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32 Wonderful Writing About Pets Prompts

Use these 32 Writing About Pets Prompts + 29 MORE Writing About Pets Ideas to celebrate National Pet Day and beyond. Read on to see more and have loads of fun writing about pets and animals.

Journal Prompts for National Pet Day

Oh yeah!

These National Pet Day journal prompts give your students the chance to reflect on all of these topics and more.

With questions ranging from the fantastical to the practical, these prompts will keep students engaged and interested in writing about their own pets and other animals in need. 


Most of the prompts are also designed to appeal to both students who own pets and to students who do not own pets—so that no one has to be left out of the fun of celebrating!

Though many pet owners put their furry friends first every day, National Pet Day is a very special holiday that encourages people to give greater attention to all kinds of animals – from snakes to kittens – who could use a little extra love. 

Held each year on April 11th, this day of recognition is a great time to teach students about the important work that animal shelters do, the beautiful companionship that animals can offer, and what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.

So get to it and…

Use these National Pet Day writing prompts to bring attention to the cause of animals in need and to encourage your students to think about the benefits that owning a pet can offer!

32 Fabulous Writing about Pets Ideas and Prompts

  1. If you could adopt any single new animal, what would you get? Why?
  2. Does your family have a pet (or several pets)? Why or why not?
  3. What does it mean to be a good pet owner?
  4. Why is it so important for people to care for animals in need?
  5. If you were getting a new pet, would you go to a breeder, the pet store, or a shelter? Why?
  6. In your opinion, what is the best part of owning a pet? Why?
  7. If you could have an unusual animal for a pet, which would you choose? Why?
  8. Write about the most lovable pet you’ve ever met.
  9. Write a funny story about a pet that gets into some trouble when left home alone.
  10. Do you dream of owning a lot of pets someday? Why or why not?
  11. What makes a good pet name? Give a few examples of good pet names and explain why they work.
  12. Who do you think benefits more—the pet or the pet’s owner? Why?
  13. Write a poem about a unique pet that makes a big difference in the lives of one family.
  14. What animal makes the best pet? Why?
  15. What is the hardest part of owning a pet? Why is it so challenging?
  16. Do any of your friends have special pets? Write about why you like these animals.
  17. Write about your favorite memory with your pet.
  18. What would you do if your pet went missing? How would you work to get him or her back?
    Writing Prompts about Pets Inspired by National Pet Day
  19. Some pets help their owners with illnesses or disabilities through daily life. What do you think makes these animals so special?
  20. Do you have a pet that is just your own, or are your pets all family pets? Write about your experience.
  21. Why do some animals make better pets than others?
  22. What is the best part of owning a pet? Why?
  23. What can you do to help animals in need? Describe several ideas and how you could implement them.
  24. What animal would make a good class pet? Why?
  25. What is the most important reason that you enjoy (or would enjoy) having a pet?
  26. What would it be like if cats and dogs had humans as pets?
  27. How do you plan to celebrate National Pet Day this year?
  28. What is your pet’s favorite thing to do? Why do you think he or she likes it so much?
  29. What is one thing our class could do to promote pet adoptions? Describe your idea in detail.
  30. What type of animal do you feel the closest connection with? Why?
  31. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering getting a new pet?
  32. Do you think everyone should have a pet? Why or why not?

Bonus List of 29 MORE Writing About Pets Ideas

If the list of writing about pets prompts weren’t enough for you, perhaps these ideas will satisfy your pet writing appetite. Take a look now and enjoy!

  1. Have you even been to an animal shelter or volunteered at one? If so write about our experiences. If not, write what you think it would be like to have this experience.
  2. Should animals be kept in cages? Explain your answer in detail.
  3. How do reptiles (lizard, snake, gators, turtle) and amphibians (from, toad, salamander) make good pets? Do you have one or want one? 
  4. Write about whether you rather have a real dog or a fictional dog? (or real pets of fictional pets?)
  5. What is your favorite animal movie and why?
  6. Write a fictional story about the world’s worst dog.
  7. Imagine you have a pet elephant and describe a day in your life.
  8. Some tigers go on a magic quest to find a new habitat and have to go to great lengths to succeed. Continue this prompt…
  9. A tabby cat named Marley dreams of being a leopard. Continue the story…
  10. Write a short story about a dog character that is a specific breed of dog such a mastiff, a beagle puppy, or a chihuahua, etc…
  11. A bearded dragon is the hero of this short story. Write about it.
  12. A calico cat, a lion and a family of tree frogs are plotting an adventure. Give the story structure and extra oomph with your creative ideas.
  13. Write a story about a crow who loves peanut butter.
  14. A black cat and a pet moose are the only wildlife in this crazy town. Explore a day in their lives.
  15. Do you like movies, books and shows where the main characters are animals? Write a journal entry about your favorite characters and why.
  16. Is there a specific pet you’ve always dream of having? Write about it in detail.
  17. Should pet gold fish be kept in a fishbowl or a fish tank?
  18. Write about your pet’s personality.
  19. Animal lovers should be in charge of the world because they…
  20. What does the saying, “Give a dog a bone” mean to you?
  21. Would you like to be a vet?
  22. In what ways do veterinarians help animals and animals owners?
  23. Older pets are…
  24. How does your own unique personality play out with the pets and animals you interact with?
  25. In the spring, the happy chirps of the birds make me…
  26. Your friend’s bulldog makes funny animal sounds (think playful growls, howls, or a full range of grunts, groans, etc…) Explain the sounds in your story. 
  27. Pets are important family members because…
  28. How do you show your pet your affection?
  29. Explore your thoughts on any or all of these pet topics:  
    – Using a muzzle on a dog
    – How to help an animal with arthritis and using medication to do so (or not)
    – Keeping pet crows
    – Learning about your pet’s own personality
    – How having pets helps one’s state of mind
    – Letting pets beg for food at the dinner table
    – Taking eagles off of the endangered species list
    – What songs of nature do you love and why
    – The sound of crickets makes me feel…
    – Hearing your cat’s purr rattling in their throat makes me…
    – Pets animals are my muse because they… 
    – The symbolism of vultures
    – My pet’s favorite toy is…

If you have a classroom pet, your students will love describing that pet’s personality or writing a fiction story with them as the main character. Writing and animals are a winning combination! I hope you enjoyed these writing about pets ideas and prompts.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Until next time, journal on…

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National Pet Day Journal Prompts for Children
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