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53 Happy Ideas to Journal About

Happy Ideas and Journal Prompts inspired by Happiness Happens Month — When people make an effort to promote positivity and optimism in the world, happiness can happen.

Kids Journal Prompts for Happiness Happens Month

Happiness and Happy Ideas for You

With these 53 new journal prompts, students can think about the many ways of promoting happiness, as well as some kind and gentle ways to discourage negativity, worries, and depression. Writers will consider what happiness means to them and articulate how it really feels to be happy.

By taking the time to sit down and journal about happiness, students are likely to grow even more positive, express positive emotions, and live a happier life. They will spend more time focusing on happy things and less time on other things.


Journaling gives students the chance to dig deeper into their gratitude and recognize all the best things in their lives. With the opportunity to express their feelings in writing, students can practice recognizing the silver lining and ignoring negativity. They can take these feelings with them all throughout the month, as well as through the rest of the year!

Help your students come together in recognizing just how happy they are with these positive journaling prompts!

53 Happy Ideas to Journal and Write About

  1. How can you give back happiness to those who bring you joy?
  2. How do you feel when you witness happiness?
  3. Write a poem about the sound of happiness.
  4. Where does happiness come from?
  5. Who do you know that always shows happiness?
  6. How can you bring happiness to school?
  7. How can you encourage happiness?
  8. What things make you happiest? 
  9. How can you begin recognizing happy moments each day?
  10. Does happiness give you energy?
  11. How will you celebrate Happiness Happens Month?
  12. What can you accomplish when you’re happy?
  13. What does it mean to find the silver lining in a situation?
  14. How do you show your happiness?
  15. What happens when you feel happy?
  16. Write a poem about the way smiles look.
  17. How do you feel when someone rains on your parade?
  18. Are there times when you don’t feel like being happy? What do you think causes this?
  19. How can you bring your neighbors happiness during Happiness Happens Month?
  20. What things or people make you smile?
  21. Why is it so important to promote the sharing of happiness?
  22. How do you celebrate happiness in your life?
  23. Do you ever smile even when you don’t feel like it?
  24. How do you think others feel when you rain on their parades?
  25. How do you feel when others are happy?
  26. What makes you feel enthusiastic?
  27. Why do some people refuse to be happy?
  28. How does your family like to show happiness?
  29. What are some different types of happiness?
  30. How do you feel when you express your happiness?
  31. What would the world be like if there were more happiness?
  32. Write a letter of thanks to someone who makes you happy.
  33. How do you feel when someone you care about isn’t happy?
  34. Write a story about a world where no sadness existed.
    Journal Starters for Happiness Happens Month for Kids
  35. Do you think happiness can make people healthier?
  36. How can our class celebrate Happiness Happens Month?
  37. How can happiness be contagious?
  38. Why is it important to listen to stories from other people about their happiness?
  39. How does your body feel when you smile?
  40. Do you think of yourself as optimistic?
  41. My goal for Happiness Happens Month is…
  42. Does celebrating happiness make it easier to deal with hardship?
  43. How can you kindly discourage parade-raining?
  44. What are some other words for happiness? How are they different or similar?
  45. What have you learned from celebrating happiness?
  46. How can you make people happy?
  47. What can the community do to promote happiness?
  48. Why is August a good month for Happiness Happens Month?
  49. Write a poem about a person who makes you happy.
  50. Where do you witness happiness most often?
  51. Do you believe it is possible to create change with happiness?
  52. How will you share happiness with your parents during Happiness Happens Month?
  53. Who do you know that deserves more happiness? How can you help this person find it?

During August, people will celebrate this fact with Happiness Happens Month, in order to encourage better energy in the world. Happiness Happens Month is a time for people to celebrate all the good things in their lives.

Oh yeah… and the International Day of Happiness is March 20 so you’ll have another day of the year for happiness appreciation. On that day, be sure to explore these two topics along with those listed above: “My idea of happiness is…” or “What is your idea of happiness?”

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of happy ideas, explored some happy memories, experienced some laughter, or just felt a general boost of mood. A regular writing practice can have a significant impact on mental health and a great form of self-care so I hope you found some inspiration here!

For more happy ideas, writers can write about their favorite things – writing about your favorite snacks, beverages, song, movie, an act of kindness, or your “happy place” can put a big smile on your face! Favorite quotes, affirmations, or a gratitude list are also powerful tools. Positive attitudes are contagious and the rewards of spreading happiness are immeasurable. Daily writing is a healthy habit that can boost happiness and positive feelings so grab a pen and get to it!

More Writing Resources to Inspire More Happy Ideas

August is also Family Fun Month – check out this post for some great ideas to celebrate the exciting month of August. And…please explore Journal Buddies for more writing topic ideas!

Until next time, write on…

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Happy Ideas and Journal Prompts for Happiness Happens Month
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