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Fun Story Starters for Kids

One of our favorite ways to engage middle school students who are bored with regular English classes is to ask them to write their own stories.  Students who don’t see the value in reading and writing (or who simply struggle with these activities) are often well served by the chance to take their pens into their own hands.

Story Starting Ideas for Middle School Writers

By maintaining a sense of control and having power over their own creativity, kids can better appreciate story-telling and written communication—and in the meantime, they’ll also become more skilled at both.

To help your students begin, we’ve created a fresh set of 32 story starters for kids.  These prompts include both narrative starters and unique lines of dialogue – and the challenge is for students to fit the prompt somewhere into their own stories.  They can drop the line in at the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or write a story that leads up to the prompted line at the very end – but they need to include it somewhere.  To do so, they’ll need to tread backward or forward to see how their characters may have ended up in the prompted situation.

Additionally, many of these fun story starter prompts can be used in stories within a variety of genres – so you can challenge your class to come up with as many different versions as they can!  When they share their stories with one another at the end, they’ll be amazed by all of the ways a single sentence can be interpreted by different people.

32 Fun Story Starters to Inspire Middle School Kids

Use these story starters for kids to motivate your middle school class to start writing…and to see what fresh ideas they come up with!

  1. “I’m not so sure we should go in there…” he said.
  2. As they ran across the lawn, it almost felt like they were moving in slow motion.
  3. “Eureka!” she shouted. “I finally found the solution!”
  4. He rounded the corner quickly—and collided headfirst with the new school principal.
  5. It was a perfect day for a baseball game, so no one expected anything to go wrong…
  6. There would never be a better time. Morgan knew it was time to tell her friend the truth.
  7. The whole class had eagerly awaited this day for months—and today, it was finally here. They couldn’t wait to…
  8. The boy shifted nervously and looked at the police officer. “Well, the reason why I’m actually here is…”
  9. No one had ever snuck into the school at night before… but Justin and Megan intended to be the first.
  10. She had grown up watching the Olympics all her life—and now she was finally here.
  11. “Surprise!” everyone shouted. Ashley jumped about a mile in shock.
  12. He listened to the rain pitter-patter across the window and thought about what his mother said.
  13. “Clearly, this day is not off to a good start,” she said.
    Fun Story Starters
  14. Sarah wasn’t afraid of getting on the horse…but she was a little afraid everyone would laugh if she fell off.
  15. “Well, I suppose that’s one way to get down from a tree,” he said.
  16. “Uh…I don’t think that’s the right button!” she yelped.
  17. The teacher stared at the class of unruly kids and wondered what she should do.
  18. George stared at the elephant with his jaw dropped, wondering what to do next.
  19. “We never should have come here,” she said with an exasperated sigh.
  20. “I’m turning into my father,” he said with a groan.
  21. It was the third week in a row that Jimmy hadn’t cleaned his room. He was about to get in a lot of trouble, until…
  22. Major Stephens couldn’t sleep again. He looked at the photos of his family and wondered what they were doing, halfway across the world.
  23. “There’s a secret we haven’t told any of you,” the principal said. “Our school is actually a…”
  24. Aaron couldn’t stop thinking about the play, so he decided to put on his own show.
  25. “And that’s why you never go skiing with a dog!” he said with a hearty laugh.
  26. There was no more time to wait. They would have to leave now, even though they still hadn’t seen…
  27. “Ouch! My elbow doesn’t bend that way!” he yelled.
  28. There was nowhere else to hide. Brenda would finally have to face the music and…
  29. And even though it had truly been a terrible day, Tristan smiled as he watched the sunset.
  30. “You’re our 10,000th customer—so everything you buy today is free!” the cashier shouted excitedly.
  31. “We should really stop and ask for directions,” he said nervously.
  32. I heard them call my name, but my body froze. I couldn’t believe that I had just…

More Middle School Writing Prompts & Ideas

Until next time, keep on writing!

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Fun Story Starters to Inspire Middle Schoolers
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