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Gratitude Journal Entry for Phyllis

Gratitude Journal Entry— This blog/journal entry is an ode to Phyllis and to the positive power of gratitude journaling .

Earlier this summer, an earth angel discovered my Journal Buddies books online.  This angel’s name is Phyllis.

Phyllis is a dear, sweet woman who is filled with joy, and goodness, and genuine love for life. Her positive outlook and cheery personality is so powerful that it transmits easily through her writing via email, text and Facebook messages.  (And I know for sure that it takes a very powerful, positive person to convey such goodness through technological means!)Gratitude Journal Entry

Through sheer kindness, Phyllis helped get Journal Buddies into the hands of many girls who attended various girl camps.  She did all this for the benefit of the girls, and for my benefit.  She did all of this simply because she is a kind woman.

Why am I telling you about this, about Phyllis?
Because Phyllis, a lovely soul, made such a big impact on me, and for this reason I offer a gratitude journal entry as my way of sharing some deep, heartfelt appreciation with her.

To “repay” Phyllis for her deep kindness, I offer this note of gratitude filled to over-flowing with the deepest, most heartfelt, biggest, sweetest, positively potent THANK YOU I can muster.  (And yes, I am shouting my gratitude in this journal entry to Phyllis and to the world!).

Phyllis, your kindness touched the depths of my heart, made me smile from ear to ear and filled me with joy.  You, dear Phyllis, are a gift to me, and to all of humanity.  There is no doubt that our world is better because you are in it, and that’s the truth!

Here’s my Big, Sweet, Kids THANK YOU! (lol… check out that graphic below), especially for you.

Gratitude Journal Entry


The gratitude that we encounter helps us believe in the goodness of the world, and
strengthens us thereby to do what’s good.

~Dr. Albert Schweitzer


 More About Gratitude Journaling

In case you aren’t using gratitude as a consistent topic in your journal entries, I suggest that you begin to do so right now.  There truly is not a more powerful way to transform your life, your attitude, your outlook and the overall quality of living than to focus on what it is you are thankful and grateful for, and doing so from your heart.  A practice of gratitude changes lives.  I know so because it has changed mine.

Sharing this gratitude journal entry with you is my way of sending a message of goodness and gratefulness to Phyllis, and, hopefully, inspiring you along the way.  (Phyllis…. let me send one last quick, powerful and lovely thank you to you from me, just for being your lovely self!)

Try gratitude journaling if you haven’t already.  It is truly one of the best experiences in the world!

Until next time, (gratitude) journal on….



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