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30 Magnificent Monday Journal Prompts for Students

Magnificent Monday Journal Prompts to Get Students Excited for The Week Ahead—  In this blog post you will find three lists — yes, 3 lists — of Monday journal prompts for students by grade level. Truly there is something here for every age student. Take a look and enjoy.

Monday Journal Prompts

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The way that your students feel on a Monday can set the tone for the entire week. As a result, journaling exercises are often more important on Monday than they are on any other day. 

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By encouraging your students to spend some time reflecting, journaling, and outlining their goals, you will be able to help them put their best foot forward at the start of the week.

So get to it and use these Monday journal prompts for every grade level to make every week a great one. I know you’ll be glad you did.

10 Monday Journal Prompts for Elementary School

Elementary school students rely heavily on their routines, which makes Monday journal prompts ideal for these grade levels. By creating a habit of journaling on Monday mornings, you are providing your students with a schedule they can count on. 

These are some of the best journal prompts that you can use on Mondays in elementary school:

  1. Describe your mood on this Monday morning. Why do you feel this way? 
  2. Write down three goals that you have for yourself this week in your notebook.
  3. Our classroom morning routine helps us feel settled and ready for school. What do you like about our morning routine? What would you change, if anything?
  4. What is the weather like today? How does the weather affect your mood?
  5. Distractions can make it difficult for us to focus and do our best work. Do you feel that there are any distractions around you? Write about what distractions feel like and what you can do about them.
  6. Did you read a book over the weekend? Write a review of the book that you read.
  7. Write a descriptive paragraph about the most fun thing that you did this past weekend.
  8. Which day of the week do you like better, Monday or Friday? Explain why.
  9. Think about the week ahead. What are you most excited about? Is there anything you are nervous about? 
  10. What words would you use to describe Monday? Why did you choose these adjectives for the first day of the week?

I hope you enjoyed this list of Monday journal prompts for elementary kids. 

Now let’s take a look at…

10 Monday Journal Prompts for Middle School

The Monday blues are real in middle school and it’s not uncommon for students to arrive looking lethargic or grumpy, but you can easily lift their spirits by giving them time to write freely in their journals. This is a therapeutic activity that can help them clear their heads and reset their mindset for the week ahead.

Here are a few Monday journal prompts that will help your students reflect on the previous week as well as focus on positive affirmations for the upcoming week:

  1. Sunday nights can be difficult for most people. How do Sunday nights feel for you? Why do they feel that way? 
  2. Goal-setting is an important practice that can help you feel prepared and organized for the week ahead. Write down one goal that you want to accomplish today, and another goal that you want to accomplish by the end of the week.
  3. One of the best ways to combat negative thoughts is to develop an attitude of gratitude. What are you feeling most thankful for today? Why?
  4. What emotions do you typically feel on a Monday morning? What emotions are you experiencing today?
  5. What is one thing that you would change about yesterday? Why would you want to change that? 
  6. Today is going to be a good day. Write down three positive things about this Monday.
  7. Positive affirmations can help us develop a growth mindset. What are some positive affirmations that make you feel better and more confident?
  8. Self-reflections allows us to grow and become a better version of ourselves. Think about a time when you were not the best version of yourself. What went wrong? How could you do better next time?
  9. Your sense of creativity is uniquely yours. Name one activity that you like to do that allows you to be creative. What do you like best about being creative? 
  10. Imagine that it is Thursday and you are looking back on the week. What do you hope will have happened?

What a great list of Monday journal prompts for middle schoolers. 

Monday Writing Ideas for Kids

See this list of…

10 Monday Journal Prompts for High School

As high school students begin to prepare for life after graduation, it’s important that they establish good habits at the start of the week. When you encourage journal writing on Mondays, you are likely giving your students a routine that they can rely on well into adulthood.

These Monday morning journal prompts for high school students may provide a much-needed boost to their mental health as they start a new week:

  1. Mondays are tough and self-care can help. Think about one way that you can take care of yourself today, and write to-do list that includes self-care.
  2. Have you ever experienced burnout? What does burnout feel like to you? What steps can you take to prevent burnout in the future?
  3. Where do you go to find inspiration? Write a descriptive paragraph about this special place, and make a plan to get there this week.
  4. Negative self-talk can be more damaging than most people realize. It’s easy to get down on yourself, especially on a Monday. Replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations . Write down three great things about yourself.
  5. High school is essentially a four-year journey of self-discovery. Where are you at on your journey? What have you learned about yourself since the school year began?
  6. Setting boundaries is difficult, but essential to your mental health. Do you feel that you set safe and effective boundaries? Why or why not?
  7. Many high school students report experiencing anxiety on Monday mornings. Why do you think that is? Do you feel particularly anxious on Mondays compared to other days of the week?
  8. What triggers anxiety in you? What tools and resources  do you use to manage anxiety?
  9. How do you feel about using a daily journal prompt in the classroom? Do you think you will implement a morning journaling routine after high school?
  10. Do you experience negative emotions on Monday? Write down three ways that you can turn Monday into a positive and productive day.

Hooray for Monday journal prompts for high school kids!

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Brief Closing Thoughts

It’s easy to dread Monday — but you don’t have to, and neither do your students. With creative and engaging Monday journal prompts, they will be able to start the week off on a peaceful note and with a positive perspective. 

And don’t forget to remind your students, it doesn’t need to be Monday in order for them to explore their thoughts and feelings through writing. They can journal every day of the week — the most important thing is that they keep on writing! 

Alrighty. That’s all for today.

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