, with a plot you’ve never heard of before!

Hooray for wonderful romance story ideas! Now…

A Few Final Thoughts

Whether you’re writing a short story or the next greatest love story of all time, we hope you enjoyed this list of ideas.

Just remember, don’t write for perfection.


Write for fun and stick with it until you are thrilled with the story you have crafted. If you want to step it up a notch, focus on the dialogue. There’s so much you can show rather than tell in the way your characters speak to each other.

Here are some more resources for romance writing for you.

More Writing Resources

Ok, that’s all for today.

Until next time, (romance story) write on…

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