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5 Fun and Jolly Christmas Writing Activities

Classroom Christmas Writing Activities + 12 Bonus Journal Prompts—  The five fabulous writing activities and twelve fun writing prompts for kids outlined below will encourage your students to put their writing skills to good use while also helping them think critically and creatively.

Christmas Journaling Prompts for the Classroom

Let’s celebrate Christmas time with some fun Christmas activities and writing prompt ideas! The Christmas season is a time to celebrate and live in the moment, but it’s also a great time for reflection.

As the calendar year and the month of December come to a close and your students prepare for their holiday break that is sure to be packed with fun-filled festivities, it’s important to make time in your classroom for a few Christmas writing activities.

Spice up your student’s writing with these Christmas writing ideas. They are sure to put your students in a festive mood. Their journals will be filled with thoughts of Christmas presents, cookies, elves, and the excitement and anticipation of awaiting the arrival of Santa!

5 Christmas Writing Activities + 12 Bonus Prompts

Your students will be filled with cheer as they use these Christmas writing activities and prompts. Enjoy the holiday season and always keep on writing!

1. Christmas Poetry Reading

This writing activity can be transformed into your Christmas celebration in your classroom. Begin the activity by asking your students to compose a Christmas poem. They can decide which type of poem they would like to write, whether it’s a haiku or a rhyme or even lyrics to a song. Then, host a Christmas poetry reading in your classroom. Ask each student to read their poem in front of the class while they snack on treats and sip on hot cocoa.

2. Christmas Cookie Recipe

To help your students practice different forms of writing, have them write out a recipe for a Christmas cookie that they invented themselves. They will need to include a list of ingredients, as well as instructions for baking them. For fun, you can ask students to try their own recipes and bring in a sample for the class.

Take this activity up a notch and have your students write a zany fictional story about a gingerbread man being in charge of their classroom for a day!

3. Instructions for Santa Claus

For this activity, students need to leave explicit and detailed directions for what Santa Claus needs to do in order to get inside their homes and make this the best Christmas ever. Remind them that they have to include directional words as well as descriptive details because Santa will be following their instructions word-for-word on Christmas Eve.

4, Letter to a Christmas Elf

Many students are familiar with the concept of writing to Santa Claus, but they haven’t considered writing to one of his elves. For this activity, encourage your students to write a letter to a Christmas elf who lives in the North Pole.

Their letter should be conversational in nature. Remind the students that they can ask the elf anything, and can also provide the elf with additional information about their own Christmas lists that might help as they are working in Santa’s workshop.

5. Reinvent a Christmas Carol

This activity allows students to use their writing skills to compose a song. Ask them to think of their favorite Christmas carol, and to focus on the tune of the song. Using this tune, they should compose a new Christmas carol. Any student who is brave enough can sing their new carol in front of their classmates during the classroom Christmas party!

12 Christmas Writing Prompts for Your Classroom

Enjoy this list of creative writing prompts!

  1. Imagine that you peeked out your window on Christmas Eve and saw a red nose blinking in the distance. What would you do next?
  2. Pretend that you are celebrating Christmas in a different country. Where are you and what are the traditions in that country that their Christmas day unique from yours?
  3. Think about your favorite Christmas memory. What happened during that moment? Why is it your favorite? Provide descriptive details about this memory such as specifics about your Christmas gifts, your Christmas tree and any other details you can think of to share.
  4. You are waiting to sit on Santa’s lap and suddenly you forget what you want for Christmas. What do you do next?
  5. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus wakes you up and tells you that you can take a ride on his sleigh. Where are you going to go? What is it like in his sleigh?
  6. Imagine that your gingerbread cookies have come to life. What do the cookies do? Where do they go? D they live in a gingerbread house?
  7. Write a list of your Christmas wishes this year. Remember that you can wish for more than just new things.
  8. During the Christmas season, you see the colors red and green everywhere. Why do you think these are the colors of Christmas?
    Christmastime Writing Activities and Writing Prompts for Students
  9. Pretend that you are Santa Claus and it’s the day before Christmas Eve. What are you doing? How are you feeling? What is your plan for the big day?
  10. It’s the last day of school before Christmas break and the snow is just starting to fall. Write about what you are going to do with your friends once school is over and you are officially on winter break.
  11. You have been given the chance to visit one Christmas that took place in the past. What year do you travel to? What happens at that Christmas celebration? Who are you with?
  12. Write a description of what Santa’s sleigh ride is like from the perspective of one of his reindeer. Use plenty of detail.

I hope you enjoyed these free Christmas writing prompts and creative writing ideas.

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Christmas Writing Classroom Activities and Journal Ideas for Kids
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