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Narrative Writing Topics for All Writers

Narrative writing provides writers of all ages, stages, and skill levels with the opportunity to explore the perspective of their character as the character navigates its way through a problem or challenge. In many narrative writing pieces, the main character is the author of the story and is sometimes based on factual events.

Narrative Writing Prompts for All Ages

Whether you are sitting down to write a short story narrative or you simply need to pen a journal entry, these narrative writing topics will help get you started.

With these narrative writing topics, you might find that you can quickly jet out a journal entry or your work may dovetail into a long-form piece.

Use this list of writing ideas to kickstart your next piece today!

30 Narrative Writing Topics

  1. Consider the past year. What have you learned about? How have you grown? What challenges have you overcome?
  2. What advice would you give to someone who is entering your stage of life? Would you do things differently yourself? Why?
  3. Imagine that you lived in a different city or state. How do you think your life would be different?
  4. I was walking through the desert when I stumbled upon a strange-looking creature. I bent down to take a closer look, and then…
  5. You recently received a phone call that you inherited a large gift from a distant relative. After discovering what you inherited, you decided to…
  6. Think about a major mistake that you made in life. Why did you make that mistake? How do you think it impacted your life? What did you learn from it?
  7. What do you feel is most misunderstood about your generation? How do you work to change those perceptions?
  8. You’ve been told that you can only save one heirloom to pass down to a family member. Which item will you save? Who will you give it to? Why did you choose that item?
  9. Imagine that you have to spend the day completely unplugged from all technology. What would you do? How would the lack of technology impact your adventures?
  10. Consider your favorite character from TV. How are you alike? How are you different? Why is this your favorite character?
  11. You’ve decided to run for office. Which position are you hoping to be elected to? What are your campaign promises? How do you intend to fulfill them?
  12. Describe your perfect afternoon. What do you choose to do? What is the weather like? Who are you spending it with?
  13. List three challenges that you have because of your age. What can you do to overcome these challenges?
  14. What does your bedroom look like right now? How does the state of your bedroom reflect your personality, your goals, and your ambitions?
  15. If you had to describe yourself as an ice cream flavor, which flavor would you choose? Why?
    Narrative Writing Ideas for Students
  16. Discuss one time in which you were in a leadership position. What types of challenges did you face as a leader? How did you lead during these stressful moments?
  17. Imagine that you recently purchased a historical home. Discuss the time period in which the home was built, and the people who used to live there. How does the history of the home impact your own experience?
  18. Write about what your life was like five years ago. How have you changed? How have you stayed the same? What is the biggest obstacle that you have overcome during that time period?
  19. Think about the best year that you had at school. How old were you? What grade were you in? Why was that your favorite year?
  20. If you could re-live one day in your life, which day would it be? Why? Would you do anything differently?
  21. Your best friend looks at your phone only to notice that you are listening to one song in particular over and over again. When they find out, they decide to…
  22. Do you feel like you relate to the people around you? Why or why not? Describe a recent encounter with your peers to explain.
  23. You have been told that you have to move to a new country tomorrow. Where do you go? How do you feel about the move?
  24. Describe your childhood experience, including happy memories as well as disappointing and frustrating moments.
  25. Who do you feel has most influenced you in your life? Why?
  26. I suddenly came upon a trail and I didn’t know where it would lead. I decided to…
  27. Describe the most important relationship in your life. How long have you known this person? How have they helped you develop and grow as an individual?
  28. Write about the differences between your dream job and your current occupation. Did your reality turn out as you imagined it would?
  29. You have been told that you have to write a letter to a long-lost friend. What will you say?
  30. It’s a dream that keeps recurring, over and over again. It’s hard to describe, but…

No matter what happens, always keep on writing!

Until next time, write on…

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Whether you are sitting down to write a short story narrative or you simply need to pen a journal entry, these narrative writing topics will help get you started.
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