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67 Story Prompts & Creative Ideas

Story Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination and Creativity— If you are looking for some fun creative writing prompts that are easy to use and will spark your imagination, you are in luck.

Story Writing Prompts

Writing Help & Inspiration is the Ticket

For some writers, it may be a challenge to get started writing and get their ideas down onto paper or to grow those ideas into a story. 

Fortunately for you, we have many amazing story prompts that can help writers take up their pens and take on that blank page.

You see…

Story prompts are an invitation to spark your imagination. Plus, they also help to keep you focused as you strive to keep your creative writing fire lit. So, get inspired right now and use our story prompts today. 


Our new ideas can help you to get writing. And, they can help you overcome writer’s block or difficult emotions that may be keeping you from writing. 

Above all, these story ideas can help ensure you have fun while you are writing.

26 New Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write a story in which the main character is a dragon who is shy and nervous.
  2. Imagine what it would have been like growing up during your grandparents’ time period. Write a story about it!
  3. She was digging in the sandbox at school, and she couldn’t believe the treasure she found…
  4. Imagine that you are a character in your favorite video game. Write a story from that perspective.
  5. As you are playing on the beach with your family, you find a message in a bottle…
  6. Write a story about a person who is trying something new.
  7. Write a story that includes a delicious taco, a valiant knight, and a glittering fish.
  8. Write a story based on your favorite memory with your best friend.
  9. Somehow, he knew this was going to happen. He knew that if he walked into that classroom, this would happen…
  10. Write a story that is set at a waterfall.
  11. Your main character finds a small animal and decides to start caring for it… even though the character isn’t allowed to have a pet at home.
  12. He had been watching a movie when he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was actually part of the movie! Write about what happens next.
  13. They said it was impossible, but she proved them wrong. A kid had just been elected as the president!
    Creative Writing Topics
  14. As a shooting star moved across the sky, a young boy made a wish. He didn’t think it would actually come true…
  15. Write a story from the perspective of your favorite animal at the zoo.
  16. Your character adopts a new puppy, and is surprised to find out the puppy can talk!
  17. Write a story that takes place in the desert and includes a lizard as well as a horse.
  18. Everything was going according to plan until she uttered the forbidden words…
  19. Write a story about a person who has your dream job.
  20. Look around the room. Write down the first three things you notice. Now, write a story based on those three things.
  21. Find a photo from a place that you would like to travel to. Make that the setting for your next story.
  22. Write a story in which the main characters are nocturnal animals.
  23. Think about the current time period that you are learning about in history. Write a historical fiction story based on that time period.
  24. Write a story featuring the main character who is brave and fearless.
  25. Write a story about two friends who go on a hike together and discover a rare plant along the way.
  26. You are the last person at the amusement park, and you accidentally get left behind for the night. What do you do?

41 MORE Creative Writing Prompts

Enjoy this collection of writing ideas and fiction writing prompts by genre.

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Mystery Writing Ideas

  1. Your grandmother’s precious diamond ring has always been tucked away safely in the jewelry box. Then one day, it goes missing. You know there could only be one suspect.
  2. It should have been a simple case of “Who done it?” However, the clues didn’t add up. The only evidence to consider was a red string, a broken mirror, and a missing pile of cash.
  3. Three teenagers are exploring an old house in town, and they discover a secret door that leads to an underground tunnel.
  4. All of the teachers said to avoid the hallway in the back of the school. It had been roped off for
    years. But we simply couldn’t resist checking it out.
  5. Two scientists were working together in a laboratory. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until their ingredients created something completely unexpected.
  6. Your best friend comes up to you and tells you they have something important to share with you. It’s a secret that will change both of your lives.
  7. The most valuable painting at the local museum has been stolen. You are pretty sure you know who did it, but now you have to decide whether to share that information with the local law enforcement.
  8. One day, everyone in town awoke to the strangest phenomenon. Everyone’s pets had seemingly
    disappeared overnight.

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Thriller & Suspense Story Ideas

Take advantage of this opportunity to start creating a compelling story with an ending no one will expect.

