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Preschool Classroom Games

7 Literary-Themed Games for Preschoolers—

For many young learners, the preschool classroom is their first experience in an educational environment. It should be an immersive, engaging, and interactive space where they can connect with their classmates, begin to set the foundation for their education, and learn how to be good citizens.

Literacy PreSchool Games

Preschool classroom games not only keep students active and busy, but they also can play an important role in the learning process.

Below we share a few preschool classroom games that help promote literacy. Enjoy!

7 Literary-Themed Preschool Classroom Games

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

For this game, give every student a blank piece of paper with a letter at the top. After each child has received their supplies, tell them to go search the classroom for an item that begins with their assigned letter. Once they find their item, they must draw a picture of it. Everyone will get a turn to share their drawing and talk about what they found at the end of the game.

Rainbow Room Writing

For this cooperative classroom game, the teacher should place blank alphabet printables around the room. Each student should receive a different color crayon or marker. Once the game begins, students should go around the room and use their color to trace each letter. By the end of the game, the classroom has a new colorful alphabet display that will help students learn to recognize their letters.

ABC Bag Toss

To set up this game, teachers should place a large mat on the floor with individual letters taped to it. Students can take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat and seeing where their bag lands. After it lands, students need to shout out a word that begins with the letter that is closest to their bag. This helps them practice letter recognition and phonetic sounds at the same time.

Preschool Games to Promote Literacy

Popcorn Parachute

Parachute games are eternally popular among the preschooler crowd and popcorn parachute is a fun way to use this favorite classroom game to promote reading and writing. After pulling out the parachute and letting each child grab a handle, place 26 colored plastic balls with letters written on them on top of the parachute. As the children pull it up and down, the balls will fall off. Children should pick up the ball, look at the letter, and announce the letter that they see to the class.

Rubber Duck Carnival Game

Bring a plastic baby pool into the classroom and fill it with water. Then, take 26 rubber ducks and write a different letter on the bottom of each duck. Let each child take a turn picking a duck from the pool and saying which letter they found. Encourage them to say a word that begins with that letter and give them a small carnival prize for trying.

Pin the Letter on the Tree

Tape a large paper palm tree to the wall and cute uppercase and lowercase letters out of colored construction paper. Before beginning the game, teachers should read the well-known book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. After the book is done, students can take turns playing Pin the Letter on the Tree. At the end of the game, the classroom will have its own alphabet tree as a decoration.

ABC Freeze Dance

This game combines movement with music and letter recognition. Students should stand up in the classroom and make sure they have enough space between one another. The teacher will then start playing an alphabet song and when the music stops, the students have to freeze. Once frozen, the teacher should call on students and ask them to say a favorite letter of the alphabet. It’s an easy and fun game to repeat again and again!

The best part about these preschool classroom games is that students will be having so much fun, they will have no idea that they are creating the building blocks they need to begin reading and writing as they get older. In addition to playing these preschool classroom games in your early childhood educational facility, always make sure to keep on writing!

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Literary Themed Games for Preschool Kids
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