Rave Reviews for Journal Buddies

Girls Journal | Journal Buddies
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~ Gretta, Mom of 4

“A Perfect Gift for Young Girls”
~ Dove Review

“An awesome product to build confidence and
empower children!”
~ Katherine, Give Peas a Chance Blog

“I love how Journal Buddies not only allows my daughter to explore her feelings, emotions, and dreams, but it can also be a fun way to bond with friends! … I love the entire Journal Buddies concept and message”
~ Marcie Wahrer,
Obviously MARvelous

“Jill, your Mom’s Choice Award-winning
journals are awesome!”

~ Dawn Matheson, Executive Director, Mom’s Choice Awards

Abi with Journal Buddies
Abi with Journal Buddies

“Journal Buddies are so helpful!”
~ Lala Saves You Money

~ Tales from Tamylyne

“We (my daughter and I) shared a beautiful experience that without the urging of Journal Buddies we would have never had.”
~Rita’s Book Reviews

“I think this is so cool!” ~ Amber

“Once my daughter realized that this was her journal and
she could do whatever she wanted with it,
including pictures, poems, stickers, songs etc…
she was ecstatic!
~ Dawn, mommypr.com

“Journal Buddies really boosted my daughter’s self esteem!”
~ Shanee

“Journal Buddies is a counselor’s dream!”
~ Emmi Langer

Girls Journal ReviewA unique twist to the traditional journal.”
~ The Thrifty Things Blogspot

“A delightful ingenious journal”
~ Loving Heart Mommy

“I love this journal” ~ Hayley

 “Journal Buddies helped us learn more about each other as sisters, more about our friends and it brought out some creative energy…” ~ ShoeString Girlz

“My daughter loves this book!.”
~ One Busy Mama

“A fabulous journal!”
~ Jakell

“VERY wish list worthy item for girls”
~ Wish List Worthy

“An awesome creative journaling tool!”
~ Shelley – Mom Blogger, Finding My Life in Faith

“I really, really love this journal!  Kudos to Journal Buddies.  Every child needs one.”
~ Annette

“Using Journal Buddies was easy. I simply spent a little time once a day for 30 days with Victoria going through each section. We shared and journaled things, got closer, and she managed to blossom through learning the things I love about her. We shared a beautiful experience! “
~ Rita’s Book Reviews


“I love Journal Buddies”
~Angie, Mom of 2


“Very highly recommended”
~ Midwest Book Review


“There are so many reasons
why I absolutely LOVE Journal Buddies”
~ Tami Winbush


“I love it!”
~ Mimi

“I love it, too!”
~ Noelle

“A wonderful journal.”
~ Mike


“This is one of the most constructive books that I’ve seen for young girls in a long time!!
I love this book.”
~Casey Deuce


“I really like what Journal Buddies does to encourage self-esteem, relationships, and positive feelings.”
~ Cindi Herman, Little Yaya’s

“A fantastic book!”
~ Gretta Johns, The Johns Family Blog

“This shared Journal was
wonderful for me and my son…
I really like Journal Buddies.”
~  Brittany, Mom Blogger
Hot Tips 4 U

“A great tool for any child
to improve their self- worth”
~ Angela’s Bits

“Journal Buddies promotes creative journaling…
Best of all, it encourages kindheartedness and
consideration of another’s feelings”
~ Brimful Curiosities

“Journal Buddies is a fun way to help your child feel
good about herself in just minutes a day.”

~ Stacey Moore

“I give this book two thumbs up!”
~ Erica Visser

Happy Girl with Copy of Journal Buddies“A great way to help kids feel good about themselves.”
~ Emmy

“These journals allow kids the creative expression they crave.”
~ Type-A Parent

“These journals are amazing!”
~ Bzzzing Mom’s Review

“I was very excited to see what Journal Buddies was all about .”
~ Natalie, The Book Inn

“I love this journal it really does help get today’s youth more engaged in learning the self discovery process.” ~ Christy Vandeusen

“One of the best kids journals on the market!”
~ Stephanie Grant

“Journal Buddies is such a wonderful concept.”
~ This Mama Loves Her Bargains

“This is one of the best books”
~ Tatum’s Family Reviews

“A fantastic journaling resource”
~ A Simple Walk


“A great way to encourage kids to enjoy writing and will help with reading.”
~ New Age Mama


” A wonderful creative journal for boys.”
~ Dove Review

Boy Focused on Creating a Masterpiece in His Copy of Journal Buddies

“Not only will this journal build your child’s self-esteem, it will foster his creativity.”
~ Rockin’ Mama

“This is such a GREAT book!”
~ She Scribes

“A great way to enhance one’s love of writing while building self esteem.”
~ Maria’s Space

“A wonderful tool!”
~ Just a Mom’s Take On Things

“An innovative kids journal that is interactive, creative, easy, effective and fun.”
~ Busy Mommy Product Review

“This journal is unique and I love the concept!
~ The Glamorous WAHM

“An adorable journal”
~ From Melissa’s Desk

“Journal Buddies is simply brilliant!”
~ “Aunt” Laya Saul

“I highly recommend this journal.”
~ Alana Morales, Book Reviews Editor, JustForMom.com

“A wonderful journal”
~Christian Lewis, KidsBookShelf.com

“Share some positive energy with a girl you know by giving her the gift of Journal Buddies.”
~Michelle Dunn, Author

“This journal is
~Janie Franz, MyShelf.com

“Journal Buddies is a wonderful resource for parents and a fun way for children to express themselves and their feelings.”
~ Shawn Harrington

“A wonderful system for girls to gain acceptance
of themselves and others.”
~Nan, InspiredtoJournal.com

“Journal Buddies is a wonderful journal designed to
help boost girls self-esteem.”
~Gayle Trent