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You Need These 12 Funny Story Ideas in Your Life!

OMG, You Need These Funny Story Ideas in Your Life (Like, Right Now!)—Ever stare blankly at your computer screen, your cursor blinking accusingly as your brain feels like a deflated whoopie cushion? Well…

Funny Story Ideas

We’ve all been there, in the grips of the dreaded writer’s block, desperately searching for that elusive spark of inspiration. 

But fear not, fellow wordsmiths, for laughter is the best medicine – and sometimes all you need is a sense of humor to get your creative juices flowing again. Oh yeah!

You see…

Funny story ideas are like gold for writers. They offer the chance to explore the world through a comedic lens, poking fun at everyday situations, relatable characters, and even the most outlandish genres. 


Ditch those boring old journal prompts you’ve seen a million times and get ready to unleash your inner comedic genius with these humorous story ideas!

Here are twelve funny writing prompts and creative writing ideas that will put other funny prompts to the test!

12 Funny Story Ideas to Fuel Your Funny Bone

  1. Imagine a world where your grandma moonlights as a vampire hunter, wielding a rolling pin instead of a stake. Or a high school romance where the love interest is a sentient toaster who can only communicate through pop-up notifications. The possibilities are endless when you blend genres in unexpected ways!

  2. Science fiction and comedic writing come together to make for some funny story writing. Imagine watching a TV show and suddenly being pulled into the TV, where you’re a stand-up comedian faced with a vast audience waiting for you to start your dialogue.

  3. Sometimes we can take inspiration for a comedic story from our everyday life. Take any of the scenarios you encountered in the past few days, add a few twists, a main character, and a plot, and start your storytelling, putting your writing skills to the test.

  4. Superhero? More like super-clueless. Superheroes are usually depicted as paragons of virtue and intelligence. But what if your hero is, well, a bit of an idiot? Maybe they have super strength, but the mental capacity of a goldfish, or their telepathy only picks up on people’s grocery lists.

  5. Write a poem or essay filled with satire about the romantic tension between two characters from any of your favorite comedy movies, using slapstick humor and creativity to get readers laughing.

  6. What if your protagonist gets mistaken for a famous celebrity, but the celebrity in question is known for something completely absurd? Maybe they’re a world-renowned competitive eater or a yodeling champion.
    Funny Story Starters

  7. Blind dates can be awkward at best and disastrous at worst. But what if your character’s blind date turns out to be a talking cactus with a penchant for philosophical debates or a robot programmed with nothing but cheesy pick-up lines?

  8. Imagine a cupid-in-training who is terrible at their job. Instead of sparking romance, they accidentally pair up the most incompatible people imaginable – a bookish introvert with a thrill-seeking skydiver or a health-conscious vegan with a competitive eater with a bottomless pit for a stomach.

  9. Consider anecdotes from when you were a teenager, perhaps putting together a memoir of sorts, with funny short stories from the point of view of an awkward teen whose mom is a witch and uses magic to make her kids’ wishes come true.

  10. Time travel is a classic sci-fi trope, but what if it became a tourist destination? Imagine a company offering historical vacation packages, but with hilarious consequences. Maybe your protagonist accidentally gets sent to the Middle Ages with nothing but a selfie stick or ends up in the Wild West with only their knowledge of pop culture as a weapon.

  11. Do you have an inside joke with your best friend? Use it to write a stand-up comedy skit that uses different types of humor, irony, and suspense.

  12. Have you come across any newsletters recently? Take a story from there and give it a twist as comedy writers would, making it something that’s unrealistically hilarious. Write it as a newsletter entry.

There you have it, writers! These funny story ideas are just a springboard to get your creative juices flowing. 

Three Quick Tips for Funny Story Writing

Before you dive in, here are a few tips to sprinkle some extra humor onto your pages:

Dialogue is key: Funny conversations can make your story sing. Use silly voices, misunderstandings, or witty banter to tickle your reader’s funny bone.pen_spark

Don’t be afraid of exaggeration: Dial up the details for maximum humor. Imagine your grandma knitting a life-sized sweater for your pet iguana, or a rainstorm that pelts you with nothing but popcorn.

Read what makes you giggle: Notice what kind of humor you enjoy in books and shows. Is it slapstick silliness, witty banter, or awkward situations? Let that inspire your own funny bone!

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Ok, grab your pen, fire up your laptop, and get ready to write a story that will have readers laughing until they cry (or maybe snort milk out their noses – we won’t judge).

Remember, the key to funny writing is to embrace the absurd, find humor in the everyday, and let your imagination run wild. 

Happy writing, and may your stories be filled with side-splitting laughter!

Until next time…

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