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32 Fantastic Storytelling Writing Prompts

Storytelling Writing Prompts & Ideas — This year’s National Day of Listening celebration takes place on November 27th, but you can start getting students involved now.

The StoryCorps program asks participants to record a short interview with a loved one in order to preserve and share their stories. While families are gathered around the table for Thanksgiving or preparing for the holiday season, students have the perfect opportunity to connect with their relatives and hear the tales of where they came from.

Storytelling Writing Ideas for Students

In these 32 new writing prompts, students will reflect on the value of stories and the cultural significance of storytelling. They’ll have the opportunity to recall their favorite family stories and consider how listening helps them connect with others.

From prompts focusing on the entertainment value of stories to questions regarding the most effective ways for stories to be remembered, students will think about all the different ways that a few sentences strung together can impact life.

Encourage your students to think about the role of stories in their own lives and the value of storytelling in our world with these new journal prompts. With a deeper understanding of stories and their role in the creation of culture, students will become better listeners and learn to better appreciate the stories they hear each day.

32 Storytelling Writing Prompts

  1. Why do people share stories?
  2. What qualities make a story entertaining?
  3. What can our community do to support storytelling? Think of three ways we can encourage people to tell more stories.
  4. Are some stories more valuable than others? Why or why not?
  5. What would our world be like if we didn’t have stories from important events in history?
  6. Why do people want to be remembered for what they have done?
  7. How do stories help us remember and honor the people who have come before us?
  8. How do stories change as they are passed on from person to person?
  9. Write a short story about a memory from your past. Be sure to include characters, tension, and a resolution.
  10. What is the difference between “hearing” someone and “listening” to them?
  11. Write about the best storyteller you know. What do you enjoy most about his or her stories?
  12. What is your favorite story from your childhood?
  13. Why is it important for people to share stories about their lives?
    Storytelling Writing Exercises for Students
  14. What kinds of stories are important to share?
  15. What can you do to listen better when people talk to you?
  16. Prepare several questions and interview one of your parents or grandparents. Then, write a short story about his or her life.
  17. How can listening help you relate to or connect with people?
  18. What is your favorite way to share a story—verbally or through writing or pictures? Why?
  19. How will you celebrate the National Day of Listening?
  20. Write about one of your favorite family stories. When did you first hear it?
  21. If you could sit down with any person and hear a brand new story about his or her life, who would you choose? Why?
  22. Do you think you are a good listener? Why or why not?
  23. Think of several different ways that people have shared their stories throughout history. Which of these methods is the most effective way to be remembered?
  24. What are some ways you can show someone you are listening? Are there any behaviors that signify that you aren’t paying attention?
  25. How do you feel when you tell someone a story?
  26. Write about a story that you would be happy to hear over and over again. What do you like about the story?
  27. How do stories shape societies? Do people behave in particular ways or hold certain beliefs because of stories?
  28. Listen to one of the stories from the National Day of Listening website. What can you take away from the person who shared his or her story?
  29. Are there particular members of your family who really like to tell stories? Why do you think this person enjoys storytelling?
  30. Why is it especially important to remember and tell stories during the holidays?
  31. What is your favorite family or community holiday story?
  32. If someone wanted to understand what your family is like, what story would you tell him or her?
  33. Who is the best listener you know? How do you feel when you talk to him or her?

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