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10 Festive Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching and children will be getting into the festive spirit of the season. Teachers and parents know that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves in the process, which is why it’s a great idea to incorporate holiday themes and ideas into the curriculum. So keep on reading to discover some wonderful Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas and fabulous resources!

Kids Elf on the Shelf Story Prompts

In the last several years, the family tradition of Elf on the Shelf has taken off. The concept is based off of a story in which a scout elf from the North Pole comes to stay in the family’s home or the classroom for the month leading up to Christmas.

The elf keeps an eye on all of the children in order to make sure that they are making the right choice and he reports back to Santa Claus every night. There is one catch — he’s a magic elf! If you touch him, his magic will disappear and he won’t be able to return back to the North Pole each night.

Elf on the Shelf is wildly popular and sparks the imaginations of young minds. Use these Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas to allow kids to put their imaginations to work and create stories that are as magical and inventive as the mischievous elf himself.

10 Festive and Fun Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas for Kids

  1. The time of the year has almost arrived and you know that your elf will be coming back to the house again. Where do you think he will show up first? What sort of adventures will he have with you this year?
  2. Write about the elf who comes to your house or classroom. What is your elf’s name? How did he or she get that name? What is your favorite part about your visits with your elf?
  3. You walk down the stairs in the early morning hours, only to find that your elf has made a huge mess. What room is your elf in? What kind of mess did he create? What did your parents or teacher do when they discovered the mess?
  4. Imagine that you have the chance to go back to the North Pole with your elf one night. What does the North Pole look like? What do you do while you are there?
  5. The elf on the shelf usually only shows up at Christmas time. But one year, the elf decides to play an extra special trip and visit your house during the middle of summer vacation. What would your elf do at your home during the summer months?
  6. While your elf loves to visit your home and keep an eye on you in the weeks leading up to Christmas, sometimes scout elf life can get a little lonely. Write a story about another elf that could be friends with your elf. How do the two elves meet? What do they do together?
  7. Your scout elf returns one morning with important news from Santa Claus. Your siblings and you have to complete three good deeds before Christmas in order to increase your holiday spirit. What three good deeds do you do? Why did you decide on those deeds?Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas
  8. The elf on the shelf has promised to bring you back one of Santa’s reindeer to stay with you as a pet. Which reindeer is going to come to stay at your house? Where will the reindeer sleep? What will you feed it? What are your parents going to say when they find a reindeer in your house?
  9. One night, the scout elf at your house decides that you should make a Christmas dinner together. Write a story about shopping at the grocery store with your elf and how the two of you prepare the meal. Don’t forget to include your family’s reaction when they realize that you and the elf made Christmas dinner.
  10. Your elf on the shelf decides to take you on a grand, outdoor winter adventure. Will you choose to go sledding or skiing? Perhaps you will go hiking through the woods and stumble upon a candy cane forest. Write a story about the fun times that you have together.

These are just a few Elf on the Shelf story ideas to help get your students’ creative juices flowing. By giving them a chance to write about the special moments of the season, you’re teaching them to love to write!

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Fun Elf on the Shelf Story Ideas for Kids

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