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35 Festive Hanukkah Writing Ideas for Kids

Our Hanukkah writing ideas for kids encourage them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Hanukkah holiday traditions and celebrations. Take a look now!

Hanukkah Journal Writing Prompts for Students

Hanukkah, which is celebrated every year in November or December, is a holiday that is rich with history and centered around many meaningful traditions. It is observed for eight nights and days and is also known as the Jewish Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication.

The fun and excitement of the holiday season provide creative writing and journaling opportunities for kids to explore the various religious and spiritual practices that take place this time of year.  

That’s why…

We encourage you to share the gift of journaling with your students this holiday season. You can celebrate some Hanukkah cheer and holiday happiness with these journal prompts for kids. Enjoy!

35 Hanukkah Writing Prompts & Ideas

1. Why is it important to celebrate Hanukkah each year?

2. What are some of your favorite foods to eat during the 8 days of Hanukkah?

3. Do you celebrate Hanukkah the same way each year? Have you ever changed the way you have celebrated?

4. Do you give and receive gifts during Hanukkah? What are some of your favorite gifts that you have received?

5. What does the first day of Hanukkah feel like?

6. What kinds of decorations do you put up during the holiday? What is your favorite?

7. Have you ever visited Israel? What would you do there if you could?

8. Do you play the game dreidel? How do you play?

9. What is the best part about celebrating Hanukkah?

10. Olive oil is often used when making food for the holiday. What foods do you eat with olive oil? How are they made?

11. Who gives you gifts on Hanukkah? What kind of gifts are you hoping for this year?

12. Why is Hanukkah called the Festival of Lights?

13. What was your happiest Hanukkah ever? What made it so special?

14. Why do you sing songs at Hanukkah? What are some you really like?

15. Why is the menorah important to Hanukkah?

16. Menorahs come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Describe the most beautiful menorah you have ever seen.

17. Who do you celebrate the holiday with? Do you visit friends and family during the holiday?

18. Write a letter to a friend who had never heard of Hanukkah. Describe what the holiday is about and some of the things you do.

19. Have you ever visited a festival with light decorations celebrating Hanukkah? What was it like?

20. The menorah has nine candles. Have you ever used candles for anything else?

Hanukkah Holiday Writing Ideas for Kids

21. What is the Torah? What does it have to do with Hanukkah?

22. Do you know people who celebrate Hanukkah in different ways? What are some of the things they do differently?

23. How are Hanukkah and Christmas related? How are they different?

24. Who were the Maccabees? Why are they important to Hanukkah?

25. The word Hanukkah means “dedication” in Hebrew. What does it mean to dedicate something or be dedicated to a cause?

26. Describe some of the blessings that are recited before the candles are lit.

27. Why is the menorah usually put in a window?

28. Why does Hanukkah usually start on a different day each year?

29. That the oil lasted 8 days for Hanukkah instead of 1 is considered a miracle (specifially the miracle of the oil). How would you describe what a miracle is?

30. Use your senses to describe Hanukkah. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch during the holiday?

31. Do you help prepare food for Hanukkah? How do you help and what do you make?

32. What does the menorah symbolize? What do you think of when you see one?

33. Hanukkah is about religious freedom. Why is religious freedom still important today?

34. Why is it important to have traditions that are passed down to the next generation?

35. If you were grown up how would you celebrate Hanukkah differently?

We hope you enjoyed these writing ideas and find them useful for your classroom, for use at home, or any other wonderful way you see fit to use them. From all of us to you, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah and a blessed holiday season.

Until next time, journal on…

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Hanukkah Holidday Writing Ideas for Kids

Happy festival of lights!

Hanukkah Holiday Writing Ideas for Kids

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