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Drabble Prompts: 25 Creative Writing Ideas

Looking to create a new and unique story? Try one these easy-to-write Drabble prompts to kickstart your imagination and get that creative writing process rolling. Oh yeah! Now, let’s get to it.

Drabble Prompts

Drabbles are short works of fiction that are a hundred words long. They are excellent practice for young and emerging writers because they encourage them to showcase their creativity with limited words.

Wonderfully, our new list of fun and inspiring Drabble writing prompts can help your learners become better and more thoughtful writer. Yeppers.

You see…

It’s a challenge to write a drabble, but a fun one!


Our excellent list of drabble writing creative prompts can provide good practice for kids to both refine and hone their short, to the point, creative writing skills.

Now get to it and use the following drabble writing prompts to support your student writer’s creativity. Oh, and, be sure to encourage them to have load of fun in the process.

25 Drabble Writing Creative Prompts & Topics

  1. A promise made is a promise kept. 
  2. Write a story using the following sentence as inspiration: things didn’t go according to plan. 
  3. Express your creativity by utilizing the following sentence in your drabble: all I knew was I really needed a hug. 
  4. Write a short story about your best friend consuming too much cake. 
  5. Your inbox is bombarded with strange, cryptic emails from a stranger. Continue with this prompt. 
  6. Draw parallels between your life and that of your favorite movie character.   
  7. Incorporate a journal entry about your everyday life into your drabble.
  8. Write a drabble about how the world can turn upside down in a single day. 
  9. Write a drabble about the planet meeting its end. 
  10. Pen a drabble about a little boy going out in the real world  by himself for the first time.
  11. Base a story around your good friend as the main character.
  12. You had a nightmare that dinosaurs were hunting you. You wake up in the middle of the night to find a Sauropod staring at you through your window. Continue the story…
  13. Base a story around aliens visiting a small town and becoming fascinated with 19-century architecture. 
    Drabble Creative Writing Topics
  14. Write a drabble with the plot revolving around squirrels living inside a small grocery store.
  15. Insert your future self into an alternative universe where plant life reigns over the universe.  
  16. Pen a story about an alien, a mermaid or a pirate going on an adventure with you. 
  17. Create a fascinating Sci-Fi plot about a mad scientist uploading their brain into a virtual database.
  18. Honesty is the best policy. Use this single prompt to write a drabble with multiple storylines and characters. 
  19. Truth is stranger than fiction. Express this prompt as creatively as possible.
  20. You flipped the novel open only to find the pages were missing words. Everything you knew was a lie. 
  21. Write about your favorite memory.
  22. Things seemed more straightforward than they were. I only had two choices…
  23. I wasn’t sure if I could suppress the evidence. But when the time came, self-preservation kicked into full gear. 
  24. Think about your perfect day. Write about everything it would include.
  25. Write about your favorite breakfast food and what you love about it.

I hope you enjoyed this list of drabble prompts.

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Additional Benefits & Tips on Writing Drabbles

Drabbles have become especially prevalent in fan-fiction works today. However, that doesn’t undermine their importance. Young writers can greatly benefit from writing drabbles.  


Becoming a better writer sounds easier than it is. The best writers didn’t magically become masters of prose overnight. 

Instead, they honed their craft for years before they deserved to get published. Pick up your favorite book and Google the author’s name. You’ll likely find numerous stories about how publishers rejected their work before they were eventually published. 

Of course…

Honing your skills as a writer isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 


Drabbles are excellent because they help young writers improve their writing skills via a limited number of words (100, to be exact).

In addition, writing drabble may also improve a writer’s creative flow. 


Drabbles encourage writers to express meaningful and interesting ideas without using flowery prose. That means writing without compromising sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc. Drabble prompts also encourage writers to explore a variety of writing genres.

Finally, drabbles are an excellent way to improve one’s writing because it encourages the writer to create stories that quickly grab their reader’s attention. 

Ok, that’s all for today. Now get to it and write that wonderful drabble today!

Until next time, write on…

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Drabble Creative Writing Prompts

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