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Pre-Teen Girls Journal — An Interview with Jill

Pre-Teen Girls Journal—

Recently I was asked to answer a few insightful questions about pre-teen girls and journal writing.  Below are my answers to why preteens should  keep a journal, different ways to journal keep, and a specific way of journaling that I just happen to LOVE.  Enjoy!

Q: Why should pre-teens and teens write in journals?

Journaling is an easy and flexible way for pre-teens and teens to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a safe and healthy way.  Many therapists and psychologists recommend journaling to help young people navigate the changing landscapes of their life.  Journal keeping is especially useful when processing life’s difficulties and challenges, yet it is also a playful, fun and creative activity for exploring life’s joys.

When life events have a girl feeling sad or bad, journal keeping is especially helpful.  Should a child suffer a traumatic event – say a divorce or bullying or harassment at school – journaling is a tool that can help her cope and heal.  Girls may gain new insights and ideas while journaling that help them solve their problems, or at the very least shift their perception of it to a more positive, manageable point of view.

Journal topics such as dreams and goals are fun and insightful to examine when journaling, especially for the rapidly growing, changing teen or pre-teen.  Of course, writing journals are very popular but contrary to popular belief there are many ways to go about keeping a journal, including art, music and creative journaling.  One of the greatest things about journal keeping is that it is a simple, affordable and valuable self-improvement activity that anyone can use.

Q: What are the different ways people keep up with their journals? (ie: some write daily, maybe just when something big happens, monthly, to vent, etc)

The ways to keep a journal are endless and limited only by our thoughts and attitudes toward journaling.  Journal keeping has many applications and may be customized to fit the pre-teen or teens’ unique needs, wants and desires.  Some common journal techniques include writing, art and theme journals.  Usually, writers like to keep writing journals while artists like to keep art journals.  Some people prefer to mix writing and art in their journals.

I ask pre-teens and teens to get creative with their journal use and to engage the method that works best for them.  It is easy for a girl to determine the type of journaling that best suits her personality if she bases the activity on her likes and dislikes.

Consider these questions when helping a girl discover her favorite journal-keeping style.  Does she like writing?  If so, keep a writing journal.  Does she like to do things consistently on a schedule?  If so, encourage her to journal on a daily basis.  If not, I suggest that she use a journal when she feels inspired to do so.  A girl may choose to use her journal to vent or rant about hardships, or she may choose to document and rave about achievements and special events. Of course, she can do both if that suits her tastes.in

Pre-teens and teens may use a spiral notebook to keep their journal, or they may use a special bound book.  There are also many topic journals available that focus on subjects such as exploring your dreams, documenting a special trip, or learning more about a new interest or hobby.  Encourage your special girl to explore different methods of journaling and when she finds the one that brings her the most joy and satisfaction, you’ll know she found her winning combination!

There are no rules to keeping a journal, and no right or wrong ways either. What matters most with journaling is that it serves a girl in the way that works best given her individual needs and personal style.

Q: Why should you use Journal Buddies?

Journal Buddies is an exhilarating journal that gives preteen girls a core self-esteem experience. These books are based on exciting and dynamic journaling methods that hook a girl’s attention.  This journal is highly reviewed by other preteen girls.

With Journal Buddies pre-teens and teens experience a fresh, new way of keeping a journal that is loads of fun.  Moreover, these journals help girls to build healthy relationships and create a positive outlook on life.  To add to the excitement, this shared  journal is completed with the help of buddies – friends, Mom, Dad, teachers, grandparents, cousins, mentors, even a pet or imaginary friend.

Girls also explore and learn new journal techniques to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions creatively and freely in a unique style that fits their personality.   Most exciting of all is that pre-teens and teens experience the incredible, fun and freeing art of creative journaling.  There’s even a list of 89 creative journal keeping ideas in the book to help girls along on their journaling adventure!

It is my sincere hope to inspire pre-teens and teens to expand their concept of journaling and to encourage in them a love for the power of journal keeping.  Girls and parents love Journal Buddies; I know this for a fact because they tell me so.

Until next time, journal on….


Jill Schoenberg is the author of the award winning books Journal Buddies: A Girl’s Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence and Journal Buddies: A Boys Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence.

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