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51 Exciting Things to Write About in a Journal

Are you looking to enhance your classroom curriculum this year with innovative journal writing topics? It is easier than you think. Simply take some time to explore the exciting things to write about in a journal ideas outlined below. You’ll be glad you did! πŸ™‚

Exciting Journal Prompts for Kids

For many students in the classroom, journaling is their favorite time of the day. While students across all grade levels enjoy having a few moments of peace and quiet to collect their thoughts and express their creativity, they often do not know where or how to get started.

This is why it is important for teachers to have plenty of journal ideas available to help get those creative juices flowing. All too easily, a student is going to claim that they have “nothing” to write about and there is “nothing” new to say. However, teachers know that there are endless things to write about in a journal.

Teachers in every subject area will find that writing in a journal is an effective complement to their current curriculum. Daily writing is a practice that benefits students both personally and academically, and it gives students an outlet before they begin the lesson of the day. Sometimes, all it takes is just a gentle nudge and an excellent journal topic idea to get them to love the art of journaling.

51 Things to Write About in a JournalΒ 

The following writing ideas range from creative story starters to responses to current events and news articles. Through journaling, students can explore different styles of writing while also developing their own arguments and ideas.

  1. I am the one who…
  2. My first memory is…
  3. My wildest dream vacation is…
  4. If I were in the circus I would be…
  5. I believe…
  6. Describe a person you admire.
  7. I can…
  8. Sunshine makes me feel…
  9. The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen is…
  10. I’m thankful for…
  11. What do you want the most out of life?
  12. What are the characteristics of a hero?
  13. What do you think of people who use profanity in public?
  14. If I were famous, I would…
  15. I wish I were there when…
  16. If I were a fish in the ocean…
  17. My favorite places.
  18. My least favorite places.
  19. How a puppy feels.
  20. My ideal day is…
  21. Is it better to give or to receive?
  22. If I had three wishes I would…
    Exciting Journal Topics for Kids
  23. My most embarrassing moment is (or would be)…
  24. Where would I go in a time machine?
  25. Describe a rainstorm from above the storm clouds.
  26. Write from the perspective of a mouse going down a hole.
  27. Describe a rainbow to a blind person and do it so that the blind person can say without a doubt that they have SEEN a rainbow!!!
  28. What was your favorite meal?
  29. What does snow feel like?
  30. What does squishing sand through your toes feel like?
  31. Write a letter to yourself 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years from now.
  32. Write a letter to yourself as a child of ___ years old.
  33. Write a thank you letter to your favorite teacher.
  34. If I could be anything in this world, I’d be…
  35. If I could be anywhere in the entire UNIVERSE, I’d be…
  36. Write about the taste of peanut butter, how it smells, and how it looks.
  37. How would you feel as a passenger in a spaceship on the way to the Moon?
  38. How can you make friends?
  39. How do you keep your teachers happy?
  40. Describe Sundays at your house.
  41. Observe at least 5 things you see happen on your way home from school/work and write about them.
  42. Describe a place from your past.
  43. Describe your concept of luxury.
  44. Describe a family member.
  45. Describe sloppy.
  46. Describe your ride home.
  47. Nothing can be worse than…
  48. Write about your strengths and weaknesses.
  49. Describe the most comfortable spot you can find.
  50. The problem is___. And this is what I plan to do about it…
  51. The joy of today is…

More Writing Topics for Kids

Writers of all ages often need some help in the form of journaling prompts and ideas to help get them started. Young journal writers in particular often enjoy writing about fun, exciting, new prompts.Β 

If you were in need of some fresh topics and ideas for your young writers, we hope you found some good ideas in this prompt list!Β 

Whether your kids have written one journal entry or 100 journal entries, a journal practice can have a positive impact on their lives. Moreover, journaling has many positive benefits and is an excellent means of self-expression and self-discovery. So, get and keep your kids journaling on a regular basis this school year. 

Until next time, may your students journal on…

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