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57 Fun Journal Prompts for Kids

57 Writing for Fun Journal Prompts for Kids— It’s no secret that when you’re looking for a way to inspire writing creativity in your students, there’s hardly a better way to get their minds going than through fun journal prompts. And, fun writing prompts are key. Oh yeah!

Fun Journal Writing Ideas for Kids

You see…

Students will love receiving a question each day and finding something new to think about.

That’s why these journal writing prompts are perfect for your writing lesson plan or just to use for the fun of it in your classroom.

With creative writing prompts, a simple question yields endless possibilities and offers each student an opportunity to express their individuality. Though your students might not always have the answers, they’ll quickly learn that there is no right or wrong response.

And now…

With our wonderful list of prompts, writers in any grade level will feel encouraged this school year to practice writing about subjects close to their hearts and to explore their feelings on all sorts of topics.

Yes indeed! Your students will cover plenty of ground while answering the writing questions listed below.

Inspire Writing Skills and Create a New Habit for Writers of All Ages and Stages

While these 57 journal prompts for kids were originally created with younger kids in mind, they have been updated. Now, they can and do encourage creativity, provide inspiration, and promote fun for writers of all ages.

Yes, you can use these with your elementary school, middle school, or older kids (even High School students could use these ideas).


These journal prompts for students range from dreaming about the future to reflecting on the things they’ve learned.


There are light-hearted prompts that require imagination. If you prefer to encourage self-awareness in your writers, the more creative ideas are balanced with some deeper, thought-provoking questions about emotions and experiences.


Have your writers get their pens, pencils, and notebooks out and have some writing fun with this spectacular list of journal prompts for kids.

57 Fun Journal Prompts for Kids

  1. Do you get an allowance? How does it work?
  2. Write a story about life in 2512.
  3. Do you believe that wishes come true?
  4. What are your 3 favorite movies and why?
  5. Is it better to have older siblings or younger siblings?
  6. If you could invent something, what would it be?
  7. Write a story about a singer who can’t stop singing.
  8. What is your favorite place to eat?
  9. What is your favorite book?
  10. How do you feel when you play with your friends?
  11. What is the first thing you do each day?
  12. What is the best gift you could give and/or get?
  13. Think of something kind you could do for another person today.
  14. If you could throw a party for the entire school, what would it be like?
  15. What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far this year?
  16. Have you ever saved up for a large purchase? How did you feel when you’d saved enough?
  17. Write a story about a magical tree.
  18. Write a story about a magical pet.
  19. How did your parents choose your name?
  20. How can you be a role model for younger students?
  21. What is your greatest dream?
  22. How does it feel when someone thanks you?
  23. What would it be like to celebrate something every day?
  24. What age are you most excited to reach?
  25. What does it feel like to apologize?
  26. Write a story about an adventurous anteater.
  27. Why is school important to you?
  28. Have you ever had a birthday party?
  29. Do you ever have trouble sharing?
  30. What does it mean to be creative?
    Fun Journal Prompts Ideas for Kids
  31. What is your favorite thing about your parents?
  32. What is the best feeling in the world?
  33. Have you ever volunteered or donated something? How did you feel afterward?
  34. What is your favorite game (or what are your favorite video games)?
  35. Would you rather have one long summer vacation or several short breaks during the year?
  36. Is school too easy or too hard for you? Why or why not?
  37. How does it feel to win at something you’ve practiced?
  38. Imagine your life as an adult. What would you do all day?
  39. Write a poem about your family.
  40. How do you know when you’ve succeeded at something?
  41. If you could use a time machine and travel back in time, where would you go?
  42. Why is it important to share with others?
  43. Would you rather be really tall or really small?
  44. What is your favorite time of the year? Your favorite season?
  45. How do you spend your weekends?
  46. What is your favorite school memory?
  47. Write a poem about your favorite thing to do.
  48. Are you friends with boys and girls? Why or why not?
  49. What is your favorite color? Has it changed since you were younger?
  50. What is the best part of the school day?
  51. Write a letter to your best friend that says something nice about him or her.
  52. Create a new version of a popular sport.
  53. What would it be like to live in a house made of desserts?
  54. If you could pick one new thing to have on the playground, what would you choose?
  55. Write about your dream house. What would be inside?
  56. Write a story about a kid who can’t stop growing and who has a superpower.
  57. What is your earliest memory?

I hope you enjoyed this list of journal prompts for kids. (Psst… I think every perfect day includes some time for of journaling and hope you do, too!)

171 More Fun Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas for Kids

Now for some…

Closing Thoughts

If your students need a break from memorization or they could simply use a fun opportunity for creativity, these fun journal prompts for kids are sure to do the trick.

Whether your students have written one journal entry or 100 journal entries, the practice of daily writing can have a positive impact on their lives.

My best advice is to get started today and watch as imaginations are stretched to new limits!

Until next time, write on…

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