Kids Summer Journaling

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Kids Summer Journaling

Journaling: A Great Summertime Activity for Kids

Parents are always looking for great summertime activities that will keep their kids occupied and out of trouble. As summer gets well underway parents will sometimes scramble to sign up their kids for camps or various other summer programs.Kids Summer Journaling

Many parents prefer that their children stay active with at least a few educational activities over the summer months. A fantastic activity for kids to sharpen their minds and help prevent summer learning loss is journaling. Kids can keep a family journal during the summer, a shared journal, an art journal, or a journal themed with a topic that engages their interest.

Kids Summer Journaling

Journaling is a fantastic summer activity for children of all ages because it is a low-cost and effective way to give kids a platform for healthy dialogue and expression. Some children can easily express their emotions while other more introverted children may hold back. Wonderfully, journaling gives children of all temperaments the chance to express themselves in writing and jot down those thoughts and feelings they may not necessarily wish to express verbally. Letting children vent in a constructive way through journaling can help them handle negative emotions and reduce their frustrations.

When kids are engaged in journaling, be certain to ensure that their journal is a safe zone for them to make mistakes. Also, consider setting a schedule for the summertime and asking your kids to start the day off with a journal entry. Parents can be as creative as they would like when it comes to journaling time frames.

Often times parents will allow the kids to make their own writing schedule. The only thing parents need to be sure of is that they keep tabs on their children’s writing progression.  In some instances, it may be okay for them to skip a day. Very importantly, reinforce the fact that this fun activity is something that they can do anytime they feel the need to get their thoughts on paper.

Parents may want to ask their child’s permission to read over their entries and give feedback accordingly. Indeed, shared journal writing is an excellent way for parents and children to bond.Journaling: A Great Summertime Activity for Kids

If your child asks that a journal entry
remains private respect their request.

Parents might even decide to monitor a child’s journaling activities.  For example, you may choose to keep an eye on the spelling, sentence structure, and grammatical skills that appear in each journal entry. If you do so do not criticize your child’s writing skill. Also, when offering assistance be sure it is done in a kind and helpful manner.

Of course, shared journal keeping by parents and children is a wonderful opportunity for them to come together and experience a fun, learning-based activity that just might turn out to be a great memento of the summer. As you might imagine, here at we are HUGE fans of shared journaling!

Some of the Benefits of
Summertime Journaling for Kids

There are many fabulous benefits to journal keeping. By having children write every day about something they enjoyed during the day or activities that they were involved in, you can take an active approach to assist your children in developing their writing ability.

Journaling can also help improve kid’s confidence and help them develop their writing voice. After a few months of journaling, they can look back at their prior entries and see their progress.

There are many more benefits should your kids choose to partake in journaling and hopefully you and your kids will enjoy this great summer activity.  Happy summertime journal keeping!

Until next time, journal on…

Kids Summer Journaling

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