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34 Quick Writing Prompts

Come explore and discover our fabulous list of quick writing prompts— Any writer will tell you that getting started is often one of the hardest parts of writing—and for kids who are inexperienced or who lack confidence in their writing, getting started is even harder. 

Fortunately, a good, quick writing prompt is one of the best and simplest ways to kick-start creativity and to get the inspiration flowing!  This all-new list of quick write prompts for middle school students is designed to help kids who are feeling stuck move past their writer’s blocks.

Quick Writing Ideas for Middle School Kids

These prompts cover a variety of topics and use several methods to help students dive right into their writing.  While some questions call for reflection and self-analysis, others focus on description, hypothetical dreams, and imagination.  However, they all share one important trait in common: each prompt is easy to read and to begin answering immediately.

Use one of these 34 quick writing prompts anytime your students say that they don’t know what to write about—or when they simply need a little bit of extra creativity!

Quick Writing Prompts

  1. What does the city sound like at night?
  2. What is the coolest thing that can be found in nature?
  3. How can you tell whether or not someone will be a good friend?
  4. Write about a time when you told a lie that you shouldn’t have.
  5. Have you ever been embarrassed by something your family did?  Why or why not?
  6. Write about something you are excited to do when you get to college.
  7. Do you ever feel like your moods change with the season?  Why or why not?
  8. What is the best thing you’ve ever tasted?  Would you eat it every day if you could?
  9. Write about a time when you felt like you could do anything.
  10. In what ways have you changed over the past five years?
  11. What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen?
  12. What is your favorite thing about yourself?  Why?
  13. What memory from your childhood stands out most clearly in your mind?
  14. Write about a time when you witnessed something unfair.
  15. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
  16. What is your favorite place in the world?  What makes it so special?  How do you feel when you go there?
    Journal Ideas for Middle School Students
  17. Are you looking forward to high school?  Why or why not?
  18. Who is the funniest person you know?  Describe a time when he or she made you laugh.
  19. Would you rather be rich or famous?  Why?
  20. Write about the person in your family whom you have the most in common with.
  21. What happens inside the school building at night?  Are there any movements?  Any sounds?
  22. If you could make up your own holiday, what would you celebrate?  How would you mark the day?
  23. Have you ever gone somewhere where you didn’t quite fit in?  Write about your experience.
  24. Write about your favorite family tradition.
  25. Would you rather live in a small town or a big city?  Why?
  26. If you had to give up one of your senses, which one would you be most willing to do without?  How would you cope without it?
  27. Write about something that always brings a smile to your face.
  28. What do you like most about your physical appearance?  Why?
  29. Write an alternate ending to a story of your choice.
  30. If you could change one thing about school, what would it be?  Why?
  31. Write about a time when you wore a ridiculous outfit.
  32. Do you wish you had more siblings?  Why or why not?
  33. What is your least favorite chore?  Why?
  34. Do you think you receive too much, too little, or just enough homework?  Write a persuasive argument defending your position.

More Middle School Writing Prompts

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