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33 Awesome Art Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas

Art Writing Prompts and Journal Prompt Ideas about The Arts — It’s not hard to get young kids into art—but as students get older and develop more inhibitions about expressing themselves creatively, many of them stop enjoying art and the diverse opportunities it can bring.

Art Writing Prompts

Whether you have students who are reluctant to create their own art, or whether you’re simply looking to help your class learn to appreciate new mediums, these all new art writing prompts and journal prompts on the arts will get kids thinking about the value and beauty of all sorts of creations.  

You see…

As they consider their own artistic qualities, what a particular work must have in order to be classified as art, and the value of artistic pursuits in society, students will begin to see that the arts entail a whole lot more than drawing realistic pictures and painting pretty scenes.

Best of all, as your students journal and learn more about all of the different forms that art can take and the importance of art, they’ll even begin to realize that their very own writing could be considered art!

Use these brand new art writing prompts and journal ideas to get your students excited and engaged about the arts! These prompts can be used in art class or any subject!

Art Writing Prompts: 33 Ideas for Kids about The Arts

  1. What is your favorite type of art? What do you love about it?
  2. Who is your favorite artist?  What type of art does he or she make? What do you like best about his or her art?
  3. Write about the best piece of artwork you’ve ever created. Describe what you made and how it made you feel.
  4. What is art? Define the word and explain what qualities a piece of artwork must possess to be considered art.
  5. What type of art are you most talented at? What do you like about that genre? Where do your talents shine brightest?
  6. What type of art would you most like to improve in? What can you do to practice?
  7. Think about a feeling or emotion you would like to describe to someone else. What form of art would be the best way to express your thoughts? How would you use the medium to create your art?
  8. Now, think of a particular art project you would like to create and describe how you would use your favorite medium to create it. Then, choose three other forms of art and describe what changes you would make to your original project in order to adapt it to the other mediums.
  9. Do you believe the arts are an important part of education? Why or why not?
  10. Can art be political? Why or why not?
  11. Write about music. What is your favorite piece of music? What value does music contribute to our society and culture? Why is music considered a form of art?
  12. Write about painting. What is your favorite painting? What value does painting contribute to our society and culture? Why is painting considered a form of art?
  13. Write about acting and film. What is your favorite movie, TV show, or play? What value do acting and film contribute to our society and culture? Why are acting and film considered forms of art?
  14. Write about photography. What is your favorite photo? What value does photography contribute to our society and culture? Why is photography considered a form of art?
  15. Write about sculpture. What is your favorite piece of sculpture? What value does sculpture contribute to our society and culture? Why is sculpture considered a form of art?
  16. Write about drawing. What is your favorite drawing? What value does drawing contribute to our society and culture? Why is drawing considered a form of art?
  17. Write about books and literature. What is your favorite book? What value do books contribute to our society and culture? Why are books and literature considered art?
  18. Write about poetry. What is your favorite piece of poetry? What value does poetry contribute to our society and culture? Why is poetry considered a form of art?
    Art Prompts for Journaling
  19. Why are people drawn to art?
  20. Where does inspiration come from? What does it mean to be inspired?
  21. How do the arts help students grow and learn in their other classes?
  22. People often create art in response to cultural and political movements taking place in the world. If you had to create a piece of art in response to a current event, what would you choose to respond to—and how would you use art to do so?
  23. Do you think that our society values the arts? Why or why not?
  24. Is art personal or meant for public consumption? Why?
  25. Do you consider yourself to be talented at art? Why or why not?  
  26. Is art a skill that can be learned? Why or why not?
  27. What inspires you to create art? How do you feel when you are working on your favorite type of art?
  28. People often go to galleries to look at art. What type of work do you think should be displayed in galleries? Are some forms of art better suited to other types of displays?
  29. Why are the arts so important? What impact do they have on our lives?
  30. Choose a piece of art and describe how it makes you feel using your five senses.
  31. Does art need to be realistic in order to be considered “good”? Why or why not?
  32. What can be done to improve access to arts education for less fortunate students?
  33. Do you consider art to be an important part of your life? Why or why not?

Final Thoughts on Art Writing and Journal Prompts

Other fun ways to express your creativity through art can include making collages, using colorful pens, pencils, and markers in your favorite color to decorate your journal pages or cover, or painting watercolor paintings as a background for doodles or a journal entry. Whatever you do, use journal prompts and creative writing prompts as part of your creative process!

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Art Journal Prompts

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