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Handwriting Analysis of Some Famous Signatures

Handwriting Analysis— One of the most exciting parts about journaling is the physical act of writing.  Writing by hand makes journaling so intriguing because it’s an outlet for each of us to express ourselves in yet another unique way. It can also help you to keep up with your handwriting skills.

Handwriting Analysis of J.K. Rowling

The study of handwriting — Graphology — is quite fascinating since everyone’s handwriting is highly individual in its own right. From the slant of your letters to the adornments and loops, we each have a different way of writing out our words and thoughts. What I find especially fascinating is studying the way in which famous creatives from throughout history wrote and signed their names.

Invaluable created a neat handwriting analysis infographic that details some of the most famous signatures from throughout history and what each reveals about the famous individual’s upbringing, lives and famous works.  It’s very interesting to read the handwriting analyses of some very famous creative individuals from around the globe.

Handwriting Analyses and the Meaning Behind 14 Famous Signatures

Ok, without further ado, go ahead and enjoy exploring and learning about the handwriting styles of some very famous creatives such as JK Rowlings, Charlie Chaplin, Emily Dickenson, and more. We think you will be very pleased as you discover the insights and meanings which are gleaned from each of their unique handwriting styles.

Handwriting Analysis: A Look at Some Famous Creatives Signatures

We hope you enjoyed this handwriting analysis infographic of autographs from the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare, and more.

Did your interest in learning more about handwriting styles and their meaning pique your interest? Maybe you will want to learn how to do your own handwriting analysis. If so, just Google it and you are sure to find lots of helpful information online to get you on your way. There is no doubt that you will certainly discover something interesting about yourself if you do. And, you might even decide to journal about what you discover about your personal and unique handwriting style.

Until next time, keep on writing!

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