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Topics About Peace (53 Ideas)

Topics About Peace (Inspired by International Peace Day, September 21)Peace Day is a unique idea that encourages understanding, compassion, and tolerance. In this set of writing ideas and journal prompts, students are asked to think about the importance of peace and the potential for it in the world.

Isn’t it exciting to think that all it takes is one great writing prompt to spark a child’s imagination about the possibilities of peace in our world!

Peace Day Writing Ideas for Kids

Encourage your students to pick the writing prompt that most ignites their mind.  Then have them choose another and another, for we can never spend too much effort imagining a world filled with peace for all! Just think, they’ll consider how they can promote peace in their communities and how they can be more peaceful in their everyday lives. Students will also get the chance to imagine a world without war, while also thinking about whether or not they will ever see such a thing.

Journaling can help students to work out some of these big questions about peace in a peaceful manner. It’s important for students to get the chance to develop their thoughts and feelings in a medium that encourages the expression of opinions. As they journal, students can think about the tough subjects in a safe environment. Writing helps students to form their thoughts and examine their own beliefs. These skills can translate into their actions as they start to work toward peace.

53 Topics About Peace

  1. What does peace mean?
  2. Why is it important to have a Peace Day?
  3. How can you promote peace in the world?
  4. Why is world peace so hard to achieve?
  5. Can war solve problems?
  6. Do you think people are naturally peaceful?
  7. Write a story about a peaceful world.
  8. Is there a difference between being and feeling peaceful?
  9. What would our country look like if we had peace?
  10. Who is a peace advocate you admire?
  11. What is the best way to encourage peace?
  12. What does peace look like to you?
  13. Do you believe peace is important?
  14. How do you feel when people are peaceful?
  15. What needs to happen for world peace to occur?
  16. Write about a time when you were upset, but decided not to start a fight.
  17. Did your parents encourage you to be peaceful as a kid?
  18. If the world celebrates Peace Day together, why can’t we have peace all the time?
  19. How can you be more peaceful?
  20. What are three actions you can take to be more peaceful?
  21. If you tell the world anything about peace, what would you say?
  22. How can you peacefully remind people to be peaceful?
  23. Write about a time you encouraged peace.
  24. What makes you feel peaceful?
  25. Imagine a day where you were peaceful with everyone – what would you need to do?
    International Day of Peace Writing Ideas for Kids
  26. Do you think it’s possible to have world peace?
  27. Why do people have a hard time being peaceful?
  28. Why would peace be a good alternative to war?
  29. How can we learn more about peace?
  30. Are you committed to peace?
  31. Why do so many religions teach about peace?
  32. If you had to grade the world on its peacefulness, how would it score?
  33. How do you feel when you are peaceful instead of arguing?
  34. Write about the first time you realized peace was important.
  35. Do you think you’ll ever see a peaceful world in your lifetime?
  36. Are peace and non-violence different?
  37. Describe peace in five words. Why did you choose these words?
  38. Write a poem about a world where all the people stopped fighting.
  39. Who is a peaceful person you know?
  40. How can you teach someone in your life about peace?
  41. Where does peace come from?
  42. Is it hard to be peaceful?
  43. Do you think people want world peace?
  44. What is the greatest opportunity to create peace?
  45. Have you ever been in a fight you didn’t finish? Why did you stop?
  46. How can you promote peace in your community?
  47. Is it worth it to struggle for peace?
  48. Can peace be taught by example?
  49. What is the hardest thing for people to understand about peace?
  50. How could Americans be more peaceful?
  51. Describe five outcomes of a world where there was peace. What would it be like?
  52. How do we spread peace?
  53. Is it important for the world to celebrate peace together?

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Writing Prompts for Kids about Peace Day
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