  1. It all began on a typical day, as I was walking through the store. Then, he stopped me and told me I
    had to listen to him closely. He said that my life depended on it.
  2. As I looked down at the body, I thought to myself, “It wasn’t supposed to end like this.”
  3. At first, it felt like a joke, as if someone was playing a prank on me by sending nonsense text
    messages over and over again. But now, I was starting to wonder if there was something more to these messages.
  4. I began to pick up the pace. The footsteps were getting closer, and I could tell the person — or the
    thing — was walking faster. I knew what they wanted, but I wasn’t about to give it up.
  5. The trip was a dream come true. I was staying with my new husband in a castle in Scotland. There was a chill in the autumn air, and I felt like there had never been a more romantic place in the world. Unfortunately, that feeling quickly subsided at nightfall. Once the darkness settled in, the ambiance quickly shifted. It was no longer quaint and charming. In fact, it was quite terrifying to be within the castle’s stone walls.

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Creative Writing Prompts and Ideas
Romance Writing Prompts

  1. You’ve had a crush on your high school friend for two years, but that feeling was never reciprocated
    – until you ran into each other at a local movie theater one weekend. Create a story about the chemistry developing between the two of you.
  2. Write a story about two best friends who get tired of trying to find love, so they try to start a
    relationship with each other, even though they don’t really have any chemistry.
  3. It all started when her sporty red car hit me while I was crossing the street with my bicycle…
  4. Create a story about a human character that falls in love with a magical creature that isn’t human.
  5. What happens when two characters who are initially mortal enemies actually fall in love?
  6. A tour guide who organizes special tours for singles falls in love with one of the travelers he or
    she meets. Write their love story.
  7. Write a romance story about a pop star who falls in love with a fan and they run away together to get away from a demanding record label.

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Fantasy Writing

  1. You find a strange-looking egg while walking through the forest, but once you took it home and it
    hatched, you could have never imagined what was actually inside.
  2. You’ve discovered a wand along with an instruction manual. Write about the first few days with your
    new magic wand.
  3. Write about a wedding when the bride’s family is magical and the groom’s family hates magic.
  4. A dragon shows up for a holiday parade, but no one knew they were real. Describe what happens.
  5. A genie gets tired of his job and throws a tantrum, sending spells everywhere. What happens?
  6. On Easter, somehow all domestic pets began to talk.
  7. You have a small garden and one day as you’re watering the plants, one of them speaks up and warns you that you’re in danger.
  8. Two boys climbed a nearby water tower, only to find that it leads to an invisible castle. What

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Science Fiction Writing Inspirations

  1. Write a detailed description about a planet that exists in another solar system. 
  2. Craft a short story that features two best friends who are about to start middle school together.
    The only difference is that these friends are a witch and a vampire.
  3. You and your friends at school have accidentally stumbled on a secret laboratory. The invention
    inside is going to change the world forever…
  4. Write a poem about a mutant plant that is growing in your garden.
  5. The main character in your story has traveled through time and is now living in their grandparents’
    time period. Write a story about what happens when your character meets the younger version of their grandparents.
  6. You have stepped into a room and you look at the time. The clock hands are pointing to the number “13”. What does this mean?
  7. You and your friends begin to play a virtual reality game. Suddenly, you realize that you are not playing the game anymore — you are living it.

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Adventure Writing Topics

  1. Imagine that you could fly. Where would you go? And what would you do?
  2. Tell us about your favorite pet and the fun adventures it has while you are at school.
  3. Write a story about a robot in the future.
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Write about all the exciting things that happen.
  5. Imagine you are in a forest and the trees can talk. Why can they talk? What would they say to you?
  6. What is your favorite holiday character? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? What adventures do they have when it’s not the holiday season?

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Why Creative Story Writing Prompts Rock

Creative writing story prompts are an incredible tool that can help you get started with your writing. Here are just a few reasons why these story prompts rock:

  • Creative writing story prompts give you something to focus on as you begin to write.
  • These story prompts are fun for kids, because they give them the freedom to be creative.
  • Story prompts still offer plenty of room for freedom. No two stories are alike, even when they start by using the same exact prompt.

After You Find the Perfect Story Idea, It’s Story Development Time

Now that you have landed on the right creative writing prompt for your next story, it’s time to start the next step in the writing process — story development. You will want to begin working on character development as well as a plot line, as this will help you frame out your story and create an adventure that is lively, interesting, and engaging.

Writing should not be a chore for you. It should be a fun activity that helps you stretch your imagination. With so many story prompts to choose from, you’ll find that you always have something new to write about. When you keep on writing, each story will be better than the last!

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