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14 Super Thriller Story Ideas for You

Welcome writers! Oh yeah, here you’ll find some excellent Thriller Story Ideas to Turbo-Charge Your Writing. Yep… no other genre has the potential to make your story an instant page-turner quite like a suspenseful thriller. And, the suspense story ideas listed below will, no doubt, get you filled with inspiration. You see…

Thriller Story Ideas

By telling a story that masterfully juggles pacing, tension, and suspense, you can craft an electric read that draws your reader’s attention and never lets it go. 


If you’ve never written a thriller before, don’t fret! Remember, even the best writers started out staring at a blank page. Plus…

We’ve created 14 fabulous thriller story ideas to fuel your motivation (and prevent writer’s block).

So, whether you’re looking to diversify your writing acumen or feel like penning your own fears onto paper, count on this list of thriller story ideas to help you bring out your inner Stephen King. Enjoy!

Ok, take a look. I think you’ll be glad you did.

14 Thriller Story Ideas to Turbo-Charge Your Writing

Check out these thriller story ideas and creative writing prompts and get inspired to write some thrills.

  1. Police officer Ryan Johnson is this precinct’s greater crime-fighter. However, a memory blackout from a night of heavy drinking leads him to the middle of nowhere to fight his demons and get back home.
  2. A dead body is discovered on the outskirts of a peaceful town that had been without a murder for more than two decades. Growing paranoia leads to residents turning against each other.
  3. When two teenage best friends try to get to the bottom of an unsolved disappearance, they discover the culprit is the local sheriff in this short story.
  4. All clues point to you as the killer – it’s up to you to prove your innocence.
  5. A detective interviews the prime suspect in the crime of jewelry theft. Write down questions you might ask them and how they may respond to exonerate themselves.
  6. The morning after your best friend’s bachelor party, you wake up hungover to find only you and one other guest left the party alive. You don’t remember a thing.
  7. In this high-stakes adventure, you find yourself hostage with a knife to your throat.
    Thriller Story Ideas 
  8. You go undercover to catch a serial killer, not knowing he was two steps ahead of you this whole time.
  9. The protagonist’s insomnia catches up to him when a fugue state leads him to an expected place.
  10. Two police detectives have been working together for over three decades, but the chief’s murder has left no one off the list of suspects.
  11. In this Red Herring-inspired murder mystery, all suspicion lies with you. Your only hope is the station’s intern, who believes there’s more than meets the eye.
  12. Your main character is a nature photographer who stumbled upon a small indigenous tribe completely detached from modern society. 
  13. An ex-cop must battle his PTSD to get to the bottom of his wife’s murder.
  14. Emotions are heightened when a detective finds the serial killer he had been searching for for over ten years is his own son.

I hope you found some good inspiration from this list of thriller story ideas.

A Few Final Thoughts on Writing a Thriller

Contrary to popular belief, a lot more goes into writing a mystery novel than simple instances of blood and gore. Dark themes, tense motifs, and various twists within the story all contribute to an excellent story and a hair-raising experience for the reader.

To write a bone-chilling thriller, you must pick apart the reader’s psyche and craft a piece of writing that addresses their biggest fears.

Crime, espionage, politics, and exploring the supernatural are all common themes found in many thrillers. The possibilities are endless when writing thrillers, and many writers attest to this genre as one of the most fun yet intricate types of writing.

I hope enjoy the process of learning to write in — or refine your writing skills for — the thriller writing genre.

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Thriller Story Ideas
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