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49 Wonderful Winter Writing Prompts for Kids

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Winter— A newly expanded list of ideas just for you and your writers. Enjoy!

Winter Writing Prompts for Kids

With these fun winter prompts for young writers, your students will make great use of their imaginations and creative spirits.

Winter Writing for Your Classroom

Winter is a stunning season that is loaded with lots of outdoor fun. Children especially love this season, and they often enjoy outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, skating, snowball fights, building snowmen, and making snow angels.


For those chilly winter days spent inside the home, writing about the joys of the winter season is a fun — and warm — indoor activity.

How the Frosty Winter Months Can Inspire Your Writing

Some of the winter writing prompts listed below inspire kids to engage their imaginations and create a new fiction or short story.

Other writing ideas encourage the child to write about a memory they have about winter or an opinion they hold about it. The bottom line is that our winter-themed writing ideas will help you inspire your kids.

Best of all…

Our prompts encourage children to explore the wonder and joy of winter.

Whatever a child decides to write about we hope they will keep their writing fun and enjoyable! Now get to it and use our wonderful winter writing prompts in your lessons today.

49 Wonderful Winter Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. What is your favorite part about winter and why?
  2. What is your favorite thing about winter holidays?
  3. Write instructions on how to make a snowman for a kid who has never, EVER seen snow before.
  4. Do you prefer to play indoors or outdoors in winter? Explain why.
  5. Explain in detail how to make the best hot chocolate in the whole world!
  6. Search your mind for your best winter vacation memory and write about it.
  7. Imagine you are in the winter Olympics. Which sport(s) are you participating in and why?
  8. What is your family tradition in the wintertime?
  9. What activities do you like to do in the winter? Make a list and explain why you like them.
  10. Write about interviewing a polar bear or a group of penguins or an arctic fox. What did you discuss? What questions did you ask and what were the answers.Kids Winter Writing Prompt Ideas
  11. If I were a snowman…? Write a story about your experiences being a snowman for a day.
  12. Write a poem about snow, cold, winter, snowflakes, and/or ice.
  13. Imagine that the entire world is covered in 6 feet of snow! What does the world look like? How do the kids deal with the snow? The adults? How does the deep snow affect the animals, birds, and fish?
  14. On my trip to the North Pole…
  15. Imagine a winter wonderland and write about it. What does it look like, where is it located, and what is the overall feel, color and smell of it? Describe the wonderland in as much detail as possible.
  16. Write about learning to ski or ice skate.
  17. I was gazing out the window and suddenly the snowman started to move…
  18. When I opened my eyes, everything was covered in a thick layer of VERY slippery ice…
  19. My favorite things about winter are… My least favorite things are…
  20. Have you ever experienced a snow day? If yes, write about what you like to do on snow days and what make these days special. If no, write about what you think it might be like. Describe the activities that you would enjoy on an unexpected day off from school.
  21. Describe your most magical winter memory. Try to include all of your senses in your description.
  22. What is your favorite arctic animal? Why?
  23. Imagine that you are going to take a winter vacation. Which snowy destination would you like to go to? What would you do once you arrived?
  24. Make a list of three goals that you have for this winter.
  25. Write a short story from the perspective of a bear who is about to begin hibernating for the winter.
  26. Write a haiku poem about the beauty of icicles.
  27. Traditionally, people use carrots, coal and buttons to make snowmen. Write a list of other fun and creative items that can be used to design snowmen in your yard.
  28. Write a story about two characters who have lived their entire lives inside a snowglobe.
  29. Write a poem describing the feeling of sledding down a hill.
  30. Write a short story that takes place during the blizzard of the century.
  31. Imagine that your teacher has adopted a penguin as a classroom pet. How would your class take care of the pet? What it would be like to be in class with a penguin?
  32. Write a story about a news reporter who needs to tell the town about an upcoming snowstorm.
  33. What does “Walking in a winter wonderland” mean to you? Describe what you think it would look like to take a stroll on a magical wintry day.
  34. Write a story about a family of snowmen and the adventures that they enjoy together.
  35. Describe how you feel when you know the first big snowfall is on the way.
  36. Would you like to participate in a giant snowball fight? Why or why not?
  37. It’s a snowy day, and you have two choices. You can either go outside and play all day in the white, fluffy snow, or you can stay warm and cozy inside. Which do you choose? Why?
  38. December, January and February all take place during winter. Which is your favorite winter month? Why?
  39. What do you feel is the most important piece of winter clothing? Explain three reasons why you feel this way.
  40. Write about something you can only do during the wintertime that you cannot enjoy at any other point throughout the year.
  41. Write a story about a person who is going to be spending their day ice fishing.
  42. In your opinion, what is the best meal to have on a cold, snowy day? Explain why.
  43. Write a letter persuading someone who lives in a warm weather state to move to your cold weather community.
  44. You and your friends spent your snow day building an igloo in the yard. How did you make it? What did you do once the structure was complete? Did it feel warm or cold inside the igloo?
  45. Imagine that you got snowed in while you were at school. What would it be like to spend the night in your classroom?
  46. What are other tools that you can use to clear the snow besides a shovel? Which tools would you prefer to use to clean the sidewalks?
  47. Imagine that you met Old Man Winter. What would you say to him? Would you have any specific requests?
  48. Write a story about two friends who are spending their weekend skiing in the mountains.
  49. Ask your parents what winter was like when they were kids. Is it similar or different to the winters that you experience? 

I hope you and your writers enjoyed this list of winter writing prompts. Winter time is the perfect time for writing, reflecting, and taking those writing skills to the next level.

So get to it and have your students (of all grades) pick up their pencils today and open their writing pages and write until their heart’s content.

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