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20 of the Best Math Writing Prompts

You can use these brand-new math writing prompts to help your students improve their mathematic skills through words. It’s true that using journal writing to describe mathematics can make this subject easier for students to learn. So go for it and get your kids writing in your math class today.

Math Writing Prompts


Teachers and parents can get their kids and students writing in math class with our fun, educational math writing prompts listed below.

You see…

We offer you and your students various math writing prompts to 1) help them better understand challenging math concepts, and 2) encourage learners to have some unexpected writing fun while developing and learning math skills.


If you’d like to discover more about why and how math writing helps kids learn mathematics, we explore these topics in greater detail a bit later in this blog post.

4 Top Benefits of Using Math Writing Prompts

Yeppers, giving students writing activities and math writing prompts will help in them several key ways. A few of the top benefits of writing about math include:

  1. Students learn to explain different math concepts and topics in their own words and this can give them greater math confidence and clarity.
  2. They’ll also explore how to apply the concepts learned in math class to real-life situations, making them more interested in mathematics.
  3. Learners can also use journal writing to define their personal goals and how they plan to develop their mathematical skills to achieve those personal goals. This can create personal benefit “buy-in” and, in turn, help bolster a student’s interest in learning the subject.
  4. Finally, writing with math writing prompts can help students improve their math vocabulary which can support them in better grasping those more challenging math concepts.

How great is that?

You could these math writing prompts listed below with your 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 4th Grade students. Plus our math writing prompts are wonderful for Middle School students.

Indeed, I believe the prompts could be used with any age student who is studying mathematics.

Ok, take a look at our list of math writing prompts, use them with your math students, and, above all, enjoy and have fun with these math prompts!

20 Fantastic and Fun Math Writing Prompts

You could give your students attitudinal prompts to help them learn more about what they think about learning math. You could also ask them to describe their feelings about specific math topics or concepts and to explore their feelings about math in their own words. 

10 Math Writing Prompts to Journal About

Here is a list of attitudinal math writing prompts for students to explore:

  1. Discuss two personal goals for today’s math class.
  2. Do you agree that math is fun? Why or why not?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about math?
  4. What’s your least favorite thing about math?
  5. How do you feel when you’re required to show your work on the blackboard?
  6. What’s your favorite math topic you’ve learned this year?
  7. How do you feel when someone says math is fun? (Or when they say it’s not fun?)
  8. How do you think you can improve at math?
  9. Which math concepts do you struggle with the most?
  10. Would you still want to learn math if it wasn’t compulsory? Explain why in detail. 
Math Journal Writing Prompts

10 Process Math Writing Prompts

Additionally, using math process writing prompts is a wonderfully effective tool to help learners clear their minds and find their way when working on and/or solving a more complex math problem. And that’s a very good thing!

  1. What’s the first thing you do when you see a word problem?
  2. What tools do you use to solve basic math concepts? Which are your favorite/least favorite tools?
  3. What steps do you take to make math problems easier?
  4. When do you use multiplication in your daily life?
  5. When do you use division in your everyday life?
  6. How can you apply geometrical concepts outside the classroom?
  7. What are the two different methods for solving linear equations?
  8. When was the last time you used an algebraic concept? How could you use one if you haven’t done so recently?
  9. Write a word problem that can be solved using the concepts learned in today’s class.
  10. How does today’s math concept build upon previously learned concepts?

I hope you use this list of excellent math process prompts for students. Teachers may also administer these math writing prompts to students to see how they can help them:

The Benefit of Journal Writing in Mathematics Class

Our list of math writing prompts can help your students improve their fundamental mathematical skills while getting better at writing.

In addition, teachers can use our math writing prompts to gauge students’ progress. 

So yes…

Teachers should seriously consider administering mathematical prompts to elementary- and middle-grade students in their next math class.

I say that with full confidence.

You see…

Keeping a Math Journal is a Great Idea

Some researchers recommend students keep a math journal. They argue that journal writing can help students explore and express ideas as mathematical situations evolve.

An NCTM study explored the benefits of journal writing in mathematics. The study states that teachers can accurately gauge understanding of mathematical concepts by asking students to write, speak, and visually demonstrate these concepts.

As a result, the NCTM study advocates for teachers to provide math journal writing assignments to students.

This is why…

You’ll want to consider incorporating journal writing into your lesson plan to help your math students, particularly those in elementary and middle school. Doing so should help improve their math skill and learning confidence, which will hopefully result in a higher average math grade in your class.

Why Use Writing to Teach Mathematics & How Math Writing Activities Help Students

Mathematics can be a challenging subject to master for many students.

I mean…

Gather a class of elementary students, ask them about their most difficult subject, and most will likely say mathematics. Elementary school students aren’t alone in this predicament. A Gallup News poll shows that teenagers also concur with them. According to the survey, 44 percent of teenage girls and 31 percent of teenage boys considered math their most challenging subject. 

So, yes. Math can be a challenge for some students, and for some student learners, it is difficult for their brains to grasp even basic math concepts. And unfortunately, for young students who are “math challenged” their math studies may become progressively more difficult as they advance to higher grades.


Math concepts such as geometry, algebra, and polynomials sometimes give even the smartest and brightest students fits. Then, if you throw in multiplication and diagrams, there are just certain students who are bound to have a math class scare. 


Many math teachers focus on teaching numerical and quantitative problems in the classroom. Some teachers might include word problems for students as well. But those alone aren’t enough.

Here’s why…

Various studies show a significant thing. They suggest that writing in the mathematics classroom is especially helpful when it comes to students improving their grasp of difficult math concepts and topics.

This is very exciting news and hopefully encourages you to use math writing with your students.

More Great Resources for Learning Mathematics


It’s not uncommon for teachers to assign questions from a math textbook for students to solve. However, such instances sometimes confound students rather than help them, because they don’t understand how math concepts apply to practical, everyday life.

In addition, such disdain for learning a subject may also hinder their enthusiasm and creativity, both of which are very helpful to a successful learning process.

This is precisely why you could give your students math writing activities to perform in their next few mathematics classes.


Using writing activities and journaling in math class is proven to help some learners become better math students.

Of course, math journal prompts can help address this.

Ok, that’s all for today.

In this blog post, I have offered you numerous math writing prompts, tips, and support information to help you help your students become better writers while improving their mathematical skills. I hope you found this information helpful and put it to good use.

Until next time, write on…

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