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77 Elementary Writing Ideas for the New Year

Elementary Writing Ideas for the New Year — The start of a new year is a wonderful time for students to reflect on all of the places that a person has been, the things he or she has done, and all that was experienced during the previous year.  The New Year is also a great time to look forward to new opportunities, changes, and goals for the coming year, and elementary writing via journaling is the perfect tool for the task! 

Elementary New Year Journal Writing Prompts

The following elementary writing list of 77  journal prompts will help kids to think about their greatest successes, favorite memories, and lessons learned throughout the past year.  These writing ideas will also get your kids thinking about what they hope to accomplish during the next year, what they would like to learn or experience, and what other events they are excited about.

Whether students are making New Year’s resolutions of their own or are simply looking back toward their accomplishments, New Year’s is a great opportunity to reinforce the value of achievement and positive recognition. It is also a great topic for elementary writing lessons.

New Year’s is an exciting time for any student to experience pride for the past and anticipation for what is yet to come!

Journaling Prompts for Elementary Writing
77 Exciting Ideas

  1. My family’s new year’s traditions
  2. Next year, I want to _______________
  3. The best thing I accomplished this year
  4. The one word to describe my next year will be ________, and this is why…
  5. How can I describe last year?
  6. How might I use my journal to keep track of my resolutions?
  7. Why do we celebrate new year’s?
  8. I start my countdown for the new year at _________
  9. What if when midnight struck, the same year started over again?
  10. What is my one wish for the world during the new year?
  11. The best thing to do to start off the new year is ____________
  12. The most exciting thing I did all year long
  13. How will I keep my new year’s resolutions?
  14. How can I thank someone who helped me last year?
  15. Every new year, I like to____________
  16. Make a list of 15 words the new year makes you think about – why do these words come to mind?
  17. What is something I could do to make my room or house look ready for the new year?
  18. New year’s is the best time to ____________
  19. My favorite game last year
  20. My favorite way to spend the new year
  21. Why are resolutions so important?
  22. In five years, I will be ______________
  23. The silliest way to ring in the new year
  24. My favorite year ever was _________
  25. Something I did last year that I want to do again this year is __________
  26. When my parents taught me about new year’s, they said _________
  27. Why do people make new year’s resolutions?
  28. The most important thing that journaling has taught me this year
  29. Fireworks on new year’s are ______
  30. If I could be anywhere in the world at midnight on new year’s eve, I would go to _________
  31. I love to celebrate new year’s by _______
  32. If everyone could _________ during the new year, then the world would be a better place
  33. What would it be like to fly around to different parts of the world on new year’s eve?
  34. Last year was successful because __________
  35. How do people around the world celebrate the new year?
    Elementary New Year Journal Writing Prompts
  36. The best new year’s resolution I ever made was __________
  37. I can’t wait until __________ happens next year
  38. My favorite place last year
  39. New year’s is the time to ________
  40. What were the best things that happened during the last year?
  41. Last year, I celebrated the new year by _______
  42. The most important resolution I ever kept
  43. My favorite part of school last year
  44. The best month of last year was _________
  45. What is one regular practice I would like to adopt next year?
  46. Where does the new year’s baby come from?
  47. How could I explain new years to someone younger than me?
  48. I will miss last year because __________
  49. My favorite toy to play with last year
  50. The nicest thing I did last year
  51. I love to watch the ball drop on television because ________
  52. How can I use my journal this year to watch the way I grow?
  53. In the new year, I will ____________
  54. Something I would change about last year is ________
  55. At midnight, I will __________
  56. Five things that will change about me next year are _________
  57. Five things that changed about me during the last year are _________
  58. The thing I was most excited about last year was _________
  59. Resolutions are ____________
  60. My best friends last year were _________ because ____________
  61. I was excited when I learned about _________ last year
  62. The best journal entry I wrote last year
  63. On new year’s, I will wear ________
  64. The hardest thing I had to do last year
  65. I think the best way to celebrate the new year is __________
  66. Something I’m looking forward to next year is __________
  67. The most interesting person I met last year
  68. My favorite part of the year is ___________
  69. How will I “ring” in the new year?
  70. I’m thankful that ________ happened last year
  71. When I think about people across the world starting the new year earlier, I think ________
  72. One resolution that I really want to keep
  73. Something that I didn’t want to do last year, but that I’m glad I did, is __________
  74. The best new year’s celebration ever
  75. Something that I put off doing last year that I want to do this year
  76. My biggest goal for next year
  77. The most important thing that happened all year

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Elementary New Year Journal Writing Prompts
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