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30 Wonderful Writing Prompts (Prompt Ideas)

30 Writing Prompt Idea for Every Type of Writer— Writing is a skill that always needs to be practiced and developed. There is no such thing as a perfect writer. Even accomplished authors and award-winning poets know that there is always room for improvement when it comes to writing.

Writing Ideas for Every Type of Writer

This is why every type of writer should write on a daily basis, yet sometimes, it can a challenge to come up with writing inspiration or ideas for what to write. Writers of all skill levels and across all genres can use writing prompt ideas to kickstart their next piece.

In many cases, writing prompt ideas are categorized based on age groups, interests, or genre.


Sometimes writers simply need a list of ideas that can help them no matter what — whether they are working on a simple poem as part of their self-care routine or they are trying to craft a short story that will be published.


The ideas in this blog post can be expanded upon and developed in order to create a work that is completely unique and authentic.

You can develop an elaborate piece from just one of these simple prompts. There are a million different ways that you can expand on each idea, allowing you to come up with something that truly feels like yours. Here are 30 ideas to help you get started writing right now. Enjoy!

30 Writing Prompt Ideas for Every Type of Writer

Enjoy this wonderful list of new ideas and creative writing prompts. You are encouraged to use them to explore your creativity, improve your daily writing habit, and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. It all began a few years ago when I met the person who would change my life completely…
  2. Write a short story in which red plays an important role throughout. Red could set the tone for the mood, for the symbolism, or for the personality of the characters.
  3. In the story, the main character receives a dream catcher from a mysterious stranger. What happens next?
  4. The main character in your story is rushing to catch their flight, and they miss it by minutes. Explore how this small moment has a large impact on the outcome of the story.
  5. Write a journal entry about your greatest fear. Why are you afraid? Do you want to overcome this fear? How could you begin to overcome it?
  6. As I walked the length of the dock, I noticed that a boat was coming in. Soon, I realized that they were there, and we would be meeting again shortly…
  7. Write a scene for a play in which the two characters are attempting to overcome a major relationship issue. They may be friends working through a disagreement, lovers who are quarreling, or family members who do not see eye-to-eye.
  8. Listen to your favorite song. Now, write a reflection about the song and how it relates to your life at this very moment.
  9. The character in your story owns the most beloved local restaurant in town. Write about the role that the restaurant plays in the community and the different characters who interact with the owner on a regular basis.
  10. Write a story about a celebrity and how their status impacts their outlook on life.
  11. Create a poem based on these three things: clouds, the color pink, and fear.
  12. Write a haiku based on your last travel experience.
  13. Research a favorite time period in history and then complete a historical fiction short story based on that time period. You may include factual people, places, and events, but use creative freedom throughout the story to give it a human element.
  14. If you could invent a machine, what would you create? Why would you invent this machine? How would it change the daily lives of people in today’s society?
    Writing Topics to Inspire Every Type of Writer
  15. It was my first day on the job and I was feeling nervous about it. I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to work as…
  16. It’s June again. Every time I turn the calendar to this month, a sense of dread fills me. It’s been 13 years…
  17. Write a science fiction short story that includes the following: a new planet, a budding relationship, and a catastrophic event.
  18. Write a reflection about your best friend from childhood. Are you still in contact? Why or why not? What type of influence did this friend have on your life?
  19. Think about the largest decision you made in your life. Now, imagine that you made the opposite choice. Write about how your life would be different today.
  20. The main character in your story was featured in a photograph that went viral online. Did it change their life for better or for worse?
  21. Write a poem about your first heartbreak.
  22. Write a story about a brother and sister who have come together for the first time in two decades in order to plan their mother’s funeral.
  23. For your next journal entry, write about the next destination on your bucket list. When do you plan to go there? What do you want to do once you arrive?
  24. Imagine that you had the opportunity to relive your high school prom. Would you wear the same outfit? Would you bring the same date? Would you make different choices?
  25. Use the following elements for your next short story: A doctor, mistaken identity, and the scent of lilacs.
  26. What do you think is your best quality? Write a journal entry about why you love this aspect of yourself.
  27. Every night, the same dream came to me again and again. In the dream, I was…
  28. Do you feel your life has been too challenging or too simple? Write a reflection on this topic.
  29. Your main character is a photographer who is going on an African safari to photograph wildlife. While on the adventure, the character gets the shot of a lifetime…
  30. Play your parents’ favorite song and write a stream-of-consciousness journal entry while listening.

Wow, what a list of writing prompt ideas!

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3 Ways to Use Writing Prompt Ideas to Defeat Writer’s Block

One of the most frustrating and intimidating moments for any writer is when they realize that they have a case of writer’s block. It’s that dreaded condition where a writer simply cannot come up with the right words, or the next twist in the plot, or the will to put anything down on paper at all.

Writer’s block can happen to novice writers as well as experienced writers, and it can pop up at any moment. Fortunately, writing prompt ideas can help break the cycle and can allow writers to get back into the swing of writing once again.

  1. Close your eyes and point to one prompt idea. This is the one that you have to work with. Now, set a timer, and give yourself 30 minutes to free write based on that prompt that was chosen at random. This can help break the block by giving you a deadline to work with, and it will encourage you to think outside the box.
  2. Choose a prompt that may focus on a genre or topic that you are less familiar with. This will help you expand your writing skills by stretching your imagination and forcing you to do something that is out of the norm. You may find your next favorite style of writing this way!
  3. Start a writing journal and work through one prompt per day for a month. This will allow you to try out different writing styles and can give you daily practice that will help you feel more focused when you are working on your current project that you are stuck on.

In all likelihood, you are never going to look at a draft that you have written and feel like it’s completely perfect. However, with practice, commitment, and dedication, you can always grow and improve as a writer.

Whether you like to write mystery stories or romantic prose, you will find that these writing prompt ideas will allow you to focus on your craft and practice writing as often as possible. Use this list of innovative writing prompt ideas to get started on your next great masterpiece! 

These writing prompt ideas bring the joy back into writing again and they will allow you to fully enjoy practicing your craft. No matter what idea you choose next, the most important thing is to keep on writing!

These are just a few writing ideas to help you get started. As you well know, the best thing you can do is keep on writing!

Until next time, keep on writing!

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