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31 High School Writing Prompts for 9th Graders

High School Writing Prompts & Fresh Writing Ideas for Teens— Freshman year of high school is all about new beginnings, new responsibilities, and new challenges.  And whether your students are excited or apprehensive about the coming year, one thing is for sure—they are at an important crossroads, and the path they choose will have major ramifications on the rest of their lives.

9th Grade Writing Topics and Journal Prompts

That’s a big realization for most ninth grade students and it’s one that very few of them will be truly prepared to tackle. Fortunately, you can help your students begin to accept the significance of high school by encouraging them to reflect and write about their experiences in a daily journal. 

Regular journal writing is one of the absolute best ways for teenagers to sort through their experiences, learn critical thinking, and begin making better decisions. 

As your ninth graders write about topics like privileges and rights, peer pressure, and their greatest fears, they will start forming brand new opinions and learn how to better convey their thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, they’ll also develop the self-confidence and self-assurance they need to begin sharing their opinions with others and contributing to larger cultural discussions.

High School Writing Prompts & Ideas for 9th Grade

Use these all-new writing prompts for ninth graders to get your students thinking about and reflecting on some of the biggest issues teens face today! 

  1. Since you’ve become a teenager, what is the greatest challenge you’ve faced?
  2. What is the most important thing anyone has ever said to you?  How did it make you feel?
  3. What career are you best suited for?  Write about one or two professions where you would excel.
  4. Write about a historical figure who you believe truly changed the world.  Why was this person so significant?
  5. Is it important for students to learn in a physical classroom today, or is an online classroom just as good?
  6. Write about an object that you always have with you.  Why is this object important?
  7. Write about an experience or event that you always carry with you.  Why does this instance stick in your mind?
  8. What is the difference between a privilege and a right?  Give examples of each.
  9. What is the greatest compliment you could give someone else?  Do many people in your life deserve this type of compliment?
  10. Write about the most individual person you know—and describe what sets him or her apart from other people.
  11. Do you have a curfew?  Why or why not?
  12. What do you think of government programs that promote healthy eating and nutrition?  Should they be legal, or should the government not get involved in peoples’ diets?
  13. Write about a time when you learned a hard truth about yourself.  How did you feel afterward?
  14. What type of weather best represents your personality?  Why?
  15. What qualities make someone a good friend?
    Writing Ideas for 9th Grade Students
  16. What new roles and responsibilities do you have now that you’re in high school?
  17. Are you for or against the death penalty?  Why?
  18. Write about a time when you succumbed to peer pressure.
  19. Have you ever felt lonely?  Write about an experience when you felt like you had trouble relating with other people.
  20. What is your single greatest fear—and why are you afraid of it?
  21. Write a short story or poem in the voice of your favorite author.
  22. Write about a time when someone sacrificed something for you.
  23. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?  Why or why not?
  24. What are the pros and cons of “social media activism”?
  25. Write about a time when you had feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same way.  What did you do?  How did you handle the situation?
  26. What is the most influential book you’ve ever read?  How did it affect you?
  27. Should companies be allowed to conduct animal testing?  Why or why not?
  28. What do you imagine your life will look like in 15 years?
  29. What do you think the legal driving age should be?  Write a short essay defending your position.
  30. What is the most important relationship in your life right now?  Why is that person so special to you?
  31. Are you planning on going to college?  Why or why not?  If so, what will you study?  If not, what will you do instead?


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Journal Topics for 9th Grade Students
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