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59 Super Sweet Kindness Journal Prompts

Kindness Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas— Be Kind to Humankind Week is all about celebrating kindness in the world, with the belief that kindness can be contagious. Celebrated from August 25-31, the week is a perfect way to get students thinking about how they can focus on kindness during the new school year.

Writing Ideas to use during Be Kind to Humankind Week

Of course… You can always celebrate kindness year-round in your daily life.

Our Kindness to You: A List of Writing Prompts 🙂

These 59 kindness writing prompts and journal ideas encourage students to think about the impact of kindness and to consider specific ways they can implement more kind acts and kind gestures into their lives.

Celebrate kindness all throughout Be Kind to Humankind Week – and all year long – with these journaling prompts and exercises!

Journaling is a great way for students to dig into a topic like kindness, as it offers them the chance to take something they’ve always been told is important and understand why it really matters so much.

As they write about the feelings they get from kindness in their journal entry, students will form a deeper resolve to commit to kindness and to remain conscious of their behaviors.

With kindness journal prompts designed to impact students on both an emotional and practical level, they’ll come to understand why kindness matters and how they can model it.


Get to it and use these writing prompts about kindness as part of your lesson in your classroom today.

50 Kindness Journal Prompts and Writing Topics (Inspired by Be Kind to Human Kind Week)

  1. What does kindness mean?
  2. Have you ever witnessed a kindness ripple effect – where people were kind as a result of receiving kindness?
  3. How can small efforts make a big difference?
  4. What other celebrations do we have to promote kindness?
  5. How can you let someone know you care?
  6. Why do people deserve kindness?
  7. Make a kindness resolution and then write about your experience.
  8. Think of a movie or book that portrays kindness. What does this story teach people?
  9. What will you do to be kind during Be Kind to Humankind Week?
  10. How can we influence others to be kind?
  11. Who is the kindest person you know?
  12. What does kindness teach people?
  13. How can showing kindness have an impact on people?
  14. When you think about kindness, what comes to mind?
  15. Write about some striking examples of kindness in the world.
  16. Write about how you can start being more kind to your parents.
  17. What can kindness do?
  18. How can you use honesty to be more kind?
  19. Write about a time when someone was kind to you – how did it make you feel?
  20. Is it ever difficult to be kind?
  21. What does it feel like to have someone thank you for being kind?
  22. Write about three adults who show great kindness.
  23. What should you do if you’re in a bad mood and you don’t feel like being kind?
  24. What are several ways you can be more kind to your classmates?
  25. Write a story about someone whose life is changed by kindness.
  26. How can we incorporate kindness into our school year?
  27. Write a story about Kevin the Kind Koala.
  28. Has your day ever been changed by kindness?
  29. How can our class promote kindness?
  30. Why is kindness important?
  31. How do you see people respond to kindness?
  32. Who are some people who could benefit from receiving kindness?
    Writing Exercises about Kindness to be Used During Be Kind to Humankind Week
  33. How do you feel when you witness other people being kind?
  34. Write about a kind way that you can remind others to be kind when you witness bad behavior.
  35. How does your family promote kindness at home?
  36. Where do you see kindness in our community?
  37. What power do you have to spread more kindness?
  38. Have you ever chosen kindness over your own wants?
  39. Why do people sometimes forget to be kind?
  40. What are some memories you have of kindness?
  41. Why is it important to use kind language?
  42. What have your parents taught you about kindness?
  43. Write a story about someone who has difficulty being kind. What does this person learn?
  44. How can you show kindness by volunteering?
  45. Write about a time when you were kind to someone else. How did you feel afterward?
  46. What other things in the world deserve kindness?
  47. How does sharing promote kindness?
  48. What is something kind you can do for a friend today?
  49. When is it important to be kind?
  50. Write a poem about kindness.
  51. How can seeing something from someone else’s perspective help you to be more kind?
  52. What do you believe is the greatest thing about kindness?
  53. Sacrifice Our Wants for Others’ Needs Sunday: How can you make a sacrifice for someone today?
  54. Motorist Consideration Monday: How can you make room for others in your life today?
  55. Touch a Heart Tuesday: How can you touch someone’s heart today?
  56. Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday: How can you lend someone a hand today?
  57. Thoughtful Thursday: How can you be more thoughtful today?
  58. Forgive Your Foe Friday: How can you be forgiving today?
  59. Speak Kind Words Saturday: How can you speak kind words today?

I hope you enjoyed this list of free kindness journal prompts and writing ideas about kindness and used them to create a culture of kindness with your writers. A mindset of empathy, understanding, and encouragement can go so far!

Oh… and please remember to practice self-kindness and self-care, too. It’s a blessing to do so indeed.

Journaling is a tool for self-discovery, self-reflection, and personal growth. A journal is a wonderful place to record inspiring quotes and affirmations to help get through difficult times. By incorporating journaling into your daily routine, you’ll see growth in so many areas of your life!

Until next time, write on…

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Writing Ideas on Kindness to Use During Be Kind to Humankind Week
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