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34 of the Best Friends Writing Prompts

Hooray for friends! And what better way to celebrate friendship than to do some friends writing. Now, we have some wonderful and new writing ideas for you to explore and use. Take a look and discover more. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Friends Writing Prompt Ideas

Friend Writing Ideas and Friendship Journal Prompts

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International Day of Friendship is July 30 and Best Friends Day is June 8. Yeppers! And what better time to celebrate our friendships than with writing?


Summer is all about nurturing those relationships and one important part of this practice is spending some time in reflection. That’s why we’ve put together this wonderful list of friends writing prompts for you and your besties.

Our new list of friendship prompts is full of ways to reflect on fond memories, think of how to improve your relationships, and ways to get to know each other better. You could even use these questions to bond with your friends in a group discussion and learn more about each other.

Of course, you can write about friends any time of year and I hope you do. Now, it’s time to get that list of friends writing ideas and prompts. Enjoy and happy friendships to you!

34 Friends Writing Prompts for You

1. Who is your best friend and what is the main reason you became friends?

2. How do you decide which friend is your best friend? Is it time spent together, the quality of their character, how funny they are, or something else?

3. What does it mean to be a good friend? Do you think you’re a good friend?

4. When you hang out with your friends, are you silly and full of jokes, or do you talk about more serious things?

5. If you had to pick your wedding party today, who would be your bridesmaids or groomsmen?

6. What’s the difference between a close friend and someone you’re in a romantic relationship with?

7. If you have seen the TV show Friends, which character do you most identify with: Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica?

8. Do you have a particular talent that makes you good at making friends?

9. Poetry is a great way to work through your feelings about a relationship. Write a poem about a friendship ending — it can be about a real or fake scenario.

10. How are your parents’ friendships different from your own? Do you think your friendships in adolescence and your adult friendships will be different than your childhood friendships?

11. Try writing a pilot episode of a comedy about a fictional group of friends.

12. What is something you’ve done or said to a friend that you regret? How has that changed the way you act in your friendships?

13. Which friendship dynamic do you think is the best: two introverts, two extroverts, or one introvert and one extrovert?

14. Write about one of your favorite adventures with a friend and explain what makes it stick out the most.

15. Write a text message you’ll never send to someone who hurt your feelings.

16. If you have a bad day, who is there for you the most and what do you like them to do for you?

17. Do you think you have to have a big emotional connection with someone to have a strong friendship with them or is it only about enjoying each other’s company?
Friends Writing Ideas and Topics

18. Which sitcom has the best stories of friendships and why do you like it the most? Has it changed anything about the way your friendships operate?

19. Do you prefer to learn new skills (like sports, art, or an instrument) alone, with a group of people you don’t know, or with friends?

20. Do you think it’s okay or not okay for someone to write blog posts or Facebook/social media posts about their friendships or other relationships? Would that help or hurt your friendships?

21. Should friends get flowers for each other or is that only okay for romantic interests?

22. Write about a quality your best friend has that you admire.

23. What is the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? How did it make you feel?

24. What are the responsibilities of friendship?

25. What would you do if you saw someone being mean to your best friend?

26. Describe your best friend in three words. Why did you choose these descriptions?

27. Can girls and boys be friends with one another? Why or why not?

28. How do you think your best friend would describe you? Would it be an accurate description?

29. What is your favorite way to talk to your friends—on the phone, in person, or on the computer? How often do you get to talk to them?

30. What do you do when you disagree with your best friend?

31. What is the best way to move on from a friendship breakup and how is a friendship breakup different from a romantic breakup?

32. Write a short story about two people becoming best friends, including their dialogue.

33. Why does it take courage to create new friendships? Where do you usually find new friends?

34. Has a friend ever given you feedback about how to become a better friend? Was that helpful to you? Did it make you sad or mad, or another feeling, and why?

Benefits of Friends Writing

There are many benefits to friends writing. The best part about it is that it can be a new experience for both of you.

When friends write, they often share something new and exciting that they’ve never told anyone before. This can help build a stronger bond between the two of them.

Additionally, friends writing can also help improve your writing skills. By reading each other’s work and offering feedback, you can become better writers over time.

Best of all, it’s fun to write with friends and so enjoyable to write about them, too.

10 Bonus Friends Writing Prompts

Here are Journal Sharing With a Friend Prompts. Enjoy!

  1. When did you first know that we were destined to be great friends?
  2. What is one thing that you wish other people understood about you?
  3. What is the most important quality for a friend to have?
  4. How do you handle conflict when you have a disagreement with a friend?
  5. Write about your favorite quality about yourself.
  6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  7. What is your greatest goal in life?
  8. What annoys you more than anything else?
  9. What is the greatest feeling in the world?
  10. Write about your ideal weekend. Be as detailed as possible. Where will you go? Who will you spend time with? What will you do? What will you eat?

I hope you enjoy and use these friends writing ideas to the max.

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