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41 Fun and Festive Holiday Writing Prompts

Holiday Writing Prompts and Topics— With all the festivities, food, gift-giving, and celebration of traditions happening during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other fun holidays, holiday journaling is a wonderful way to get kids more excited for the celebrations and even more into the holiday spirit (if that is possible!). Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for kids to write about holiday-themed topics.

Holiday Journal Ideas for Students

To help kids get started with a holiday journal, we suggest breaking out some hot chocolate and using some holiday writing prompts and ideas.

You see…

Keeping a journal and using writing prompts can give kids the push and direction they need to get their train of thought in motion and unleash the creativity inside their minds. Holiday journal keeping can also help kids organize their thoughts and analyze their beliefs about their holiday experiences.

The list below of 41-holiday writing prompts and journaling ideas for kids is a mix of Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween (Yeppers, a little trick or treating is thrown into the mix), and other holiday writing ideas. It is a fun list and a great start for holiday journaling in general.

Use the following holiday writing prompt ideas with your kids — in homeschool, at home, or in school — to invigorate their creative juices and help them practice their journal writing skills.

41 Fun Holiday Writing Prompts for Kids

I hope you enjoy this list of holiday writing prompts and fun ideas to write about for students.

  1. My favorite holiday is…because…
  2. What was the first Thanksgiving like?
  3. I like to decorate for the holiday because…
  4. Write about your favorite holiday party ever!
  5. What would Christmas be like without Santa?
  6. New Year is special because…
  7. The gingerbread man jumped out of the oven and…
  8. What do I know about Hanukkah?
  9. Wrapping presents is…
  10. The one thing I really want for the holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah) is…
  11. It is better to give than receive. Who would you give something to and what would it be?
  12. In the snow, I saw an elf crying because…
  13. The lost reindeer…
  14. I love St Patrick’s Day because…
  15. My New Year’s Resolution is…
  16. Dear Mr. Groundhog,
  17. The best part about Halloween is…
  18. I want to be a ____ for Halloween because…
  19. This is what I know about pumpkins.
  20. Which holiday has the most meaning for you: Canada Day, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day–and why?
    Holiday Themed Writing Ideas for Students
  21. My favorite valentine is…
  22. Thanksgiving Day is for…
  23. Write a Thanksgiving poem.
  24. What will your Thanksgiving table look like?
  25. I love to eat _____ on Thanksgiving because…
  26. Who will be coming to your Thanksgiving or where will you be going?
  27. Write a story about a Scary Jack-o’-Lantern.
  28. The old graveyard was filled with…
  29. After our apple testing, write down what you learned this week.
  30. The old witch was mixing her brew made out of…
  31. This month is Thanksgiving. Tell me what you know about this holiday and what you love the most about it.
  32. Tell a story about Christopher Columbus’ ship and his voyages.
  33. If I were a Pilgrim in 1620, I would…
  34. Tell me about the Pilgrims – what they dressed like and what they did.
  35. If I were a Native American in early America, I would…
  36. My favorite Christmas cookie is…
  37. What is a menorah and why is it important?
  38. If I were a Halloween goblin, I would…
  39. How do you help prepare for Thanksgiving?
  40. How do you help prepare for Christmas?
  41. I don’t like to _____ during the holidays because…

Help your writers explore their favorite thing about a holiday (can anyone say Christmas cookies!) or just explore the holiday itself. However you use these prompts, enjoy and have loads of writing fun.

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Awesome Benefits of Journaling

We just love journaling during the holidays as well as year-round because of its amazing benefits. Some of the top benefits of journal keeping are that it helps kids to:

  • Clarify their thoughts and feelings
  • Know themselves better
  • Reduce stress
  • Solve problems more effectively, and
  • Resolve disagreements with others.

I hope you use these creative writing prompts to make this the best Christmas and holiday season you can for you and your writers.

Here’s wishing you and yours loads of Christmas cheer and lots of fun as you honor and enjoy all the wonderful holidays there are to write about and celebrate throughout the year.

Happy Holidays to all!

Until next time, write on…

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