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30 What to Write Prompts You Have to See!

If you’re looking for what to write, we can help! You see, writing prompts are a useful tool that can give you ideas and help you get started on your next incredible piece.

30 What to Write Ideas

Yes! Sometimes these writing prompts will serve as an outline for what you can write.

In other cases, they may spark the inkling of an idea in your head that you can continue to develop as you write. Read on to discover more!

Ignite Your Creativity, Bust Through Writer’s Block and Love Your Writing Process

There are many people — of all ages — who aspire to become writers. However, they often feel intimidated, assuming that they have to have been published or earned a few bylines in order to call themselves a writer.

The reality is, though, that anyone who puts a pen to paper and jots down a few ideas is considered to be a writer. Writers are not part of an elitist club or an exclusive group of esteemed professionals — they are simply people who like to express themselves through their words.

Once you know that you are a writer and that you can practice your technique in order to improve your skill over time, the process of writing becomes fun.


Writing becomes an enjoyable activity that can help you stretch your imagination or relieve your mind of its worries. It’s a craft that allows you to create your own world and develop characters whose lives jump right off the pages of your notebook.

In Your Own Words

Writing as frequently as possible is the best way to perfect your voice and improve your prose, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what topic to write about and explore.


Knowing what to write is often half the battle.

The good news is that once you have an idea to get you started, the words often flow easily and freely from your mind.

Whenever you are in need of inspiration, you can use these prompts to help you ignite your muse and figure out what to write next.

Without further ado, here’s our latest and greatest list of prompts and ideas to inspire you. Take a look and enjoy!

30 Wonderful Writing Prompt Ideas You Can Use When You Don’t Know What to Write

  1. Write a short story from the perspective of the first pet you ever had.
  2. Imagine what life would be like without social media. Write a journal entry about whether you would like to live in that world or not.
  3. Craft a haiku poem about your favorite vacation destination.
  4. Write a character profile about someone who has just discovered that they have a superpower.
  5. As she opened the door, she realized that life would never be the same again…
  6. Write about how your parents managed their roles as a couple. Are their roles similar or different to the ones you have now as an adult?
  7. Write a short story about a character whose life changes completely when their post on Facebook goes viral.
  8. What was your dream job as a child? Is it similar or different to your career goals now?
  9. Write a poem describing your favorite type of flower.
  10. Interview a local leader that you admire, and write a blog post about them.
  11. Write about the top five qualities that you look for in a friend.
  12. Draft an outline for a sequel to your favorite classic novel.
  13. The CEO walks into a board room, and she has to deliver bad news. However, she’s prepared to face the next chapter of her life…
  14. Play your favorite song of the moment. For the duration of the song, simply write down what comes to your mind.
  15. Write a detailed, descriptive paragraph about a recent memory that makes you smile.
    30 What to Write Ideas
  16. Write a short story about a zookeeper who forms a strong bond with one of the animals that he is caring for.
  17. Identify three things you can do in order to transform a bad day into a good one.
  18. Write a short story that takes place on a ranch in Wyoming.
  19. Write a story about two friends who have been separated by time and distance for more than a decade, but who reunite as the result of a tragedy.
  20. Write a story from the perspective of a cat that roams the local library.
  21. Think about a decision that you made in your life that put you on the path you are on today. Now, write about what you think life might be like if you made a different choice at that moment.
  22. The dream roused her from her sleep. It was so clear, it was as if it was real. Now, she knew what she had to do next…
  23. Which emoji best suits your personality? Why?
  24. Write a poem from the perspective of a child who is just learning how to ride their bike.
  25. Describe a moment in life when you experienced loneliness. How did you overcome this feeling?
  26. What song reminds you most of your adolescence? Write about how songs help us stay connected to our memories.
  27. Life is a lot different today than it was 10 years ago. What has changed for the better? What has changed for the worse?
  28. Write a journal entry about why you enjoy being a writer.
  29. It was an unlikely friendship, but they were determined to make it work…
  30. Write a review of the most recent book you have read.

Creating and publishing new lists of writing prompts, story ideas, and writing topic lists for a variety of niches is one of my life’s passions. From my heart, I hope you enjoyed this list of popular topics and found some inspiration here.

And now…

A Few Closing Thoughts

Writing prompts and journal ideas can help you decide a new topic or idea to write about next. You can use them in order to craft short stories or as inspiration for your next piece of poetry. You also can use them for simple journal entries, which are an easy way to practice your writing on a daily basis.

Now that you have writing inspiration, the time is now to get started! When you keep on writing, you will find that you continue to become a better writer day after day.


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30 Writing Prompts That You Can Use When You Don't Know What to Write

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