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Girls Journal | Journal Buddies Review by Mom

Journal for Girls —

This review of Journal Buddies for Girls is from Obviously Marvelous, which is a lovely website created by Marcie Wahrer.  I suggest you check it out.  But first, take a few moments to read the review shown below and enjoy.

“I am happy that there is a journaling option out there that allows my children to do more than just start writing.

Journal Buddies takes an average kids journal above and beyond. Children can become more creative with writing prompts, build self esteem with special topics, and most importantly, help facilitate a fun and enjoyable process of self-discovery.

Creator and Author Jill Schoenberg believes that children journaling at an early age will not only help develop a love of writing, but will help achieve some amazing things such as stress relief, personal growth, healing, self-awareness, and problem solving. I wholeheartedly agree. After all, this blog is MY journal (perhaps on steroids) but it helps me relax and release energy.

Journal Buddies received its name because each journal allows your child to choose Journal Buddies (friends) to help contribute to their journal! With helpful, yet kid-friendly explanation at the beginning of every journal, your child will automatically understand how things work. Recommended for ages 7-12, you can choose from either the boy or girl version. Both have gender friendly content and graphics while offering a wonderful experience for older kids and tweens.

Each daily Journal Buddies journal entry has four parts:

  • A thought for the day (words or helpful reminders)
  • Qualities, traits, and talents (where buddies write things they like about each other)
  • Focus word of the day (an idea to explore or a word to think about)
  • Blank Pages (to let your child do what they wish!)

Photo by Obviously Marvelous

A Journal Buddies girl journal was one of Makenna’s birthday gifts! She’s my little creative writer already, so this is certainly perfect for her. I had an opportunity to browse through her Journal Buddies journal before wrapping it up and I really liked what I saw. The writing prompts and focus words were outstanding. I do feel that if your 7 yr old is a below average/average reader, they might need some help reading. Makenna is a wonderful reader so we won’t have a problem. I love how it not only allows her to explore her feelings, emotions, and dreams, but it can also be a fun way to bond with friends! She plans to take her Journal Buddies journal along on her first real sleepover this coming Saturday!”

Thanks, Mar, for the fabulous review of this girls journal!!!

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