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52 Inspiring Poetry Prompts for Kids

52 Poetry Prompts for Kids — If your students have ever questioned the value of poetry, or if they have ever tried to write poems themselves, then celebrating poetry is a wonderful opportunity to help them appreciate the art and creativity of poetry more deeply.

Poerty Inspired Journal Prompts for Kids

This chance for reflection on the art of poetry can help students improve their own writing. Whether they’re writing about writing poetry or trying to write some poems themselves, they’ll be practicing a powerful form of expression.

In poetry, similes, figurative language, adjectives, and metaphors can be taught in a fun, engaging way. And poem starters are the best way to bust through writer’s block.

Poetry can help students in any grade appreciate the texture of language – and journaling about poetry will help them understand the emotions that language can stir. Through journaling, students find a new medium for the expression of feelings and thoughts.

With these 52 poetry writing prompts for kids, students will get the chance to think about poetry and write their own. Have them begin by considering questions such as whether or not there are rules for poetry and where inspiration can be found. Then, they can move on to writing their own poems about themes covering everything from growing up to celebration. As they consider poetry and practice the art, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of this important form of writing.

52 Poetry Prompts for Kids

Help students discover their inner poets with these journal prompts!

  1. What is the hardest part of writing poetry?
  2. Does poetry have to rhyme?
  3. How can writing poetry help you improve your other writing?
  4. How does poetry express emotion?
  5. Who has had an influence on your poetry?
  6. Do you believe there are rules for poetry?
  7. What do poets contribute to our world?
  8. How has your opinion of poetry changed as you’ve grown older?
  9. What inspires you to write poetry?
  10. Why is poetry important?
  11. How do you feel when you share your poems with others?
  12. Why should we respect poets?
  13. What is a poem?
  14. Do you enjoy writing poetry? How do you feel during and after writing the poem?
  15. Why do people write poetry?
  16. Who is your favorite poem? How does his or her writing make you feel?
  17. What are your favorite kinds of poems?
  18. How did you feel the first time you heard a poem read out loud?
  19. What things remind you of poetry?
  20. Is writing poetry difficult or easy for you?
  21. Can song lyrics be seen as poetry? What other things are poetic?
  22. What makes a poem good?
  23. How can you improve your own poetry?
  24. Do you get more from long poems or short poems?
  25. Should poems be revised for craft or left alone to show their original emotion?
    Poetry Journal Prompts for Kids
  26. When do you feel like writing poetry?
  27. Write a poem about waking up in the morning.
  28. Write a poem about your favorite place.
  29. Write a poem about an important person in your life.
  30. Write a poem about the importance of helping others.
  31. Write a poem that describes the feeling of happiness.
  32. Write a poem that describes the feeling of sadness.
  33. Write a poem about writing poems.
  34. Write a poem about yourself.
  35. Write a poem about your favorite color.
  36. Write a poem about getting older and growing up.
  37. Write a poem about your best friend.
  38. Write a poem about birthdays.
  39. Write a poem about living on Earth.
  40. Write a poem about your favorite food.
  41. Write a poem describing something that you find difficult to describe.
  42. Write a poem about what life means to you.
  43. Write a poem about something silly.
  44. Write a poem about baseball and its importance in America.
  45. Write a poem about being afraid.
  46. Write a poem about something difficult that you’ve done.
  47. Write a poem that rhymes.
  48. Write a poem without using any rhyming words.
  49. Write a poem of celebration.
  50. Write a poem that describes our city.
  51. Write a poem about a time you were surprised.
  52. Write a poem about achieving a goal.

I hope you enjoyed these poetry ideas for kids. The first line of a poem can really set the mood of the lines to come and a poetry journal is a wonderful place for young writers to explore different topics! April is National Poetry Month in the United States, an occasion to celebrate poetry’s expressiveness, delight, and pure charm. No matter the type of poem they choose to create – acrostic poems, free verse poetry, haiku poems, or odes (and so many more!) – it’s a great way to keep on writing!

Until next time, write on…

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