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22 Fun and Frosty Penguin Writing Prompts for Kids

Make it an extra-fun winter writing season with these penguin writing prompts— The winter months are upon us. That means it’s time to ignite a creative spark in young minds with a flurry of frosty penguin writing prompts. And, we have some great ones in this blog post. Oh yeah!

Penguin Writing

You see…

These prompts are designed to tickle the imaginations of students and take them on a magical writing journey that opens doors to new worlds and perspectives. 

Best of all…

As your writers set sail on this frosty writing adventure, be sure to encourage them to celebrate the joy of storytelling and to express themselves authentically. (Yeppers. Joy and authenticity are key to writing success for writers of all ages and grades.)

Alrighty, without further ado…

Here is a list of delightful penguin writing prompts your kids are sure to love. Enjoy!

22 Penguin Writing Prompts

  1. If you were a penguin living in an igloo in Antarctica, what would a day in your life be like?
  2. Write a funny story about a penguin who arrived in New York City in February.
  3. You encounter a group of penguins on the school playground and they keep saying it’s a “cute winter.” Write about what that phrase means to the penguins and why it’s important to them.
  4. Make a list of some penguin craft activities that you’d love to do and why you like them so much.
  5. Use these sentence starters to write a short story:

    • Today, I met a penguin who…
    • I read a weekly newsletter written by a penguin that…
    • At the grocery store, I found an adorable winter decoration in the shape of a penguin that…
    • A science experience goes wrong and a group of second graders gets turned into penguins and…
    • A preteen penguin wants a better look and gets one by…
  6. Describe a day when a penguin visited your classroom and taught a math lesson.
  7. Penguins are wise creatures. Invent one with unique characteristics and write about what makes it special.
  8. Write a letter from one penguin to another, sharing some exciting news.
  9. Craft a penguin-themed comic strip featuring amusing interactions between an emperor penguin and his family members.
  10. Write a short story about three fourth graders who turned into a penguin after school hours. (Or three third graders, or whatever grade level you prefer to use.)
  11. Imagine a penguin talent show taking place in your school. What unique talents would penguins showcase and who would be the star of the show?
    Kids Penguin Writing Topics
  12. If you could have a pet penguin, what would you name it and what adventures would you set out on together?
  13. Write a short story about a group of penguins collaborating to build the coolest snowman in the Antarctic, complete with penguin accessories.
  14. Create a morning work routine for a penguin preparing for a chilly day on The South Pole. What activities would the penguin plan for the day?
  15. Imagine a class of penguins, busy with note-taking during an English lesson. What do you think they’d enjoy most?
  16. Use a plain white page and turn it into a snowy wonderland by sticking other bits of paper to represent penguins playing and sliding around on the fresh snow. Then write a penguin-themed poem to go along with your creation.
  17. What do you have planned for this week? Now imagine how that would change if you went home from school to find a penguin sitting on your bed. Write a story about it.
  18. Create what you think would be the ideal penguin unit of study for your class.
  19. Let’s get crafty! Bring out an easel and canvas and start painting, drawing, or crafting, bringing the wintery South Pole to life and… penguins of course! (Or, just write about life in the South Pole for penguins if you prefer.)
  20. Interview someone about their favorite penguin facts and compile a bunch of fascinating penguin trivia to share with your classmates.
  21. As a class, create a cute bulletin board and then journal about the experience.
  22. Imagine meeting a penguin that’s traveled back in time from around December 2024, when he met Santa and ventured off to the North Pole and spent an entire year. What would the penguin share with you about their adventures?

I hope you enjoyed this list of penguin writing prompts and penguin writing activities. Now, check out these creative resource ideas…

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A Few Closing Words on Penguin Writing

It is my sincere hope that these fun penguin writing prompts will spark passion and creativity among young writers be they first, second, third, fourth, or fifth graders.


Many of these ideas incorporate a variety of engaging and enjoyable craft activity ideas to enhance the learning experience. Hooray!

So get out those pencils or packets of markers, and paper, and use these ideas to encourage a writing activity that caters to kids of all ages, making writing a frosty and enjoyable adventure.

Until next time, write on…

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