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37 Reflective Writing Prompts about Reading

Welcome, you’ve just discovered two wonderful lists of writing prompts about reading. Oh yeah! These ideas encourage a writing adventure that will spark creativity and deepen a love for reading in your upper elementary and middle school students. Take a look now!

Writing Prompts about Reading

You see…

This wonderfully unique collection of writing prompts about reading is carefully crafted to ignite the imagination of young writers and inspire their pens. 


These prompts promote reflection, evoke emotion, and encourage introspection about your learners’ reading experiences. 

So get to it and explore the endless possibilities that come from the intriguing intersection of reading and writing. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Why Use Writing Prompts about Reading with Your Student Writers

Reading opens doors to worlds where imagination and knowledge intertwine. For upper elementary students and middle schoolers, the journey of reading not only takes them on adventures but can also enhance their writing skills. 


As young minds weave in and out of the realms of fiction and nonfiction, they embark on a voyage that sparks creativity and builds a strong foundation for their own writing. 

What’s even more magical is how this journey through literature can become a source of inspiration for their own writing endeavors. The characters, topics, settings, and narratives encountered in books can be powerful catalysts for unleashing the imagination onto the blank pages of a reading journal.

Ok, without further ado, let’s dive into these new writing prompts about reading designed to ignite the creative spark within budding writers.

10 Powerful Writing Prompts About Reading for Students

  1. Imagine you are a character from your favorite book. Describe your daily life and the adventures you embark on.

  2. Write a letter to your favorite author. Tell them how their book has impacted your life and what you love most about it.

  3. Create a story set in a magical library where books come to life. What kind of adventures would you have with the characters from different books?

  4. If you could travel to any fictional world, which one would you choose and why? Describe your journey and the things you would explore.

  5. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a book character going through an exciting or challenging moment in the story.

  6. Invent your own magical creature that lives in the world of books. Describe its appearance, abilities, and how it interacts with readers.

  7. Imagine you are visiting a bookstore in a parallel universe where all the books have different endings. Pick one book and write about the alternative ending you would like to see.

  8. Write a short story about a group of friends who discover a hidden portal inside an old library that leads them into different books.

  9. If books could talk, what would they say? Write a conversation between two books discussing their favorite stories and characters.

  10. Create a travel journal entry from the perspective of someone who has just returned from an adventure-filled journey through various literary worlds.
    Journal Prompt Ideas about Reading

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27 MORE Writing Prompts About Reading to Continue the Practice of Journaling

  1. Imagine your favorite character from a book invites you to spend a day with them. Describe your adventure.

  2. Would the last book you read make a good movie? Why or why not?

  3. What is your favorite part of the book you just finished reading, and why?

  4. Create a new ending for a story you enjoyed. How would you change the plot or resolve conflicts differently in real life?

  5. If you could meet the author of the book you’re reading, what questions would you ask them?

  6. If you could start a book club, what would the reading list for the year entail?

  7. Here’s a creative writing prompt! Invent a new character and describe their traits, appearance, and role in an existing story.

  8. Time for some author’s craft. Design a book cover for your own story. What elements would you include, and what mood would it convey?

  9. If you could have a conversation with a character from one book and one character from another, what would they talk about?

  10. Create a social media post as if your favorite character is sharing updates about their day.

  11. Get your whole class together for an assignment about re-writing a classic book or play for modern times.

  12. Write a journal entry about a book you’ve read and reread countless times.

  13. If you could have a small group of people come together to form a book club, who would you invite, and why?

  14. Use descriptive language to describe the time period you enjoy stories from.

  15. Write a dialogue between two characters from different books who find themselves in the same place.

  16. Make a list of unfamiliar words from the last book you read, and then string them together in a poem.

  17. Create a response journal entry about how the main character’s actions affected the outcome of the story.

  18. Pretend you’re one of many critics part of literacy centers reviewing a book’s climax. Which book would it be, and what would you say?

  19. Develop a creative writing piece inspired by the voice of a character you admire.

  20. If you could jump into your favorite book, which character would you be? Why?

  21. If you were a character in a book, how would you react to the challenges faced by the main character?

  22. Write a letter to a friend recommending a book and explaining why they should read it.

  23. Craft a response journal entry about a part of a book that made you laugh or cry.

  24. Invent a new title for the book you’re currently reading. How does it reflect the essence of the story?

  25. Imagine that your favorite book was set in your hometown. How would the story be different?

  26. If you could visit the world created by an author, where would you go, and what adventures would you have?

  27. Describe how the author’s writing style influenced your understanding of the characters and events.

I hope you and your writers enjoy these two lists of fun writing prompts about reading.

A Few Final Thoughts on Writing Prompts about Reading

Remember, when it comes to writing about reading this form of journaling can be so much fun. 

That’s because…

Encouraging children to delve into the enchanting universe of books can be a remarkable journey for their imagination and personal growth.

By using well-crafted journal prompts about reading, you have the opportunity to take young writers on exciting adventures without them ever leaving their seats. 


Our list of writing prompts about reading can transport your students to different cultures, allow them to immerse themselves in the wonders of the world, and even help them discover more about themselves along the way.

I hope these prompts help awaken the creativity and imagination of your young writers!

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