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How to Make a Video Diary + 15 Bonus Prompts

Lights, Camera, Diaries: A Simple Guide on How to Make a Video Diary, 15 Video Diary Prompts & 4 Video Diary Benefits— Oh yeah, in the whirlwind of assignments, exams, and other social activities, it’s easy for busy students to overlook self-reflection and how it can positively impact their mood and overall well-being. Wonderfully…

Video Diary

One incredible way to do this is by creating video journals or a diary.


In this blog post, we briefly review for you some easy ways to make a video diary, share some prompts to get you started, and highlight some of the top benefits of a video diary. Take a look now and enjoy.

How to Easily Make a Video Diary

Think of a video diary as your life journal, where you film daily videos about your life in general and talk about your feelings about each day. 

You see…

You can use your iPhone, Android device, or your table or computer camera to start creating video diary magic today. Pro tip: Consider storing your videos in Google drive or any other cloud platform to enjoy unlimited cloud storage and add a super-strong passcode (or Face ID) to properly and fully secure them. 


The key to a successful video diary is consistency. You can plan ahead about how frequently you want to record your entries, whether it’s daily or weekly. 

When sharing your thoughts and feelings in videos, don’t hold back. Your video diary is a safe space where you can be yourself. Share your highs and lows, dreams, and aspirations. This emotional release will help your process your feelings, reflect on life, and achieve a sense of clarity.

You can also use your video diary as a daily gratitude journal where you share things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. Doing this on a daily basis can be profoundly therapeutic. 

Let’s explore some video diary prompts next and then we share with you some of the awesome benefits of keeping a video diary.

15 Video Diary Prompts

If you don’t know where to start from, here are some great video diary prompts to get you started. Use these ideas to create amazing videos, express yourself authentically, and have fun while filming!

  1. Share a personal goal you have for the future. 
  2. Talk about a recent challenging situation you faced and how you handled it. 
  3. Talk about ten things you’re grateful for. 
  4. Record a day of your life video with a twist. Take a funny alter ego or pretend to be a movie character to make it interesting. 
  5. Describe a travel experience that holds special significance to you. 
  6. Talk about a hobby that brings you joy. 
  7. Share a recent interesting dream you had. 
    Video Diary Prompts
  8. Talk about a book, movie, or TV series that deeply impacted you. 
  9. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill and document everything— your progress, mishaps, funny moments, and triumphs. 
  10. Create a silly dance routine with your friend and film it. 
  11. Gather your friends and film a baking disaster episode. Attempt a challenging recipe and record the kitchen mishaps and other humorous activities. 
  12. Create a series of funny movies with multiple episodes. Come up with a humorous theme, such as a comedic skit or finding Easter eggs. Ask your friends to join you in this little adventure. 
  13. Talk about this things you are grateful for and in the process you’ll create a lovely, live gratitude list.
  14. Record a series of message about your life goals.
  15. Talk about a beautiful moment you saw recently.

I hope you enjoyed this list of video diary ideas.

Now, let’s explore…

4 Fabulous Benefits of Creating a Video Diary


The major benefit of creating journal entries in the form of short video clips is gaining a deeper understanding of your feelings. It helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and personal growth opportunities. 

Increased Skills

Making daily videos will help you polish your filmmaking and editing skills, that you can capitalize on later in life. For example, you can make and share life movies, add audio notes, color grade them, and upload them on subscription platforms platforms like YouTube. This way, you can share great memories with your friends and subscribers while earning some revenue. 

Enhanced Memory Preservation

Video diaries offer a dynamic way to capture memorable moments and preserve them forever. Years from now, you can revisit your experiences and relive these moments and achievements. 

Personal Growth 

A video diary is a great source of motivation, self-reflection, and personal growth. By documenting your goals, feelings, progress, and achievements, you can make positive changes in your life.

A Few Closing Thoughts on Making and Keeping a Video Diary

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to create a video diary, complete with prompts and benefits. 


Video diaries can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you reflect on your life, process your emotions, and ultimately grow as a person. 

Plus, with the prompts provided, you’ll have some excellent ideas for what to talk about in your video diary. And with the benefits outlined, you’ll see that making time for this simple practice can have a big impact on your life. 

So grab your camera and start recording! I think you’ll be glad you did.

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Ok. That’s all for today.

Until next time, happy video diary keeping!

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How to Make a Video Diary

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